american pitbull terrier wallpaper – pictures of english bulldogs

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The loneliest, most down-on-his-luck person can have a dog who adores him. The most bitter, sour person can light up with joy when he sees his dog. It is magical, and as ‘The Dog Master’ reveals, it is biological – we evolved together. – W. Bruce Cameron

pictures of english bulldogs – chihuahua pics

Dog Years’ is sort of my way of saying goodbye and ‘see you soon’ to my friends from college. – Maggie Rogers

The relationships I’ve had with animals are often some of the most profound. That’s why you cry when a dog dies in a movie. The connection is so deep and so profound, and it isn’t cluttered by humanity. – David Lowery

image of dog for drawing – doggy pic

Pets bring vital energy to our homes and lives. Pets communicate many messages about love and connection. Care tenderly for all pets throughout their precious lives. The interspecies dance of love softens and expands the heart. Laura Staley, Feng Shui Expert

I watched Gene Kelly for his smile, for his energy. Vittorio Gassman for his movement. Clark Gable for his mustache. And I watched Lassie who was happy as a dog. – Jean Dujardin

cute puppy good night images – american pitbull terrier wallpaper

A lizard is a perfect pet for a model. They only need feeding once a fortnight. And I’m always travelling, so it’s perfect. If I had a dog, it would drop dead of starvation. – Abbey Lee Kershaw

Dogs have boundless enthusiasm but no sense of shame. I should have a dog as a life coach. Moby

treeing walker coonhound puppy pictures – dog selfies

My son Matthew’s beloved dog is a Jack Russell. His name is Buster. Matthew picked him as a puppy, when he was tiny himself. – Rob Lowe

Not to rag on myself, but when people say, ‘What does it feel like to be an icon?’ I’m like, ‘My dog does not think I’m an icon, my cat does not think I am an icon, my cousin does not think I am an icon.’ I have a really lovely group of friends, and I just don’t think about it. – Kathleen Hanna

Anybody who finds it easy to make money on the horses is probably in the dog food business. – Franklin P. Jones

When Reg died and we first looked into getting a new dog, I was adamant we should pick up a mongrel from an animal-rescue shelter. It’s not only that they’re usually healthier and have better temperaments, they also fit with my world view – I prefer a ballpoint to a fountain pen, a barber to a hair stylist, and camping over glamping. – Mark Barrowcliffe

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  • The Dodo: In honor of National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week, we put together some of our favorite shelter rescue videos and ways you can help these great organizations. Check the description for links on ways to help these amazing shelters! #adoptdontshop
  • Madison M: I wish I could save all dogs from harm.
  • Tocino: Just thinking the pain Baron went through, it makes my heart so much in pain. Justice for Baron!
  • GreenEyes 1226: Yes 100% Justice for Baron!!!
  • Shae: Whoever did that to Baron deserves to burn in hell. I know it’s been a couple years but there’s still hope that this evil person will be found.
  • Susan: I can’t watch anymore, can’t stop crying. I feel so sorry for all these mistreated dogs. 🙏🏻
  • Toni Amor: I speak 3 languages and I still have no words to describe my anger and sadness for puppy mills
  • Sara Wawa: My dog looked so depressed when I took her home from the shelter lol, I had to practically drag her into my car and she just sat in the back all curled up and looking miserable the whole ride home. Now she’s cuddled up next to me in bed. It took her a little time but she got there haha
  • Matthew Lewis: This made me so sad and angry I had tear’s running down my face, but then I had tear’s of joy for all these beautiful dog’s. Thank you to all the wonderful people who saved them and adopted them. P.S. please find the monster who did that to Baron and lock him up in very dangerous prison and let the inmate’s know what he did to Baron. He’ll be looking for a new nose very quickly..
  • Detrick: Who ever did that to Baron deserves jail for LIFE!!!
  • DocPicklez: It amazes me how cruel Humans can be.
    But also how kind.

    Unfortunately Kindness does not stop cruelty.

  • Amoré Van Der Merwe: When my days suck a little, nothing cheers me up like a “The Dodo” video.
  • Samanta Bakytė: I was pretty sad,but this video really made my day.Thank you Dodo 🙂
  • La Tequilera: That dog that didn’t know what grass was 😭it broke my heart…
  • Dominik3_ •[]•: Meaty put a smile on my face 🙂
  • Mr Humble: I just love when people adopt imperfect looking dogs, they are both so beautiful, the person and the dog I love them both
  • Tw][sTeD: it blows me away how some so called humans can mistreat such loving animals, I so love dogs it breaksmy heart to see this but fills me with joy seeing them getting new lives, if I had a billion dollars I would donate 995 million to save as many as possible , I truly would.
  • Pa Trasha: I agree that Barron needs justice, but it would be lovely if that reward went to the vet clinic or his new adoptive family. I hope if anyone gets the reward, they decide to do just that!
  • Reanne Cuenca: This makes me cry. A big thanks to those rescuers you’re a blessing!
  • Thomas Russell: O…M…G…!!! When I saw Baron I got so angry that I started to shake and cry. The person or people responsible for doing that to that beautiful animal need to be removed from society permanently. It made me so mad that I would have been 100% capable of murder if I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt who did it. #JusticeForBaron
  • Neirin N: 5:26 I looked at him once and started crying 😭😂 I’m so happy he’s doing well now though. All dogs deserve to have a life and have a family. No one should murder them because it’s too crowded or leave their dog on a street. It’s evil.
  • ToniHunterOne: OMG Meaty is adorable. I’ve never seen a doggo smile so much. What a happy happy dog! All are just as amazing as can be.
  • sandra ross: Blessings and kindness to all these sweet babies ❤️❤️
  • Francesca Rogan: Now this is the happy crying material I needed
  • Tara Ann: A mixture of pure delight and heartbreak,of good and horrible people all in one video. My Thanks to all the good people,and to the evil people,you’re day will come sometime.
  • Brenda Parker: That sweet look of contentment on their adorable faces. Melts my heart!!!
  • WhiteLionness: It’s been 2 years since I adopted my boxer mix and she’s thanked me every day since with her love and affection. One of the best decisions I ever made!
  • REBECCA VAIPHEI: Faith in humanity restored!! Tears in my eyes….tears of happiness…God bless the rescuers and the families who adopted these furbabies!!!!
  • Living My Best: The rescue and adoption of a pet is one of the most wonderful life experiences anyone could have.💖
  • CandyBear: My family rescued a mill dog. She was taken by the National Mill Dog Rescue society along with I think 200 dogs. Poor girl was almost forced into breeding since she was the right age, but they saved her at the right time. It’s so sad to hear what happens with dogs like that, but I’m glad she’s with us now. It’s so great to a see a dog who’s never had love before then from one who hides from the sound of people, to being my cuddle buddy when I’m in my room. Hazel is a gift, I’m glad we got her last year, she’s really turned around. Bless you guys making this video and showing just what love can do ❤️
  • Kitty Kat: Just wonderful…good people saving great dogs. You can feel the 💜💜💜
  • Void Mother: I cried tears of joy seeing the happy smiles on those puppers’ faces in their new homes…Such sweethearts!
  • Traekas7!: So uplifting to see all these great dogs and the people that gave them a home! I almost teared up, on top of my ear to ear grin! Bless all of y’all!
  • ireland: These are so beautiful, this is why I’m subscribed
    Edit: Thank you so much for the ❤️
  • jack 𓆏: I may be a cat person, but these made me so happy
  • Tran The Cutest: I’m so glad this loving family adopted them together…thank you and Hope for Paws…God bless their hearts….💗🐶 3:49
  • Annie: Aww I’m so happy these doggo’s have better lives 🙂
  • mc: I wonder how my dog reacted to being rescued. He was surrendered to a shelter after two years of horrendous abuse and was supposed to be euthanised at the shelter. He reacted so well to being adopted! He was such a happy, yet shy boy. Now he’s a jerk and just really loves cookies. xoxo Love you PJ, always and forever. 💕💕💕
  • Marlee Emma: I want to snuggle baron forever, I hope he’s living great with his family❤️
  • Taza y Charla: One of the changes that warms my heart the most with rescues is how when they are found they tend to be absolutely terrified or just unbelievably tired from whatever happened to them, but after they recover and have spent time with loving families they look so happy and full of energy
  • Furry Murray Network: So glad these pups made it to their furever families and will have the love they deserve!
  • Rachel Hartjes: How blessed are we to be able to love and care for these incredible creatures, who bring so much joy and love to our lives! 🙏😇🐶💕
  • Chan Wifeu: Why am i crying so hard. This melts my heart :((((((( ❤❤❤
  • MaketheMusicFasion: I am 1000% adopting my dogs and cats when I have a place of my own. Seeing them all breaks my heart but seeing them so happy in their forever home makes me so happy. <3 So heartwarming. Thank you to all the rescues and shelters that bring in so many helpless animals and find them places to live. Thank you to all the fosters as well. <3
  • Michelle Anderson: Anytime I need a good cry I just come back to this video. From me, and my rescue pittie, thanks Dodo!
  • Maria: What better way to spend isolated coronavirus lockdown days ……. by watching these wonderful heartwarming videos makes me tearful with happiness!!! 🥰
  • Cutest Puppy Stories: Awwwe, I love how Mink’s tongue is always out and derpy 😂💕 5:41
  • VideoGame Guy: I love how much dogs are connected to humans mann ❤️
  • Sally Saysno: To Barons new parents: couldn’t love you more!!! And I know – that just sounds creepy, but I REALLY mean it!!!!!! You are wonderfull!!!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
  • kathy stratton: 0:00 How could she not be adopted, Shes a beauty! Wow, Thank you wonderful people! <3
  • Tally: If you want to know what a man is really like, look at how he treats his dogs.
  • Nancy Garcia: ❤️Thank you so much if only there were more people like you then this problem could be resolved❤️
  • DIALYS: When I saw what happened to baron my heart ripped into a thousand pieces 💔
  • Cynthia Rogers: BEAUTIFUL !!! Thanks for adopting.
  • erkheth: Heart warming. Poor creatures, it’s wonderful that loving people take time to rescue and adopt!
  • Dammit Boy: Hazel, Lullaby, Meaty, Trinket, Belle, Baron, Daniel and all the other critters in this video are now in my heart. They can stay there all day long. There is plenty of room for more. Thanks to the DoDo i’m sure it will fill up pretty quick. Thanks Guys, as usual it’s your fault my eyes are swimming.
  • Tina McLaughlin: Thanks to all those adoptees getting happy loving homes, after being saved from the fire situations of heartless humans!
  • Tran The Cutest: Love them both, but Minks tongue and while taking a nap just melted my heart. <3 3:13
  • Arrington Johnson: I always end up crying happy tears at videos like these because all of these pups have such a wonderful life ahead of them and they don’t even know it yet.
  • Carla Aarika Gatus: I’m crying because of sadness and happiness! I can’t believe how someone could so horrible things to those beautiful dogs. But it overwhelms me to know that there are still a lot of people who cares. Thank you so much.
  • Marlie: I was crying so hard watching this video my dog was was kissing my tears. There’s still so much love in these dogs eyes despite the horror that’s been done to them .
  • Veronika Micikova: I cried all through the video… am I the only one? Thanks to all rescuers and those who gave foster care and forever homes to those poor souls <3
  • Jonathan McMenemy: Let’s extend our love for dogs to all sentient beings as they are all the same in their ability to love, form friendships and bonds, and their ability to suffer. We wouldn’t let anyone hurt a puppy, let’s think about what happened to the animals that became our dinner.
  • Mark Watters: Well done, one and all. Keep up the great work. All the best from an Australian friend
  • Stop Themadness: Each person within this video renews my faith in humanity. Thank you all for your love, kindness and rescues of these sweet dogs. Those in new homes will bless the family with unconditional love. It is beyond my understanding how the despicable people cause such cruelty and suffering. I’ll pray for those who rescue and care for these sweet souls, may you be blessed. You make the world a better place, one rescue at a time. ❤️
  • ꧁🌺kaebella🌺꧂: Omg. I stopped in my tracks and cried when I saw Baron. I’m deeply saddened that humans have such hate in their souls to actually carry out such an act. It pains me to think about those moments for Baron and other animals. It’s just disgusting.
  • Nuno Soares: Such a great video. Glad all these pups found great Forever Homes. Such a joy to see them happy and rolling on the grass hehe. The owners/rescuers are awesome. Having said that, I hope that the owners of puppy mills or meat farms are caught and fully prosecuted including the disgusting person who hurt Baron. Anyway. Thanks for publishing The Dodo 🙂
  • mszezelax: I can’t pick a favorite.  All touched my heart and made me so thankful for those who rescue and those who adopt these precious and innocent babies.  Just last Sunday, our hometown newspaper announced that our animal shelter is going to pursue no-kill status.  Such great news.
  • Kate Warden: I almost cried so sad 😭 I’m glad they found forever homes
  • Hanne Lottrup: This made my day! No, it made my week❤ u are good people. You help the world with doing this! Keep up the amazing work!! ❤❤🐕
  • the1stfallenangel94: I started crying at Baron’s clip. because even though he had a bad thing happen to him he was still a happy pup. the other dogs after him kept me crying the bastards T-T
  • Punish the wicked: My heart broke into a million pieces when I saw Baron it just made me cry and infuriated me that anyone could be that cruel makes me want to find this bastard and do the same to him all dogs go to heaven in the end.but you who did this to Baron are most definitely going straight to hell.
  • ADT: They get me every time 😭
  • richard coughlan: Wonderful video and wonderful work. Thank you! Anyone that could harm a dog is sick in the head. Dogs embody all the most beautiful qualities of being. Pure love. “Bad” dogs are only bad because a human has mistreated or mistrained. Dogs are innately good, pure, loving and peaceful beings….. treat them well!!! Puppy mills should be outlawed
  • Hien Duong: Im also a foster parent and its the most rewarding thing ever 🥰🥰🥰 my current boi (greyhound) came in last week heavily injured but now hes thriving, making more friends and snoozing like a champ 🥰
  • 53patsfan: THANK YOU,…. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS FOR SAVING THESE DOGS. A dog only has one feeln, LOVE. All they do is love everyone they come in contact with and certain spineless a__holes make themselves feel big by abusing an innocent animal. I wish I could just once catch on of these people. I would chain them up outside with no water in the sun to get eaten alive by ticks and bugs. Maybe it may get through to them how it is to be an innocent animal. PEOPLE CAN BE SO CRUEL.
  • Roaming Gnome: So awesome. Those car rides bring back some memories. We rescued two Cur dogs from our local shelter but not at the same time. Both of them had definitely been abused. They stay in our home but have nine acres to run, play and sniff. We would love to adopt more.
  • Edith Lewis: I couldn’t stop crying seeing these well-deserving dogs get their happily forever afters! Empty the shelters, empty the shelters!!
  • Brissieskater1: This video is just so wonderful, yet why have 495 viewers given this posting the thumbs down?
  • Daniela Ngom: We have our second adopted dog now. I grew up with dogs but my parents got them from breeders.
    They all were sweet and lovable and they loved us very much.
    But I must say it’s more intense and deeper with a stray or adopted dog.
    They understand that you saved them and from the moment they trust you they will love you so unconditional until their last breath…
  • MiMiB__ _: I cannot wait to meet the fur baby I will get to take home with me from the shelter some day. How lucky will I be. I love doggies! Theyre a gift from God truly
  • Priyanka Ribeiro: God bless all those who adopted these beautiful babies. They deserve all the happiness and love they can get.
  • The Refined Hellion: Amazing how so many of us perceive such creatures as less intelligent than us, yet when push comes to shove, when they’re pulled from the frying pan, they show an appreciation that few humans would ever show, one that is most definitely clear.
  • Kawy Thowy: I love this channel. ❤️ When they dont make me watch the end of one of these videos on TV😡.. but man this is a great great channel.
  • Diego Lamas: Thank you for helping so many dogs. I wish I could do more. I rescue a dog and that’s all I can do for now… God bless anyone who is helping and loving dogs and pets in general.
  • Jacob Williams: I want a dog like meaty lol
  • talister106: The joy these creatures give is only surpassed by the love they accept, well done to all.
  • henri matisse: I loved seeing how respectful people are of these dogs
  • Nicky Keightley: For a while I had to walk away from this and just cry. I have a question that has never, or could never be answered to my satisfaction, and I’m sure, for many others :”why?” … It hurts really badly. Bless the good people that have so much love in them to help these precious creatures.
  • Renée: Awesome video… Thank you for sharing all the beautiful happy endings🥰
  • Oliver L: Awwww!Amazing to see dogs being adopted!They need a family and longed to be loved just like us and their reactions are priceless when they got their forever home!Happiness all the way!!🐶💖👍💕🐾
  • Abby Is Watching: They’re all beautiful. You can’t look at Meaty and remember what you’re sad about at the same time. Such a beautiful goof!

    Baron’s nose…my God, that is some serial killer stuff there. Glad he’s OK, and glad they’re trying to find the monster who did it.

  • Bianca Marie: I am an adopted child (at two weeks old) and my FAMILY gave me the Best life a person could ask for…Adoption is very near and Dear to my heart. I have three rescues and I spoil them rotten! Thank You for your campaign and Love for the ones who abandoned ruthlessly. Dogs are Love.
  • mjunks: i just saw the video of benny/betty on facebook being adopted and my heart is so happy. now im convinced to adopt a dog from the shelter 😭
  • Maria-Elisa Odem: This moves my heart that people can be soo kind hearted after all that we’ve done to the nature
  • alyssa m: I work for a shelter and all I want is to see these wonderful dogs get adopted
  • Jax: A personal thank u for everyone who adopts 👍
  • Wolf QuestIdiot: I’d adopt Baron in a heart beat
  • Cinderella: How could people be so cruel to hurt these beautiful dogs. Thank you to all of the people who help them. My heart breaks when I watch these stories. I love happy endings😢😡❤️💕❤️
  • Depressed Colombian: This video made me so happy and so angry at the same time, society is so fucked up not just for domestic animals but for farm animals too. We need to wake up and make this planet a better place for every being that live on it.

Anybody who finds it easy to make money on the horses is probably in the dog food business. – Franklin P. Jones

When Reg died and we first looked into getting a new dog, I was adamant we should pick up a mongrel from an animal-rescue shelter. It’s not only that they’re usually healthier and have better temperaments, they also fit with my world view – I prefer a ballpoint to a fountain pen, a barber to a hair stylist, and camping over glamping. – Mark Barrowcliffe

In the past when I was in Hollywood, I was like a dog. I felt humiliated. My English was not good. People would even ask me ‘Jackie Who?’. – Jackie Chan

Love—that which biologists, nervous about being misunderstood, call ‘attachment’—fuels the bond between dog and master or mistress. John Bradshaw

Elizabeth’s back at the red cross, and I’m walking the dog. – Bob Dole

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail. Kinky Friedman

Chihuahua pics. doggy pic. american pitbull terrier wallpaper. dog selfies. pictures of english bulldogs. image of dog for drawing. cute cute puppies photos. halloween dachshund wallpaper

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