Man Stumbled Upon Neglected One-Eyed Cat And Decided To Bring Him Home

It’s so sad that this world is still full of cruel, heartless people who find pleasure in abusing innocent, voiceless, sentient animals. Needless to say, not many victims could survive such horrible torment. They are either tortured to death or thrown out to fend for themselves on the streets in terrible conditions and then cross the Rainbow Bridge there.

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Bruiser, however, was a bit luckier than the majority. A kind animal control officer stumbled upon the poor cat several years ago and no one knew exactly what happened to him. He was abandoned and in really bad shape back then. Mutilated and infected ears, no teeth, severe injury in one eye while the other eye was removed and close up… It’s hard to even imagine how much pain he had been suffering.

Instagram, mybruisercat

Thankfully, Bruiser had met the right man. Both the officer and his wife were very fond of this incredibly strong cat, and they were determined to give him everything they could.

Besides the visible damages, Bruiser also had diabetes so his new parents had to take turns giving him injections of insulin every 12 hours, and that treatment lasted a few months.

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Instagram, mybruisercat

It seemed like Bruiser understood their affection and kindness somehow. After everything the pitiful cat had been through, it’s amazing that he could still love and trust humans that much. He was literally the sweetest cat they had ever met and they just couldn’t picture a life without that charming tabby boy.

Instagram, mybruisercat

Now that 6 years have passed, Bruiser is still the golden boy in his parents’ hearts. The ginger love bug is doing just fine in spite of some health issues and he’s still the same cuddling, fun-loving cat that they know and adore.

Instagram, mybruisercat

Bruiser is also a great buddy of their dog Jack and a caring big bro to their newly adopted calico Coco. Such a wonderful boy!

Instagram, mybruisercat

Let’s take a peek at this tough yet tender guy:

If you admire Bruiser like we do, please share his inspiring story with your loved ones!

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