bullmastiff puppy images – little puppy wallpaper

Cute golden retriever pictures. min pin puppy pics. bullmastiff puppy images. saint bernard dog images. little puppy wallpaper. pictures of terrier mix dogs. caucasian shepherd images. black and white puppy images

A well-trained dog will make no attempt to share your lunch. He will just make you feel guilty so that you cannot enjoy it. Helen Thomson

little puppy wallpaper – cute golden retriever pictures

No matter how you’re feeling, a little dog gonna love you. Waka Flocka Flame, American Rapper

The dog that trots about finds a bone. – Golda Meir

pictures of terrier mix dogs – min pin puppy pics

If I could be half the person my dog is, I’d be twice the human I am. Charles Yu, Taiwanese-American Author

The best thing you can do when you’re not feeling funny is go out and get more stimuli from the world, get out and walk around, read a book, go talk to some birds or a dog and replenish the well, as it were. – Rob Delaney

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The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them. Stanley Coren

I pay my rent and my bills and I buy food and toys for my dog and that’s it. – Bria Vinaite

siberian husky hd wallpaper – saint bernard dog images

Anyone can learn how to communicate with animals if they are open to the process and willing to practice. Karen A Anderson, American Animal Communicator and Author

If I decide I want to go canoeing, I’ve got a canoe. If I want to take my dog with me, nobody tells me I can’t do it. If I want to go skinny dipping and wash my body, I can take my clothes off. – Burt Shavitz

A well-trained dog will make no attempt to share your lunch. He will just make you feel guilty so that you cannot enjoy it. Helen Thomson

For a man living alone, dogs are almost more important than human beings. Richard Katz

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  • Susan: You know, Jaguar has good taste…hopefully his new parents will give him a wonderful, loving and happy forever home. So sweet.😻❤️
  • TornSparrow1974: I kind of hope they keep the Jaguar name for him when he gets adopted. He’s adorable. :o)
  • Star Network Rescue: We can call her escape artist. Meanwhile thanks for Rescue this beautiful and adorable 🐈 cat..
  • MARCIA RIBEIRO: A dealership’s cat 🐈 named Jaguar.
    This could easily turn into a children’s book of how Jag was rescued!
    Thanks Jaguar dealership for calling Hope for Paws. 😃
  • lacrossecoach: In a sad and crazy world, it’s always uplifting to see you bringing a ray of sunshine to it.
  • Sabi: He’s a beauty and so sweet! I wish I could adopt him, but I’m dealing with my two senior kitties, one has leukemia + diabetes and the other one has thyroid problems. My house is like a convalescent home for these two cats. lol
  • Charles Smith: What a sweet and loving kitten. He also has very good taste in cars too.
  • SkyeSalindar: Jaguar is gonna be the best lovebug for his new family someday ❤️❤️❤️
  • Mary Games: What a talkative, sweet kitten! I’m glad he had air conditioning for his escapade, too.
  • Carolina Terzi: Oh, I so wish I could adopt little Jags like… right now!
  • Laura Guckenberger: Kudos to the dealership for allowing the rescue.
  • cecilegreard: He looks like such a sweet and affectionate cat!
  • AniFam: I’m sooo glad to see that this little and smart kitten was rescued by a wonderful team~💞
    Thank you for sharing this video~🤗
  • Elaine Culbert: He’s lovely and has excellent taste in vehicles! Thanks again, Eldad and staff! Love the closeups of him after his bath when he’s relaxing.
  • Kerstin Ludwig: I’m in hospital to treat my depression. But this is hands down the BEST depression relief ever.
  • Julie Tansley: What a sweet kitten x you all do a fantastic job rescuing these lost and abandoned animals x ❤
  • slp1227: What a beautiful kitten, so happy HFP was called to help. Job well done as always!
  • Kelli Rush: Your videos always put a smile on my face ☺️
  • Stereotype Gachatuber: Man you guys always make me smile at school, I would be watching your guy’s videos while at lunch or when we have free time at the end of the block.
  • Linda Hayman: Jaguar’s gorgeous – love the purring at the end.
  • Anne Terry: Donations are a gift of life for those unable to speak for themselves. A gift donation for a birthday, a holiday celebration, and especially as a memorial to those who have lost a loved one or to someone who has lost a beloved pet is an enduring gift. I know every month the small donation from me means some suffering somewhere will be relieved.
  • StarRocks: Incredible rescue, Eldad! That was a great video! 😃
  • Herdis Weins: What a smart and beautiful kitten with great taste. Nice to see Eldad and Loreta again happy to know my monthly donations help this kitten and others to get rescued and find a forever home.
  • Teresa S: He’s a really pretty color, and I love those little pink toe beans! Thank you for once again saving a life. Love to you all. ❤
  • eman.: You guys are the best! Without you, these animals would be hurt.
    I bet they all appreciate you🌈
  • L H: You guys are beyond amazing. Great job as usual.
  • Taller de Hadas: So glad to see Eldad and Loreta again at work. Not that I don’t enjoy watching the rest of the team at work, but I was starting to worry, thinking that something was wrong with you guys. Nice rescue, and a very smart kitten!! 💞💕💓💗💖
  • William Paul: It was 2 years ago that my wife found 2 tiny kittens that had been abandoned in a field. She called me to bring the pet carrier and we’ve been the proud parents of 2 beautiful girls ever since. Animals are a blessing sent from God.
  • Brittish shorthair: My wife and her girlfriend are laughing when they hear me talking to my iphone screen and smiling from ear to ear…watching your videos
  • ShivaServer2009: I could hear him purring at the end. Ty for saving.
  • louise trujillo: Thankyou guys for ALL you do….seriously, can’t stop smiling!!
  • Chrissy Oz: He’s such a smart and sweet kitty. Thank you guys for saving him, i pray that he will find his forever home. ❤️❤️❤️
  • Vauna S: He certainly has great taste in cars
  • Stacey James: Love you guys! Thanks for all you do! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Tynka Bell: Gorgeous lil Jag! Well done
  • dval59 valletta: I would think people would be lining up to adopt this little guy. Every time we get cats in, they go quickly
  • Marley Boston: I just love the way you guys will do anything for almost any animal!
  • Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez: what an awesome rescue! Thank you Eldad and Loreta for saving Jaguar!
  • Paola D’Alto: Love you !!! Thanks for helping these fur babies!!!
  • chelsea: what a sweet little fella. so happy there was nothing major wrong and he ended up okay. having a kitten makes this so much more sentimental
  • Gildete Azevêdo: Meu Deus que lindo é ele!
    Se esconder dentro do carro.
    Beijos pra todos vocês!
  • Соня Яковлеаа: Каким красавцем стал! В добрые руки попал. Под счастливой звездой родился!
  • Sarah Destito: aw he is totally precious I know he’s going to find a home very quickly and his name fits him perfectly❤❤❤
  • Jojobegood: Merci beaucoup pour votre engagement, amitiés de 🇨🇭
  • Massimo O’Kissed: He looks like my ginger boy AlfRed.Great that he’s friendly already.
  • Pamela Bryant: Smart cat!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂. Of course his name would be Jaguar! so appropriate so very appropriate!!!!🐾🐾♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
  • Smokey Gin: Jag has expensive taste. When I grow up I want a Jaguar too, I’m 58, lol. Such a cute and definitely relieved little ginger.
    If I lived closer to California I would love to adopt Jag. We have two cats already, both rescued and spayed and neutered. ❤️🙏😸🐾
  • Nubby Rose: When he grows up he’s gonna be one
  • Jo W: The funniest part was when Jaguar was attempting to try to get out of the cage meowing as if it were saying you took me away from my nice new wheels ppl. 😆
  • Cali Flowers 💐: Such a nice kitty! I’d adopt him if I could!
  • BLT: He’s going to make a Great pet for some lucky adopter! He’s sweet, calm and loves being touched.
  • William Jackson: Well,, now that was a differant ‘model’ rescue. At least jaguar chose a white one. My favorite! Thanks H4P’s.. 🦊🦊🐺🐺
  • Ana Helena: Menino formoso!!! Logo logo vc vai pra uma família maravilhosa querido.💙💙💙🐾🐾😻😺😸🤗🤭🌻🌻🌻
  • Berenice Lopes: Adoro final feliz ☺ assim não preciso chorar 🐈❤❤❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷
  • Judy Lee: Well that was just adorable! Thank you guys for always being there for the animals!!
  • Valéria Ruegg: Jaguar é muito lindo!!! ❤️🐈
  • Vera H: What a gorgeous kitten…
    It was so.lovely to hear him purr at the end…💞
    My first cat was a ginger female cat…🤗
  • GSD Alpha: Such a sweetheart! I’ve done my own rescues for many years, and it’s always amazing how cats and kittens just *know* what’s a safe place. I’ve been constantly teased there’s a neon sign on my door only felines can see “go there, she’ll feed you and take care of you”. God bless the dealership for contacting you!
  • Gayla Roof: I love you guys! I always smile thru every video. You brighten a lot of people’s day, mine included! ❤
  • Paul Official: Hello Eldad, Loretta from Romania , glad to see you back with pawns and on video Loretta (xoxo) ❤️❤️ we were talking a while ago on a live stream, on the winter time, I did say to you to start another snowman because the first one didn’t go well for you because of the snow:) you were at that time in Sweden if i remember correctly.
    I am wandering if you guys have some members from your organization here in Europe, should be great if your paws volunteers can help the Ukrainians cute paws, I know there are a lot of cute and innocent in that country how need help.
  • Beach Waves: He’s beautiful and adorable.🥰🤗 I hope he gets to keep his name when adopted. May he always be happy healthy and safe. ❤🙏🏽
  • lasanchez47: Hermosa bebé! Gracias por cuidar de ella!😍❤❤❤
  • MariaHelenaRezendes Silva: Lindo vídeo amei muito parabéns 👏 pelo seu vídeo ♥️♥️♥️👍🇧🇷
  • Young Raines: Another great rescue. Sweet furbabe 😊
  • Paul Murgatroyd: It always amazes me how quickly kittens calm down when they know they’re in the right hands.
  • Terry Hayward: He talks a lot, I love how he was answering anyone who spoke to him .
  • Charbie King: The sweetest little man ever 🥰😍🥰 He’s so affectionate and loving. I teared up a bit.
  • Italiangirl27: He is So Adorable!! Smart lil boy, I hope he finds his forever home soon, he’s so loveable ❤️❤️😻
  • Christine C: What a precious kitten. Great job! Hoping he goes to a fantastic family!
  • Patsy Zehring: I love happy endings !!!
    Thank you for your love for precious animals in need 😺🐶❤️
  • mindyschocolate: Oooooh my goodness, what a sweetheart. He’ll be snatched up in no time. He’ll be the perfect addition to a home.
  • Before and After with Leanna Middlebrooks: He is so incredibly sweet!
  • ACDILU: I love love love how gentle you are with the animals you rescue!! Not everyone is like that. 🙏
  • T. Pasha: Oh my God, he is such an adorable baby! You know all he wants is love, hugs, kisses and cuddles! I love him! I hope he gets adopted into a loving family!
  • K McCoy: He is adorbs 🥰!!! Blessings and Peace ❤️✝️
  • Lyn: There’s a rescue you don’t see every day. Great job. Blessings!
  • Sabrina Aubret: he is absolutely beautiful, adorable, cute 🥰🥰!! I love him and his name😍😜! it looks like my son’s cat named Snoopy 😊!! thank you for saving him and sharing the video 👍! it’s not every day that you rescue a kitten in a dealership like Jaguar 😅! continue your great job 👏! A+ 😋
  • Sarah Blohm: He’s gorgeous. Whoever gets to adopt him will be very lucky ❤️
  • Danette Hartsock: Oh my goodness!!! What an AWESOME little kitty! God bless you all! LOVE and PRAYERS ALWAYS from Gainesville Florida!❤🙏😊🙏❤
  • Juniper Bennett: Its so nice to see Eldad and Loreta working together. Of course we love JoAnne and the rest of the crew too.
  • Idannia Blanco: He is so adorable! Hope he found a good home
  • Windy: Sooo adorable! 💖
  • Pittsed Off: That was so funny. Brilliant rescue and loved the suds hat too 😂
  • Anita West: Puurrrfect rescue. <3
    Puurrrfect kitten. <3 Puurrrfect name, Jaguar. <3
    I too hope the adopter(s) keep that name as well. <3
  • Jen H: To me its a perfect name for this cute kitty. Hope they keep that name whoever adopts him. I would if I got him.
  • shawn denton: It’s the humanity, love, laughter and hard work that you all do that keeps me with Hope for Paws. I’ll bet the talk at the Jaguar dealership will be about “Jaguar” for some time to come! Thks to all of you!
  • Heidi M: Ahhhh he is so cute. We love ya Hope for Paws for all you do.
  • Diane Takahashi: Such fierce boy
    I hope he finds his forever home soon
    Thank you
  • dee21701: He’s adorable! ❤️
  • Ravenous Ruby: Oh! Absolutely wonderful!Thank you!
  • betty cogswell: Hey Eldad. Love you for what you do. So good to see Loreta home…
  • Atroxa: He’s a kitten with expensive tastes! I hope he finds a home that can spoil him the way he clearly knows he deserves <3
  • Rob Babcock: What a beautiful baby!🥰🐱❤
  • Luluskiv: Thank you so much for helping them 😔
  • MissSmudge78: He will be scooped up quick. Such a sweetheart 💜
  • Hedda Elizabeth: Although I cannot afford much, I am so proud to donate to such a worthy organization
  • Sharon Andrews: Way to go Hope For Paws. You guys are true angels. Thank God for you wonderful people. May you always be blessed with all you need to continue saving lives. And may God always bless you. Truly you guys are a great inspiration to us all. Much love for you guys.
  • Sasha Conrad: Loreta is back! Yay! 😊❤️🎈🎉

A well-trained dog will make no attempt to share your lunch. He will just make you feel guilty so that you cannot enjoy it. Helen Thomson

For a man living alone, dogs are almost more important than human beings. Richard Katz

I have a few customers who have two or three hundred bags. When you see a lady carrying a little dog bag or a little cat bag or an egg, it makes you happy. – Judith Leiber

We are more than the sum of our biochemical functions. Even the tiniest flea is an incredibly complex living creature, with mouth-parts adapted to feeding on the blood of your cat or dog. – Robert Lanza

The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants. —Johnny Depp

Life is life – whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man’s own advantage. – Sri Aurobindo

Cute golden retriever pictures. min pin puppy pics. bullmastiff puppy images. saint bernard dog images. little puppy wallpaper. pictures of terrier mix dogs. caucasian shepherd images. black and white puppy images

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