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I remember when I was writing ‘The Tin Drum,’ I had the totally misguided idea of giving Oskar Matzerath a sister, and he just wouldn’t have it. There was no space for a sister, yet I had the character of the sister in my head. In fact I used her in later novels, in ‘Cat and Mouse’ and ‘Dog Years,’ Tulla Pokriski. – Gunter Grass

pictures of miniature poodle puppies – white and cute puppy

When Captain America is in a room full of Marvel superheroes, he is always Top Dog, even though his powers are pretty modest. He could be stood next to Thor, Iron Man, whoever. He is the one that everyone looks up to. To me, that is Superman, too. Even de-powered in the Legion arc, he was still Superman. Still Top Dog. – Gary Frank

Our brain, our body, craves fat. We cannot help it. That’s why a kid will eat a hot dog quicker than a piece of broccoli. – Jose Andres

images of bloodhound puppies – puppy breeds images

I like to do varied exercises, even just going for a hike with my friends or taking my dog for a walk, then going to see my trainer or going to yoga. – Stella Maxwell

Everyone thinks that I have an Instagram account for my dog, but I did not make that. It’s a fan! – Chrissy Teigen

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Court TV. I can’t stop watching it. I am absolutely obsessed! If I’m not reading a book or spending time with my husband, my friends or my dog, I am watching Court TV. – Debra Messing

I have an old dog named Lily, and she’s a black lab. – Sue Monk Kidd

pictures of chubby puppies – cute white puppy wallpaper

Sense of smell, of course, is only one of those dog qualities that can’t be replicated or improved upon. I’ve been researching dogs in warfare for my book about ‘Rin Tin Tin,’ and I’ve read many accounts of their heroics: carrying messages through battle, alerting troops to enemy planes, and even parachuting behind enemy lines. – Susan Orlean

I would rather be beaten, and be a man, than to be elected and be a little puppy dog. – Davy Crockett

Keep calm and pet a dog. Unknown

Millions of animals are euthanized every year because shelters can’t find homes for them. Buying animals from pet stores also tends to support puppy and cat mills, many of which have deplorable conditions for animals, which shouldn’t be tolerated. – Laura Mennell

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  • TopcatWarrior: She is just precious and her spotted belly is just delightful. Great team rescue, this lovely kitten will find her forever home in no time! Thank you HFP for all you do, I’m proud to be a supporter.💕
  • Good Person: Glad we have people who cares for animals and other precious creatures in this Earth, you make everyone proud for every good deeds you do every single day😊👍
  • JJay Bluejay: I can’t imagine what these animals would become without your dedication to help them!!! Thank you for always looking out for the little guys!
  • Beth A: One lucky kitten, so glad she cried loud enough for someone to hear.
  • doltbezoar: Yes – the rescue is more important than filming it! Great job! Darling life saved!
  • Teresa S: Poor baby, no wonder she was crying, with a broken leg! God bless you all for saving defenseless furbabies. We love you for that! ❤️
  • danette cadzow: She’s adorable nothing seems to deter her to live her best life.
  • RainWanders: I’m so glad people heard her crying and called you guys! What a sweet thing. I’m glad they were able to fix her leg, and now she has a chance at an amazing, loving, forever home!
  • Stephen Garcia: That is one *_LUCKY_* kitty; first, to have been noticed in that hole _at all,_ and second, to have such dedicated rescuers there to help. When there’s water in the LA River it’s usually a death sentence for any unfortunate creatures that fall in.
  • Smokey Gin: Watching this rescue with my 14 year old fur baby Sherman. He heard River crying and tried to grab my phone, lol. Sherman was answering River’s cries. I pray River finds the best fur ever family, she is precious. ❤️🤗😸
  • Eva Sage: thank you so much for rescuing them!! truly you guys are doing what i want to do☺️
  • Rebekah Lee: Thank you for saving this sweet sweet baby! Your videos keep me sane!
  • Nick Lopez: Thank you for saving & helping this sweet fur baby.
  • Pythonaria: Her cries really tore at my heartstrings. So glad she was rescued and hope her leg heals well. She is so adorable I can’t see her waiting long to be adopted into a loving forever home. She really does melt your heart.
  • Rosie Kuhlman: I love how much they care about animals they inspired me to do this as my job
  • mauisheri: Every time I see a rescue I feel like every penny I donate to you just goes so far for animals and humanity! You are my heroes, and I so love you and admire you for your dedication and hard work..ALL of you!
  • Gildete Azevêdo: Coisinha linda e inocente!
    Mais um resgate bem sucedido!
    É sempre muito bom assistir seus vídeos! Parabéns e um abraço!
  • Deia SkullGames: Obrigada por mais um salvamento! 🙏🏻 essa pequena vida será eternamente grata ❤️ Deus os abençoe muito 🙏🏻😍
  • StarRocks: That was a great rescue! Nice job, Eldad! 😃
  • respther2003: She was so sweet, even with the external fixator on. Thank you for rescuing her!😻
  • taylormarie: She’s so cute! Thank you for saving her!
  • UK MGTOW: This is why i am happy to donate to this great channel! You have a place reserved in the heavens. Greetings from the UK 🙂
  • Diane Hobbs: Thank you hope for paws for rescuing this beautiful girl. You go above and beyond for each of your rescues.❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Jodie York: A GORGEOUS TIGRESS! Yay, sweet baby girl! Great job all involved and all who donate. Cheers!
  • sneaks01: Beautiful!! Bless you all for the work you do!
  • MJ C: What a beautiful girl River is, fantastic rescue by you amazing people. Get well soon River. Much love from the UK ♥️
  • Sasha Conrad: Thank you for saving this kitty! I hope she finds the purrfect furever home soon! God bless you and River! ❤
  • Thenamaree: Cats are really resilient. Look how she plays even with a fixateur.
    Thank you so much for rescuing her and all the other furry souls.
  • Shawn Jones: A big thank you to everyone involved in the rescue of this precious kitten. May God continue to bless you!
  • Red 13: Glad you rescued this sweet little girl! Hope she fully recovers and finds a home!
  • Michelle Livingstone: What a little darling! Little belly of fluff. And such a sweet kitty even with a broken leg! I’m sure she’ll get scooped up quickly. Yay HFP.
  • Nikki Jerrold: Omg she is TOO CUTE!! I can’t get enough! Thank you again Hope For Paws! You guys are amazing
  • VidHoard: She’s so pretty! I’m so glad someone heard her cries.
  • Newt: Thank you for caring sm about animals and always helping,you guys are the best
  • PBLW: River is one beautiful, lucky girl! Thank you so much for another great rescue!!!
  • Brigitte Strong: Thank you to all of you for your kind rescue work. What a beautiful 😺. What would life be without our wonderful animals. ❤
  • TornSparrow1974: Eldad, you and your angels are wonderous beings! Always working so hard to help where needed… Hugs to you all! :o)
  • AniFam: I’m sooo glad to see that River was rescued well~
    I hope that she finds a caring family soon~
    Thank you for sharing this video~🤗
  • Amanda Paige: Omgosh if I could have another cat, I would adopt River in a heartbeat!! What a beautiful girl she is!!! ❤
  • patricia kunz: What a brilliant rescue. How may times can it be said HOW WONDERFUL Hope for Paws is!!!!!! Also great people who know to call Hope for Paws.😻😻😻
  • Terri Wiley: That kitten is just TOO precious! ❤️
  • zoey1811954: Another amazing rescue!
    Thank you Hope for Paws 🐾 ❤️🙏
  • Marie Riggs: Hope for Paws, thank you for rescuing one of God’s sweetest creatures! You guys always do a super amazing job!!!♥️💗♥️💗♥️💗🙂
  • Lori Stewart: What a Cutie! Glad she was recued!
  • Eva Sage: you guys are incredible❤️❤️❤️
  • Olga Nagaitseva: Спасибо ребята за спасения этого малыша 🐾
  • R L: Love what you do guys👏👏👍👍. The kitten is adorable😊🤗
  • lisa Chaput: I watch these all the time, but my cat ran up to me, and started licking me, because she couldn’t handle the crying. I told her everything is alright but she left her room, she wanted me to help the kitten faster . 😁
  • wholoveskitty: Precious baby girl! 🥰💕💖. Bless you for saving her. 🌹❤️
  • Herdis Weins: Oh what a cutie, so adorable.
    I hope you and Loreta switched off your phones after this to get the rest, you so well deserves.
    I admire your commitment to the animals, your persistence and your skills. I’m happy to be a monthly donor.
    xoxo to all the hope for Paws angels.
    Now I’m waiting for my HFP T-shirt and hoodie to arrive 🙂
  • Beverly P: Love your channel. What an amazing rescue. Sweet kitty River. Bless you all for your love and compassion.💕🙏💕
  • Millie: Poor kitty,you and your crew are amazing yall deserve to go to heaven.❤
  • Sir Tanon: Such a cute an precious little girl. Glad you were able to save her. She’s so lucky you saved her when you did.. if there had been heavy rains, that river could have risen substantially and left her trapped.
  • Andrea I De Salvo: Thank you to everyone!!! Saving a precious animal in desperate need of help great job!! Now this little will ( hoperully) be adopted very soon after her leg heals. Wow now RIVER can have a happy life in a forever home in Ca!!!!
  • Kate M: Good job on the rescue – I’m so glad this little guy had Eldad and the team at HFP to help her out of a bad situation.
  • Jennifer Kay: She’s beautiful! I’d love to take her, if I was able. 😍
  • Gina Tober: What a beautiful little girl. Thank you for saving this little angel. ❤️🐈💕
  • Betty McAlpin: Omgosh River is going to be so spoiled and furever Loved 😍 thanks H.F.P. Love Love Love HOPE FOR PAWS 🐾 💕
  • Susan Knarr: Lucky kitten to be spotted and saved!
  • MissSmudge78: No problems getting her adopted guys. She is an absolute SWEETHEART 💜
  • romystumpy: Just wonderful , another successful rescue,thanks to you this little darling will have a good life.
  • Marilyn Singer: Such a darling little kitty…Eldad, you are an earthly angel to do what you did for River. Nothing is ever too much trouble for you and all at HFP. Please give River a kiss from Susie and her human xxx
  • Michael Hollings: aw the poor baby! please give her tons of cuddles and scratches from me! Great job is saving her from the LA River! I hope she gets a wonderful home full of many many toys and catnip!!
  • M a r i a A n g e l o v a: Aww she’s safely at home, fostered by me! 💜😺😻😸 Thank you Hope For Paws for rescuing her!! She’s getting used to her new cushy life now ♥️
  • L C: What a doll!!! So glad Allison saw her & called HFP!. Awesome rescue Elda. i”m sorry I watched , because i SOOOOOOOOOO want to adopt her, but alas it is not possible for me. May she find an amazing home as soon as she has healed. And thanks again to the wonderful talents of Dr. Pedraza!
  • Sandie Brecken: Such an adorable baby🥰🥰🥰
  • Michael Moewes: amazing how fast she went from berserk fight mode to cuddle mode at the end. great rescue guys
  • Pyul Horbelt: She’s such a happy girl! I love the markings on her skin and the cute bandage she’s wearing:0). Once again, Hope for Paws to the rescue!!
  • CJ Diffin: She is so adorable. Great to see River playing and happy😊. Makes me happy. Thank you!❤💋🫂
  • largent45: What an adorable, sweet, baby! Thank god for angels like you, who rescue and treat these poor injured and forgotten animals! They are just so precious! River is the perfect name for her!
  • Karen Horton: I know you hear this all the time but thank you for everything that you do you go above and beyond when it comes to saving animals no matter what
  • Deborah Wade: You people are amazing. River is beautiful and I thank you for saving her. ❤
  • Manuel Soul: Grazie per quello che fate, siete stupendi ❤️
  • Ollie Falzone: I cheered on along with the crowd! Love the work you do and I’m proud to be a sponsor!
  • Ersaller Yates: My heart melted. This rescue brought tears to my eyes… she’s so beautiful. I would love to give her a forever loving home. She’s absolutely gorgeous and the name fits her perfectly.
  • Suki Rice: That was scary – another foot of water and she may have drowned! Love the pink furry blanket and especially the Hope For Paws bandage. You guys rock, as always 💋
  • Anna Ares: Ooohhhh que alegría !!!
    y que bonito River 😻😻😻
    Mil Gracias 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Hope For Paws sois los mejores 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Que Buen equipo 🐾🐾🐾❤️
  • Sandra: She is such a sweetie. Thank you for rescuing her HFP 🙂
  • Heidi M: Love ya HOPE FOR PAWS and who could resist loving this sweet little one, River……DONATE, adopt, volunteer.
  • Yvonne Murray: Perfect rescue, perfect name & perfect vet surgeon! I’ve never seen an external whatever it was called before this.n pretty amazing.
  • Shinju Inoue: How such a beautiful kitty with bluish eyes fell into a river is anybody’s guess, but amazing that Eldad saved River🙏😍🤗💯👏💝
    Hopefully everything will be good and she will be adopted into a wonderful family♥️🤞
  • DAL Eight: When you and Loretta cross over after this life, prepare to be greeted by crowds of loving happy animals you saved.
  • Linda Gibson: Awe she’s so adorable 🤩! Thank you for all you do to help this fur babies! I’m so glad I’m a subscriber, it’s not much but it helps to care for these precious babies. God Bless you all
  • Alex Nguyen: I’m a monthly donor and it warms my heart everytime I watch your video. Thank you very much!
  • 5809AUJG: You guys are angels on earth. Thank you so much for what you do!
  • Paola D’Alto: Thanks for all amazing work, you are a Angel!!
  • rebeccainNH: What a happy, beautiful baby. Her in the pink bed makes my heart so happy❣️❣️
  • Squeebers: Such a sweet kitten she seems so much better now! She’ll get a great home I’m sure!
  • Marie Keith Bleuste: I have a limited income and use my charity dollars to support my local Humane Society. But if I ever win the lottery, I’ll donate a million to Hope for Paws! Thank you, Loreta, Eldad, and all of your extraordinary volunteers for saving so many innocent furbabies!
  • Berenice: Es adorable le encanta q la acaricien 🤗
  • M S: Those meows may have been because of the pain of the broken leg, but they were so melodic I believe her full name is River Song!Another wonderful rescue which will lead to another wonderful life!
  • Michelle Bilodeau: Sweet baby….thank you for saving her!
  • Rođa: Omg those eyes I love them 😍💕
  • louise trujillo: I’m always amazed at how how smart and efficient you all are in these rescues!! Thank you sooo much!! I’ve donated in the past but currently can’t even make my rent, so cannot donate at this time😿…but these videos make me smile!!!!
  • A MEN and his 7 kids: Thank you for saving him
  • Solar Flare: I love what you do so much!! some day, I want to be just like you heroes! ♥
  • susan hutchinson: Thank you for rescuing this baby. I love what you all do! ❤️
  • MindDifferential: Watching the animals you rescue respond to care, love and affection really helps with my depression in these dark times. I love how you document the stories. Cheers Eldad and everyone else.

Keep calm and pet a dog. Unknown

Millions of animals are euthanized every year because shelters can’t find homes for them. Buying animals from pet stores also tends to support puppy and cat mills, many of which have deplorable conditions for animals, which shouldn’t be tolerated. – Laura Mennell

I think it’s wonderful that people in pickup trucks are buying two flats of dog food and a copy of ‘Bastard.’ I want my view of the world to be right up there next to gallon boxes of Tide. – Dorothy Allison

So I consider myself a dog person. Kind of. Had dogs when I was a kid, but my parents would never have dreamed of having them in the house. – Abraham Verghese

While working in advertising, I channelled my creative energy into elaborate escape fantasies: cake making, dog breeding, the Peace Corps. – Meg Rosoff

Readers want to visualize your story as they read it. The more exact words you give them, the more clearly they see it, smell it, hear it, taste it. Thus, a dog should be an ‘Airedale,’ not just a ‘dog.’ A taste should not be merely ‘good’ but ‘creamy and sweet’ or ‘sharply salty’ or ‘buttery on the tongue.’ – Nancy Kress

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