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Adopted pets are the best pets you can have. Most adoptable pets come from loving homes that simply cannot care for them anymore. Or they are strays who’ve been on their own without the loving care they deserve. Josh Duhamel, American Actor

labrador puppy pics hd – dog skin cancer pictures

Sometimes, when a man is alone, that’s all you got is your dog. – Mickey Rourke

When an -pound mammal licks your tears away, and then tries to sit on your lap, it’s hard to feel sad. Kristan Higgins

leonberger puppy pictures – pitbull logo wallpaper

No one can truly understand the bond we form with the cats we love until they experience the loss of one. Unknown

I like cats a lot. I’ve always liked cats. They’re great company. When they eat, they always leave a little bit at the bottom of the bowl. A dog will polish the bowl, but a cat always leaves a little bit. It’s like an offering. – Christopher Walken

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On the one hand, I want to go off and live in the desert with my dog and sculpt things out of adobe. – Tom Ford

If entertainment years were dog years, man, I’d be like Gandhi. I’d be, like, 250 years old. – Justin Timberlake

puppy pics – cute animated puppy images

Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails. Max Eastman, American Author

Actually, my dog I think is the only person who consistently loves me all the time. – H. G. Bissinger

What I used to do between writing fits was feed my kids, ride my horse and go shopping for cat and dog food. – Anne McCaffrey

Indeed, there is nothing on this earth more peaceful than a sleeping, purring cat. Jonathon Scott Payne, American Author

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  • Jordana Schwartz: Please update us on the mom, I would love to know if you were able to catch, and spay her. Great job on the kitten rescues.
  • Andrea Franzén: RIP Nevaeh, I’m crying like the child 🙁But Hoorray for the safety of Tessa, Walldorf and Nugget 😀
  • Wise Coconut: I love May. Bless her for her concern and willingness to allow her home to be damaged to help the kitties!
  • Dwight Carlson: Is it possible to access the attic so that the hole can be covered where the kittens fell thru. Twice seems more than enough for one house.
    Great compassionate work as always.👍👍👍👍👍
  • Atrum Phasmatis: As always H4P did amazing but let’s not forget the landlord/tenants who allowed them to cut holes in the walls. So here’s to them 🎉
  • A MEN and his 7 kids: You guys are the reason I still have hope thank you from a cat dad who has seven cats and had to put my first cat down due to cancer it’s only been a month still hurts like hell just life I guess she got the best 14 years of her life we even throw a party a couple of months ago that’s for her rest in peace my mimi my OG my first ever cat
  • Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez: glad the landlord will fix the roof. And glad you knew the dynamics of the house and were able tops save both kittens. Thank you for fostering the trio Katie. You guys rock!
  • Ronald Bonte: Feeling a bit sad for the kitten that didn’t make it 🙁 but happy for the other 2 that did! all thanks to you guys <3
  • Love Reigns: This world would be such a poorer place without you guys. Thank you so much.🥰🐾🐾🐾🐾🥰 Iris
  • TornSparrow1974: HAPPY early BIRTHDAY, ELDAD!! You and your angels are very much appreciated for all of your hard work. Hugs!!! :o)
  • LavenderLilac: I remember the first rescue here. Maybe there should just be a small door made in the wall, so you could go in and rescue in the future.🤣 Great work, Hope For Paws crew.
  • Gildete Azevêdo: Já estava com saudades de vocês!
    O resgate finalmente deu certo!
    Esse bebezinho é muito lindo!
  • Elizabeth Bergeron: I hope you can catch momma eventually too. Roof definitely needs to be fixed so this doesn’t happen again R.I.P. Nevaeh 💚
  • C C: So glad you saved the kittens but unhappy that one of them didn’t make it. My heart goes out to that little soul. It’s amazing the dedication you have for saving these animals. You should be commended.
  • Elsa Pérez: Magnífica labor amigos 👍❣️ abrazos Desde Argentina 🇦🇷🇦🇷
  • C C: A big Thanks goes out to May for allowing Hope For Paws to cut through her walls. I know that’s not an easy decision but you have a big heart which allows you to care. Thank you so much.
  • Seily Matute: You guys are great and awesome people you guys work every day don’t give up!❤️✨
  • Brigitte Strong: The rescues you do, just incredible, sometime I hold my breath, and then I
    get very glad if all goes well for the animals, and of course for you too. Thank you Hope for Paws 🐾 ❤
  • Herdis Weins: By now Eldad must have a master’s degree in demolishing – and he’s training Loreta to do the same . Who should have thought such a beautiful and kind lady would make holes in peoples walls LOL .Thank god for the kind people who let you do this. And I’m sure the 3 little furdarlings soon will find a loving home, because you can resist them.
    It was nice to see the 3 of you again, missed that. Thank you for the good work you do, you make me proud and happy to donate every month.
  • Елена Матлах: Вы-Золото, благодарю Вас за Вашу миссию!
    Такие милые котята спасены!
    Хозяевам дома также благодарность!
  • G. S.: Thank you so much Mrs. Loreta, you an Mr. Eldad are so kind and friendly not only to all that beautifull animals you rescue🤩☘️💫
  • Michele Simpson: In the middle of a rescue mission myself. So far caught 14 and had them altered. More to go don’t know how many.
  • Elaine Culbert: Fabulous work, Eldad and staff … and thank you! 🇨🇦
  • Brad cobb: my 3rd donation, only 20€ but being a pensioner we have to think about our 3 rescue cats too. you guys are awesome.
  • Cheryl Lewis: It’s good to see you and Loretta in the field again! You guys do such amazing work! Love from Las Vegas!
  • Yvonne Murray: 2 comments….1. OMGosh…Bravo Loretta for crawling in that small space….amazing & fearless….but I thought you were scared of spiders 😉 2. Eldad!…I just couldn’t believe watching you reach in that hole & being able to grab that kitten and bring it out! Like magic!!!! Cried over the kitten that didn’t make it but overjoyed that HFP saved THREE kittens that day. Very proud of you!
  • Kate M: I’m glad you were able to help this fur family 💞
  • Denise Nelson: Its amazing how you guys are willing to do any thing to save animals❤
  • Suzanne Noel: You guys are my heroes in these uncertain times, especially given where you’re at.
  • Photosniper81: The one scene with the dog checking out the kitten at the vet brought back a memory of a lady I grew up beside who had the same dogs! Sadly the lady is no longer with us. 🙁
  • StarRocks: That was a great rescue! Nice work, Eldad! 😃
  • Marilyn Snider: You guys are amazing. Keep up the great work.
  • Wookie120: Aye, tis so sad that Neveah went to her Heavenly home early, but, I have no doubt she is happy, spunky and playing in the lap of our Lord Jesus! El Dad, a happy birthday to you and a heartfelt thanks for the many birthdays to come for the innocents You and Your standup team have saved! Loretta, Katie, thank you for your continued devotion to saving these innocents and also to the rest of you troopers who’s names I fail to remember but wish to honor. Well done! I salute you all!
  • 100k challenge with 0 videos🔔: “the tongue has on bones,but it is strono enough to break a heart”
    -wise words from a wise cat.
  • Beach Waves: You guys are awesome. Thanks for all you do for these vulnerable beautiful angels. 🙏🏽❤
  • Sofya Lizzy: Y’all are SO amazing. You make this world a better place! ❤
  • Antonio Diaz: Nice people. Life over material. Amazing rescue!!!🙏❤️
  • Sarah Destito: They are absolutely adorable and I’m also hoping y’all do catch the mom and get her fixed because they are too young not to have their mom 🥰🥰🥰🥰
  • Carlos Meis: Thanks You so much for your increíble work to save Cats and Dogs in the Streets. I LOVE You Guys!!!. God bless You!!.. My Hearts and support are with You!!. 👍💪👏😻😉💖🥰
  • Kelle-Anne: Fantastic rescue story! Well done & with care & kindness. 🥰 Beautiful little furbabies…hope they all get living & safe forever homes.😽
  • Dianne Bernau: Lovely to see Eldad and Loreta again. You have been missed. What an amazing rescue (both of them). Can’t believe you are back in the same home again!! Kudos to May for letting you damage her wall and for reporting the kittens to you. Sad that Nevaeh didn’t make it. I am sure her siblings will find furever homes soon – they are sooo cute!!!🥰🥰🥰Wishing you a very happy birthday, Eldad. Mine was last Saturday (the 4th). I hope you have a great day. So happy to support Hope 4 Paws each month. Take care and stay safe. With best wishes from Down Under 😘💕🐕🐱🇦🇺.
  • Jojobegood: 🐕🥰💞 merci beaucoup pour votre engagement, amitiés de 🇨🇭
  • Corrina Clark: Y’all are some awesome folks. So proud to say I am a HOPE FOR PAWS supporter!!!
  • Ayaz Khan: You guys are angels🥺 god bless you forever 💛 🤗
  • Myrddin Wyllt Emrys: I’m crying.
    This wonderful family and hope for paws.
    Thank you and Keep up the good work 💓🌸
  • Josephine Musumeci: Love you guys and everything you do for all the furbabies!!🥰❤😍🥰
  • Charlotte Issyvoo’s Sublime Mercies: I can’t wait to see the video when you rescue the mama. I’m disabled so I’ve had to put myself back into lockdown during Omicron. Early on in this lockdown, I binge watched all your videos. I’m so sad that I don’t have lots and lots more to watch.
  • Nancy Grissett: Thankyou for getting those babies to safety. I just love your foundation. God bless you all.
  • William Jackson: How remarkable. Same house 2nd time’s amazing these type of rescue that H4P’s can find these cute creatures. Thanks Loretta and Eldad and all the folks behind caring for God’s sweetness to life. .🐆🦊
  • DaisyLynn Kent: Great work as always. Such Precious little souls. 💟💟
  • Susan Smith: I’m so glad I contribute monthly to this amazing organization 👍👍💖🙏
  • Fatima Soria: You’re the light of the world and the only word from me to yours is thank you for to be like this. You make many happines to this world.
  • Sienisota: Thank you for helping the helpless ❤
  • ChonkerDoge: This is so wholesome ❤️ keep up the good work
  • -Insert that super long yet pretty cute name here-: You do a great job!! RIP to the poor little kitten who did not make it
  • Dee8Bee: Thank you, team! And a special thanks to that wonderful lady that let you destroy her wall! Maybe she can clear out that rubbish and put something that will cushion the fall, if it ever happens again. That dead kitty broke my heart. And maybe just install a removable panel that blend into the wall. So her wall doesn’t get destroyed again.
  • stan de: As usual, the miracles you do makes my day.
  • Sabrina Aubret: thank you for saving them 👏 and sharing the video 👍! they are absolutely adorable, gorgeous 🥰! please try to find them a forever lovely family 🤞💖! A+ 😋
  • Patricia Wigginton: I love you guys you do a great job I love Loretta’s shirt I would be proud to wear one thank you for all that you do
  • Marilyn Webb: Literally had me up to my screen looking for the kitten.
  • axiomist: I’m so sorry for the tiny kitten who died. These others dont know how lucky they are that there are people everywhere, donating so they can be rescued . =) Thanks again, you guys, for caring so much .
  • AniFam: It’s sooo lovely to see that they were rescued safely~👍
    Thank you for sharing this video~🤗
  • Maria Barradas: You people are Amazing, well done, I will continue to support your work so more innocent animals can be saved, thanks to you all.
  • Kelley Thaler: Congratulations 👏👏 u guys are awesome and I’m so proud to be a monthly donor
  • Julie Halligan: As always a wonderful video…. I love watching all the kittens
  • shannon w: Those little tiny faces were sooo sweet ☺️❤️
  • Ruthi makoff: wonderful work, really there are no words to describe the work of these fantastic people!!! Well done
  • Kerstin Ludwig: Mai was amazing for allowing this to happen.Good job 🙂
  • Tami Stone: Awesome recovery everyone! Did you ever catch the ferral mom and get her fixed?
  • Melody The Melanistic Wolf: Thank you Soo much for saving the kittens you guys are heroes
  • highpsi11: Wow – these little ones are so resilient! And Hope for Paws is so well prepared for these difficult situations!
  • Susan Knarr: I hope the home owner will close off all areas of places where the critters can get in. We had a young squirrel that fell between the wall from the attic. My son rescued it and released it. Haven’t had anything getting into the attic in a long time now.
  • wxclim8: So glad you saved those babies!
  • Esther Palin: Always amazing work – and shout out to the awesome lady May who let u cut holes in her wall 😃
  • Angel Heart Radio: I’m so proud of you all, and so grateful. Thank you for all you do, and the difference you’re making in the world. 🐾❤️🐾 Love and blessings, Anayah
  • Light and Symbols: The tenants were fantastic in calling in HFP to get these 2 kittens rescued so didn’t end up like their sibling, poor thing. Now thanks to all involved 3 happy healthy little kittens get a chance at a good life.
  • Jodie York: TY to all who are proactive, call, and care. Well done all!
  • Diane Takahashi: You guys did a wonderful job
    Thank you so much
  • Beverly Lumley: Great recovery, thank you
  • Donna T Law: The best 5 bucks a month. Thank you all for what you do!
  • Penny Dyer: I’ve heard that during these times many pets are being taken to shelters & they are somewhat overwhelmed. Do you have the means to do more shelter rescues?
  • Voya Ristika: I’m so sad for the baby who didn’t make it, but so thankful to PAWS for their heroic work and all the precious lives they save. I’ll keep donating so they can keep bringing us happy endings. Nugget looks so cute in the family photo. ❤
  • Yoshi Yorkshire: Poor puppy cats 😓😓😓😓🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 God bless you, thanks for RESCUE 🙏🏻💙🙏🏻💙🙏🏻💙🙏🏻💙🙏🏻💙🙏🏻💙🙏🏻💙🙏🏻💙 Hug from yorkie Yoshi, au au 🐾🐾🐾
  • Sesugawa Aruno: The more I watch your videos the more I love my dogs. I started watching you when I still had Sam(Samantha, A Shihtzu) and she’s gone now Sam died of complications due to old age. We had her for more than a decade but I digress… we got a new dog now. She’s called Moxie (A Golden Retriever). I’m saddened whenever I see animals not making it in your videos but that’s just a part of life. I’m very thankful to you and everyone else’ dedication.i wish you all the best Hope for Paws!
  • Kaylee Tyler: i get so excited when I receive notification from HFP, i wish you had the time to put more videos.
  • Sue: Homewreckers – LOL! We just need to make a little hole here. Next thing you know, it’s big enough for a person to crawl in! Your team is amazing. Thank you for the work you do!
  • ItsCrazy: Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen
    Keep up the good work, you never let your fans down with great entertainment 😎
  • Amanda H: Aww, they’re so cute! You guys do such amazing work and it’s always so nice of people to let you put holes in their house 🙂
  • Ralf Gockel: Awesome rescue again, but as a European with solid concrete stone walls it is really interesting to see what’s always behind your funny dry walls!
    Maybe you might wanne check the possible entrance to that spot and close it, otherwise chances are high, that we see you destroy those funny dry walls a third or fourth time.
    Take care.
  • SleepingDog25: 5:32 Rest in Peace Nevaeh. Tears on my eyes dropped down to the ground. 🙏🙏🙏❤❤
  • Leslie Meeks: Great job!!! 🌷😊🌷
  • That Lazy Girl: I hope she will do something to prevent this for happening a third time.
  • Antonius Rono: Rest in peace Nevaeh. I’m glad the Nugget has been adopted and hopefully Tessa and Walldorf get adopted too soon
  • Artsy_Skies: rest in peace Neveah <3 I love how her name is Heaven spelled backwards, she’ll be in pet heavan w/ all her animal friends. That’s so sweet 😭💗
  • K McCoy: This three looked like siblings! Blessings and Peace ✝️❤️
  • M S: RIP Nevaeh😿💞!
    So happy the other kittens were saved and are well, including Nugget, the McDonald’s kitten!
    I do wish mama could have been reunited with her kittens, at least to know they are all right!
  • Dhaval Shukla: May is super sweet. She’s so nice! Respect to you May!
  • David Perez: Unbelievable..omg you are amazing thank you so much NYC one ❤
  • Avery Piwi: Amazing, did you guys managed to get the mom too ? 😀
  • Lise Burgess: Thanks for saving this beautiful kitten!!! ❤️❤️😻😻😻

What I used to do between writing fits was feed my kids, ride my horse and go shopping for cat and dog food. – Anne McCaffrey

Indeed, there is nothing on this earth more peaceful than a sleeping, purring cat. Jonathon Scott Payne, American Author

I use Facebook, but I find that I’m… if I put up a picture of my dog there or a sunset or something, I get a million hits. If I mention anything to do with my career, three people respond. And/or if I say anything political, I have to duck afterwards. I try to be selective. – Michael McDonald

Yes, it will go through the disciplines that all puppies go through including house training and puppy walking, then at twelve month old it the training becomes a lot more rigorous which has to be done carefully otherwise you are in danger of stressing the dog. – David Blunkett

Now, with Annie gone, I’m looking for a new dog. I have a lot of duck hunting planned, and I can’t imagine doing it without a dog. I’m 84, so I won’t get a puppy. – Bud Grant

Pets, like their owners, tend to expand a little over the Christmas period. Frances Wright

Dog skin cancer pictures. pitbull logo wallpaper. christmas puppy pics. cute animated puppy images. labrador puppy pics hd. leonberger puppy pictures. pictures of miniature labradoodles. dog easter wallpaper

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