A stray dog ​​was rescued from a gas station and slept in bed for the first time ever

The sad reality is that while all dogs are precious and perfect, not all of them have loving, forever homes.

Like this poor homeless pup found at a gas station in Ukraine. She is a sweet one, always greeting customers and motorists without reservations. She may not be part of the staff but this dog has the sweetest welcome.

She is a small cream-and-beige pooch who frequents the station. This dog likes to greet people, asking for food and affection. She has always liked people, with a gentle disposition anyone can attest to.

This girl is the pump pup!

This little dog likes to walk where the trucks are. She also strolls in areas where she knows humans pass so that she can beg for food. However, she’s typically ignored, so she then heads over to a nearby field to look for some.

No one knew if she ever had a family or where she came from. As far as the locals were concerned, she’s a regular at the station, even giving birth to puppies a couple of times.

One kind lady took it upon herself to help rescue the petrol station pooch.

Love Furry Friends rescue is all about giving dogs the homes they deserve and more.

It is run by a woman and in the “About” section of her YouTube channel it says:

“I am a dog lover and would do anything to help an animal in need. I live in Ukraine, Its very cold in winter time and there are a lot of suffering dogs! I rescue abandoned, homeless and abused dogs from the streets and find them suitable loving forever homes! I do all procedures for the dogs with my personal funds and don’t charge any fees for adoption! I want to set an example to others to care for animals and to not be afraid to open your arms for help and love!”

So the moment she saw the dog, she checked on the pup’s condition and decided to care for it.

The first stop was the veterinarian’s office where the dog was checked for parasites and fleas.

Linda, the dog’s new name, had her general well-being and overall health assessed. There was inflammation and ticks latching on certain areas.

But with proper medication and vaccines, Linda’s condition would surely improve.

Grooming time!

Linda had been exposed outside for a long time so her fur was really dirty. The aim was to prevent infection and infestation so she underwent general grooming.

Not to mention cleaning her up would increase her chances of getting adopted.

When they took Linda home, she was so happy. She had a real bed for the very first time and lots of food. She even made a friend with one of the rescuer’s adopted pups.

Linda was eventually adopted but she’ll never forget the many people at the gas station. Especially the ‘angel’ who took her home and cared for her.

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