After Over 40 Years Of Having Been Fo.rc.ed To Entertain Tourists, The Elephant Finally Gains Its Freedom!


So incredibly happy for this beautiful creature

Elephants are intelligent and emotional animals, but do not exploit their kindness!
Thailand is a country where elephants are frequently tamed for tourism and entertainment purposes; one of these unlucky elephants is Thong Bai, the legendary Thai elephant. For more than 40 years, the majestic elephant has been known throughout the country and has delighted visitors.

Thong Bai is a privately owned elephant that has appeared in several Thai commercials. He has appeared in beer commercials, movies, and mostly weddings.
He’s been working hard for over 40 years, and it’s finally time for him to be free!

Khun Nuna Silpa-Archa saw the elephant’s plight and began to look for a way to help him; it took more than a year for this agreement to be approved, but Thong Bai has been released!
Thong Bai has finally been released from his sh.ackles and is free to roam!

Thong Bai’s house was built with the help of the community, and he was released into the reserve. The house they built for him is a solid structure in which he can freely move around unchained and work. The enclosure even has a fountain, plenty of mud, plenty of shade, and plenty of space for him to roam.

Everyone’s long-awaited day has finally arrived. He finally has the freedom he’s desired after four decades in ch.a.ins. He appeared so unsure and worried about his newfound freedom that he didn’t know what to do!

Enjoy your freedom!! Never should have been abused that way!
We hope he can live out his life happy and free.

It’s wonderful that this poor elephant’s story has a happy ending!
May all elephants have the same good fortune!


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