A frightened puppy hides in a corner until the heavy mark of his past is removed

Judging by the scenery, someone had left him there with the sole intention that he perish. 

A while ago, animal control officers found a furry in a forest. He had a huge leather strap attached to a chain and he had also been tied to a tree.

The poor thing was in the bones and looked terribly scared. Judging by the scenery, someone had left him there with the sole intention that he perish. He had no food or water within his reach.
“When we found him, we were sure his previous life must have been very painful,” said Courtney Bellew, Director of Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation at Snarr.

They named him Stewart and took him to a shelter . The first days of any puppy in a shelter are always difficult, but Stewart’s case was truly shocking. He spent the entire day huddled in a corner.
“I didn’t want anyone to touch it. He was hiding in a corner. He was really scared,” said one of the volunteers.

Every time someone tried to get close to him, he would do nothing but back away, growl and hide his little head . All of these are clear signs that he received unfair and painful treatment. He was so scared that no one could get that heavy leather collar off him.
“Stewart was so stressed by our presence that we had a different idea. We thought we’d let him relax,” said Rebecca Rood, one of the volunteers.

For a puppy in these conditions it can be very difficult to find a forever home . However, the volunteers were willing to help him. They decided to try to give her more time and space, but nothing worked.

He was barely eating and they had not been able to take him to the vet . It was then that Courtney decided to sedate him to transport him and run a series of tests.

The vet sent him a treatment so that he could begin to regain his strength. Courtney took advantage of the moment in which the furry was anesthetized to remove that horrible necklace .

When Stewart woke up and felt free of that heavy burden, his personality changed forever. He for the first time dared to look at the volunteers and seemed willing to try to socialize with them.
“That belt around her neck was a burden from her past. When we took it off he started to open up and even wag his tail,” Courtney said.

Anyone could have heard Stewart’s sad groans and given up . Fortunately, this furry one met the best rescuers and now there is no doubt that he will make a full recovery.

We don’t know everything this little dog had to go through to distrust humans so much, but every gesture of love that his rescuers give him will help him put that horrible past behind him.

Do not leave without sharing this note to remember that all puppies deserve a second chance.

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