Corgi Has A Heart-shaped Nose That Loves Hugging And Kissing All The Dogs I Meet

Animals treat each other better than people some times.

Loving Corgi Hugs Every Dog He Meets On His Walks.

This adorable little puppy is an affectionate soul who wears his heart on his sleeves – or his nose, more accurately!

Wallace understands that times are tough, and the loving corgi knows how to make things better — with a big hug.

Noah Raminick, Wallace always makes Raminick stop whenever they meet another pup so that he can give them a big hug.

The loving boy is really excited about playing with new doggie friends and will never let them go without giving them a big hug, literally.

Dogs show affection in many ways. They have emotions.

Wallace also deserves to be called a good boy.

He’s the biggest sweetheart, He’s always very happy to be around people and other dogs. He loves to give face kisses to people and when he sees another dog, he’s always the one to initiate a play session.

Wallace is also a polite dog. He won’t go in for the hug until he sniffs out whether the other dog is OK with it first.

Wallace also has the cutest little facial feature; very fittingly, the loving pup’s nose is shaped just like a little heart.

Watching Wallace hug and play with other pups and watch him spread happiness wherever he goes.

The thing I find interesting with his hugging is that he wasn’t trained to do that at all. Raminick said. I think it comes down to him really excited about playing with another dog.

Wallace just wants everyone to have a good time, and he’s great at reading other dogs’ social cues.

Wallace’s family is happy for their pup to continue spreading the love to the dogs and people in his neighborhood.

Perhaps we could all learn something from this adorable dog. We may not have a nose that is shaped like a heart, but we certainly can spread joy to others when we meet them.

The little corgi couldn’t ask for a better family and is always provoding their shared home with an atmosphere of love and excitement.

Such a sweet little guy!! Corgis are very affectionate!!!

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