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I take my dog to the vet a lot because he’s old and sick, and I always step on the scale when I’m there. Let’s just say shirts that were once button-able are no longer. I’m constantly being roasted by my wife. – Ike Barinholtz

puppy food images – gsd dog wallpaper

I like spending time at home. In Paris, people drop by and have a bite to eat, or they drop by and watch Friends on TV. I take my dog to the office there, and I walk to work sometimes. – Marc Jacobs

I have been writing my blog for several years. Whenever I have written about pertinent subjects, no one has supported them. For instance, the stray dog menace. I cycle in the morning every day, and I am still scared of stray dog attacks. – Mohanlal

beautiful cute kitten images – great dog photos

I have a dog. It’s an English mastiff called Dolly. Her middle name is Poppy. – Millie Bobby Brown

Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished. Dean Koontz, American Writer

cute puppy rottweiler pictures – bull mastiff images

If a dog jumps into your lap, it is because he is fond of you; but if a cat does the same thing, it is because your lap is warmer. – Alfred North Whitehead

A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God’s truth is attacked and yet would remain silent. – John Calvin

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You learn in this business: It you want a friend, get a dog. – Carl Icahn

I love being the underdog. I’m cool in my dog house. – Brian Ortega

As soon as I walk outside, I get depressed. If I see a dog, I’ll get upset about how much it must suck to be on a leash. I’ll get on a bus and tear up at the thought of how the driver has to go back and forth on the same street for eight hours in mind-numbing traffic. – Cazzie David

My friend created an iPhone app that locates Vienna Beef products across the country. Personally, I came hardwired with an internal GPS that instinctively points me toward coffee shops, cupcake stores and the perfect Chicago-style dog, so I find this technology redundant. – Jen Lancaster

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  • ThatsFresh26: This is Evan from the video. Thank you for rescuing her. You were the only people to show up after calling 4 other rescues and being told it was “low priority”. Congratz on the 14th Anniversary! Put in my application for adoption 🙂
  • LeesaDeAndrea: Don’t you just wish those lost dogs and cats could tell the world how they ended up hurt and alone and frightened on the streets? I adopted a stray dog & I’ve never stopped wondering what my dog’s first years were like before he came to live with me. My dog has been with me for 12 years now.
  • Jo 74: She looked so young and look at her now all safe and happy. HAPPY 14th ANNERVERSARY to you all. Sending love from the Uk England
  • Linda Gibson: Polly is adorable!! I hope she and her friends finds furever homes soon.
    Happy Anniversary Hope For Paws!!!
    Long time subscriber and now I have started donating.
    God Bless you all
  • Thu Lekovish: It’s great to see this cutie in a foster home with others like her waiting for an adoption. It’ll be wonderful when Polly and her friends will be adopted. No pets should live in a parking lot. Great work, HFP. Thank you.
  • Michael Morgan: The transformation of frightened,scared, and skiddish to happy, social, and lots o love to give pup pup always puts a smile on my face.
    Happy 14th aniversary Hope for Paws! You guys and gals are amazing
  • SCC: Look at her now! From matted and hurt to fluffy and dancing!
  • Kay Novo: Loretta is so sweet with animals !
    Perfect team with Eldad
  • Karen Duncan: Happy 14th anniversary! It takes real dedication to carry on such good and difficult work for years on end. Congratulations!
    What a joy to see that sweet baby so happy! She is so cute–she’ll find her forever home in no time. Lucky girl!
    Thanks to that kind man for feeding her and calling HFP, and thanks to you folks for everything you do!
  • Marige OBrien: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! You always do such a great job. How many animals have you rescued over the years? Have you kept track?
  • Kathy Heavner: What an adorable little dog.
    Thanks for everything hope for paws
  • Laura T: Thank you to HFP as usual and to Daniel for going above and beyond his job to help rescue Polly! Sometimes people seem to give up, though oftentimes not for lack of caring – but b/c they/we can’t find or get the help needed, even just for a lil’ stray like Polly. It’s all of you that restore for the rest of us faith in humanity.💕🍀☮️
  • Herdis Weins: What a sweet little cutie.
    It’s fascinating to watch Loreta focus – when she sets her mind to it, she WILL get the animal. s
    I’m looking forward to the live chat tomorrow. That will be a possibility to donate some extra – and of course to congratulate you. Here in Denmark it’s considered a bad omen to congratulate a person on his birthday to early, so I’ll wait. Isn’t JoAnns birthday also coming Up?
    Room service – so funny “Good morning sir, here’s your breakfast and a little dog to cuddle”
  • YazmeenM: So happy that y’all helped Polly 🧡🧡🧡🐶
  • StarRocks: Happy 14th-Year Anniversary to Hope For Paws! I look forward to the next rescues for years to come! 🥳
  • Just Me: Happy Anniversary! Thanks for all you do, all your love, patience, and care for all the fur babies you are helping ❤😊👍✔
  • Marilyn Snider: First of all, Happy Anniversary. Second, that poor little girl. I hope she finds a wonderful home.
  • Michael Rocker: Happy 14th and many more. Polly went from looking and feeling lost in to a very happy girl. Thanks. I hope she gets the best forever home she can. If I only had lots of land and a big fenced in area i would be fostering any lost dog I could find.
  • JanLilyJing: I started bawling when she popped up at the end, happy and healthy, her miserable life over. I wish all the lost ones could be found by someone like Hope for Paws. God bless you for what you do.
  • L H: Happy 14th Anniversary Hope for Paws. Another epic rescue as usual. You guys are the animal whisperers . Eldad and Loretta are the dynamic duo .
  • Ohana Finder: Congrats on 14 years and another successful rescue!
  • FireCracker3240: Happy Anniversary, HFP! Thousands of animals saved and helped over 14 incredible years. I’m so proud to support this channel for most of those years. We appreciate you all! ❤️❤️
  • mimzy: 🎉 Happy anniversary HFP!! 🎉 Wish all of you health and happiness! So many saved lifes!! Greetings from Germany 💕 🌻 😻
    Polly is soo cute, sweet like a pound of sugar!! Hope she and the other cuties will find a forever home!
  • Dr Tech: Happy 14th anniversary to the team of HFP! Wishing you good health and lots of energy for years to come, so you can help more furry babies❣️.FROM INDIA ❤️ WITH LOVE💕
  • RockerCatErrorEncountered 404: what an adorable dog even before she cleaned up. She’s gonna get adopted so fast
  • George Rossiter: Words can never describe how much cruelty towards animals there is in the world. Just the look on the dog’s and cat’s faces explains it all. They’re like ‘what have I done to deserve this?’. It breaks my heart to see them like this. Well done for 14 years. You are an inspiration to everyone who loves what you do.
  • m c: I haven’t been watching the HFP videos lately, as I have been busy looking after my grandson and not having too much time for myself. However, when I started watching this video, it felt so good to hear Loretta and Eldad’s lovely soothing voices again 😊😊. Bless’em!!!
  • Gregory: Awe. Poor baby. Thank you all so much for doing what you do!! 🎈👏
  • juleehalli: You make me proud I am a donor… I love your videos and how you treat the dogs
  • Rita Gibson: As always great job you guys! I just lost my father, and my mother expressed an interest in a dog adoption! We will give her time, then shortly after the funeral we will bring her some options from your associates. I thank you so much for the beautiful job you do in rescuing these abandoned ones. HAPPY 14TH ANNIVERSARY!!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELDAD!!!
  • Irene Cintron: Happy 14th anniversary, you guys rock! This is one place worth donating for, you guys do an amazing job helping these beautiful and innocent fur babies! If I was in California I would volunteered to help as well! It’s heartbreaking to see these poor defenseless babies out there all alone, they need and deserve love as well. God bless you guys for helping them. 💖🙌🏼🎉
  • Gayla Roof: WOW! She went from such hopelessness, to such JOY! WHAT a transformation!!! Thank you for all you do. I just LOVE you guys!!!!! 😊❤❤❤❤❤
  • LA AR: Loreta the rescue ninja strikes again!!! 👏👏👏👏👏
  • Lawrence Forman: 14 Amazin’ years!!!That’s terrific years for staff!!! Staff will continue to rescue animals for another 14 years. This doggy got nice shelter.

    Hope sweetin’ family will adopt this doggy! Happy Fourteenth Years!!!!

  • Marilyn Singer: You are two of the kindest people to take so much care when you do the many miraculous rescues you carry out. These animals are probably so frightened of you, but the way in which you are able to calm them down, not just with cheeseburgers, but love and understanding, always touches my heart. And they must trust you implicitly to allow you to give them a bath without displaying fear. Congratulations on 14 years of amazing work, and happy birthday Eldad 😻🎂
  • LOCAL BOY: Our street rescue miniature poodle turned 18 years old a few days ago. We are so grateful to have Duncan for the last 14 years and happy that he is living his best life.
    Thanks to the Hope For Paws crew for all you do to rescue the unfortunate animals and give them a chance for a better life.
  • Taller de Hadas: Great job, as always. Happy anniversary and greetings from Spain!!
  • Ricardo Coreas: She looks just like my little girl, its sad nobody got to her sooner.
  • Caj Sheen: Always a treat for me to watch your expertise put to such heartwarming use! XXX
  • Marianne Looney: 14 years of dedication to these sweet animals. What another great rescue! So glad she has new beginnings, food, and lots of dog fun. Love you guys ❤ XXOO
  • Tasha Craft: Happy Anniversary!! You guys are so AWESOME!!
  • Sandy West: good to see you guys back in action. you did good on this one… ty for all you do
  • LaRissa McCord: Oooo. Wow!!!! ❤ Congratulations on many more! YOU & YOUR TEAM ARE LITERALLY ANGELS 🙏💙🙏 We need more people like y’all!!!!!!
    Much love & support ALWAYS & FOREVER
  • A C: I’ve been watching you for 12 of the 14 years WOW congrats love all the rescues, and I love it when you show the Good, Bad, and Ugly of rescues, even when an animals passes on you pull no punches, allowing us to grieve along side you. 💖
  • Jojobegood: 🐕💘🍀 merci beaucoup pour votre engagement, amitiés de 🇨🇭
  • Teresa S: She’s so pretty and looks so young! It makes me happy to see dogs like her rescued and happy. She’ll have a good life now, thanks to you at Hope For Pets. God bless you all! ❤
  • Jennifer Winchester: She’s such a cutie 💖
    Another great rescue by Hope For Paws.
  • peg’S: Happy 14th Anniversary! Polly is so beautiful! I know she and all her little friends will find a furever home soon.
  • Brigitte Strong: Happy 14th Anniversary Hope for Paws! 🎈 🐕 🐈 😻 😺. You are the very Best. Thank you for all your kind, patient, selfless work.
  • Sheila Pimentel: Parabéns pelos 14 !!!! Belíssimo trabalho! Congratulações!!!
  • Maria Barradas: She looks so good and so happy, well done as usually, Happy 14 years of great work, great rescues and an amazing job, I have been supporting HFP and will continue to do so, well done, great team.
  • Caryl Shawver: Man, Eldad and Loreta are such a great team! Thank You again for all the hard work you do! 💖💫
    Also; Happy 14th Anniversary!👏💐💝
  • Andrea Walker: Happy 14th Anniversary! And a big THANKS to all the people who help these unfortunate animals: Hope for Paws, CARES, the fosters, adopters, the people who ask for help and all of the donors (and anyone else I may have forgotten).
  • Lisa M Orlando: What a wonderful story for your 14th year anniversary! I really love how patient you are and how creative you get with some of these rescues.
  • Emma: Feliz 14 aniversario!!! Maravilloso el trabajo que haceis y que grandes sois!!! Un saludo desde España.🐶❤️❤️🥰🥰
  • aNb: The fear in her eyes was heartbreaking. Thank you so much for all that you, and all if the teams and fosters, do to save and rehabilitate these innocent lives. So excited for CARES new clinic!!!! Thank you.
    Happy 14 years!!!! Congratulations 💖
  • L J Sopjes: So it looks as though you are training Evan as a new team member. I hope you will be able to expand your team and be able to replace team members who are forced to retire as time goes on. Long live Hope for Paws!
  • Joyce Nesselhauf: The transformation of these animals when they are clean, safe, loved and fed is the most beautiful sight to see! They just blossom! They know the difference between life on the streets and when they are rescued!
  • Janeymw: Amazing rescue 🐕💖💖💖💖💖💖
  • patricia kunz: A lovely little girl dog. She seems very polite too. Thank you Hope For Paws for all you do.
  • pdxwildchild Roberts: Happy 14th anniversary👍..Heartfelt Congrats to all of you💜and all you do for those furry critters..you give them the loving care and homes they definitely need💯👍💜👍
  • ItsDesTINY: Oh my goodness that hotel is so close to where I live. I’m so glad you rescued her from that area💙🐶
  • Pat King: Congratulations on 14 years of rescuing animals! It’s a joy to see the transformation from scared to confident xxx I support you from France innany way I can xx
  • Jocelyn Collier: I loved the way at the end when they were jumping up to get a treat she gently used her paws to push the other little dog away.
  • ItsSassyNinja: She’s such a cutie! I really wanted to give her a hug and tell her everything was going to be just fine!
  • E S: Love to see the cuties playing at the end so happily it melted my heart they’re so adorable Thank You Hope For Paws 💕💕💕
  • Judy Parks: Yay, another amazing rescue! Happy Anniversary Hope for Paws!!!❤❤❤ HUGS
  • Lovespitbulls: OMG, cuteness overload. happy anniversary and thanks for all that you do again and again!! Tail wags!!
  • Donna S.: Aww…Precious Polly 🥰 I’m so glad to see her so happy now! She looks like she has a half smile… 😏 …and it’s so cute!
    I can’t adopt her (wish I could!) but I CAN continue being a monthly supporter. 🙂💞🐾
    Happy 14th Anniversary HFP!
  • Donna Trull: Thank you for everything y’all do to rescue these babies. Happy Anniversary!
  • AniFam: Happy 14th anniversary!!👍
    I’m glad that the dog was finally rescued!!
    Thank you for your hard work to save her~🤗
  • wolfman: Congratulations on your 14th year anniversary and such a wonderful rescue too! Her transformation was wonderful to see.
  • Cynthia Hawkins: I have been watching ‘ElDude’s” videos for a long time. I always love when they are rescued. You see them in the cage/trap and you’re glad to know they will be safe from here on in. Then the bubble bath of course. Then, best of all, as they simmer down, chill out calm, and become the animals they were always meant to be…
  • Yvonne Murray: Happy anniversary HFP❣️we love the work you do. Jeez….14 years! Keep on keeping on and we will continue our donations. One of the things I love about donating to you is that you don’t spend my money by sending me notepads, calendars and other stuff constantly asking for more money. It’s obvious that you spend our donations on the animals, which is what all rescue groups should do….but don’t!
  • Muriel Vaillancourt: Polly and friends look so cute and adorable! Thank you for 14 years of commitment! ❤🥰😘👍from 🇨🇦
  • Teresa Rutherford: She’s so adorable! ❤️ Polly
  • Mel: This poor baby girl is so tired. She looks so relieved to finally receiving the financial and emotional support she needs to live a happy and fulfilling life.So thankful for Hope For Paws. So thankful.
  • Sasha Conrad: Happy Anniversary, HFP! Thanks for saving all these precious animals, including Polly! ❤️P. S. GREAT to see you, Loreta! 💖💖💖
  • Fátima Rocha: Congrats!! 14 years saving and loving lives ❤
  • Mary Casey: Congratulations on your 14th anniversary. You have done so much for the animals and if I had a better income it would surely go to your efforts. I am a donating member and will continue as long as you do. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ love you guys so much❣️
  • Sheryl Bracht: Happy 14th anniversary to you amazing people! Thanks for all you do for these precious babies.
  • Ariel Novick: amazing rescue! H4P was started the year I was born! I love this rescue organization! I love Loreta and Eldad’s hard work!
  • Laura Culic: You guys are the best!!!! Happy Anniversary to you❤Loretta is such a sweetheart!
  • Aggarwal Kaoor: Happy 14th anniversary, you guys are just awesome, wish more folks helped animals like you do
  • juliette bardo: 🙏🙏🙏for all you and your team did for voiceless living beings. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!
  • patti bentley: Bless you for helping the poor baby. What a miracle for her.:)
  • Tamyie Wilson: Amazing job guys!!poor little thing💜💜you guys are truly a blessing 💞
  • Linda Storey: Happy anniversary hope for paws,and thanks for the amazing rescues .
  • jade fire: Oh my gosh! What a complete and utter doll-baby! ❤
  • Dawn Kalybaba: You guys are so great and so companionate and Happy 14th I enjoy to watch and see how happy they are to be safe and loved ❤️❤️❤️
  • Melanie Kotze: Looking forward to other 14 years. You are great. 🙏🏻🕊️🐶
  • Linda Gray: Thank you for helping the animals! I just love to see the good you are able to do!
  • Betsy Walker: this video was so amazing!
  • Andi Drexler: Another wonderful heart warming rescue. I love them all, they just put a smile on my face. Thank you so much for 14 years of amazing work. I hope for many more to come. Greetings from Germany
  • Tajemniczy: 14 years that’s amazing how long you are doing it. Congratulations. I started to watch you in 2019 since I often check your channel. Thank you for helping these animals<3
  • Alison Damico: Loreta & Eldad, thanks for all the amazing work you & your team do on daily basis! Happy 14th Anniversary to the Hopeforpaws team! And Happy Bithday to Jo Ann & Eldad! Be safe & God bless! 🐾🌹💖!
  • Delores Thompson: I love all the rescues you do you all are amazing. Happy Anniversary! Wish you were closer. Happy birthday Eldad & Loretta you are the Ninja of rescue. Love you all!!
  • Bert Ruiz: Bless you and your Team. You all do amazing work rescuing and caring for the animals. I’ve been a monthly subscriber, and plan on continuing my donations for as long as live!!!

As soon as I walk outside, I get depressed. If I see a dog, I’ll get upset about how much it must suck to be on a leash. I’ll get on a bus and tear up at the thought of how the driver has to go back and forth on the same street for eight hours in mind-numbing traffic. – Cazzie David

My friend created an iPhone app that locates Vienna Beef products across the country. Personally, I came hardwired with an internal GPS that instinctively points me toward coffee shops, cupcake stores and the perfect Chicago-style dog, so I find this technology redundant. – Jen Lancaster

I’m not the best dog owner. – Matthew Broderick

Young blood must have its course, lad, and every dog its day. – Charles Kingsley

A book reads the better which is our own, and has been so long known to us, that we know the topography of its blots, and dog’s ears, and can trace the dirt in it to having read it at tea with buttered muffins. – Charles Lamb

Hound Dog’ took like twelve minutes. That’s not a complicated piece of work. But the rhyme scheme was difficult. Also the metric structure of the music was not easy. ‘Kansas City’ was maybe eight minutes, if that. Writing the early blues was spontaneous. You can hear the energy in the work. – Jerry Leiber

Gsd dog wallpaper. great dog photos. bull mastiff images. 3d wallpaper of dog. puppy food images. beautiful cute kitten images. beagle pics. pitbull puppy to adulthood pictures

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