cute backgrounds of puppies – puppy christmas background

Dog and man photo. kangal dog photo. cute backgrounds of puppies. pictures of gray and white kittens. puppy christmas background. puppy mill photos. cavapoo pics. poodle dog wallpaper

As a very small boy, my passion was nature, and I had pets – cats, a dog and a bunny rabbit – and I wrote a very small book called ‘My Pets,’ filled with their photographs and a discussion about my pets and how much I loved them… That was my first book. – Tony Buzan

puppy christmas background – dog and man photo

No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you feel rich. Louis Sabin, American Author

My greatest weakness is… my dog. – Ashley Roberts

puppy mill photos – kangal dog photo

I am around people I love to be with all day; I’m not lonely. The simplest, happiest pleasure is being on my couch with my dog, Neville. Nothing is more comforting or soothing. – Marc Jacobs

What has happened to architecture since the second world war that the only passers-by who can contemplate it without pain are those equipped with a white stick and a dog? – Bernard Levin

pictures of collies – cute backgrounds of puppies

It was so cold today that I saw a dog chasing a cat, and the dog was walking. – Mickey Rivers

I am not a cat man, but a dog man, and all felines can tell this at a glance – a sharp, vindictive glance. – James Thurber

mother cat and kittens pictures – pictures of gray and white kittens

I stagger out of bed, take the dogs outside, and then I’ll get a Diet Coke and a couple of dog biscuits and go upstairs. By the time I’ve consumed my Diet Coke and had a quick run through the morning email and Twitter feed, I will probably be compos mentis enough to work. – Diana Gabaldon

I have my dog Cooper, who is a Maltese, and he hears me singing a lot around the house. I took him on the road for radio promo. He is just a cool little chilled dude and comes everywhere with me. He is all stamped and approved and international. – Ashley Roberts

There is a movie called ‘My Dog Skip,’ starring my ‘Outsiders’ costar Diane Lane. I do not recommend it. If you have a child, particularly one about to leave home, watching this film is to be emotionally waterboarded. – Rob Lowe

I’ve traveled all over. I’ve been to all 50 states. With my dad in the Navy, I lived in the Philippines from nine to 12, and I had dog, monkey, lizard, everything. Then I was in Hawaii, and I’m spear-fishing, catching octopus with my hands. – Graham Elliot

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  • FacheChanteDeux: I had a husky, they are such Houdini escape artists. He was probably dumped, but many had homes. Microchipping should be legally mandatory. He is gorgeous,
  • Roxan S: Not surprised he got adopted right away.This dog is gorgeous and he is great with people. Once again, thank you HFP 💜
  • Zarin Gonda: He’s such a gorgeous and sweetempered fur baby. Like most animals he doesn’t seem to mind his slight deformity. The vital thing is, he’s got a loving home!
  • Molektra McGuigan: Our 7 year old was born with a similar deformity as a puppy. We were lucky to find a surgeon that was able to semi correct and realign the leg so as he grew the bone would grow in the right position. The leg is still shorter but it’s straight and he wears a brace for his walks . All other vets we saw said we had to amputate. We adopted him because we knew he wouldn’t be picked. Yay for Smitty!! What a happy guy!
  • Rich Myklebust: Amazing how animals adapt. He probably doesn’t even know that his leg is unusual. Gorgeous pup!
  • William Jackson: WHAT a special dog. So loving,, so playful. His deformed leg doesn’t stop him at all. No wonder he adopted so,quickly. Thanks H4P’s and the good samaritans who found,him. ♥️🐕🐕🐕
  • Baskerville Bee: What happy, good boy! Thank you for finding him the right home.
  • juleehalli: He is a beautiful and very friendly dog, glad he got a good home
  • Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez: Thank you for saving Smitty! So glad the kind people saved him off the street until Joann could get him. So glad he got a great forever home! you guys rock!
  • L Barnhill: What a tough guy! He never stops smiling!
  • Donna McManus: So glad he learned to navigate with his condition & landed the perfect home!
  • Michelle Bilodeau: It is easy to see how he does use that leg for balance. Thrilled to see that he got a happy home. What a great rescue and ending. Keep up the good work girls!
  • Lawrence Forman: I knew this doggy is disabling. But he’s very brave to walk normal like everyone’s else.Smitty have nice family. He enjoy to play with his buddy. Smitty love to lick people’s faces!!! Great support to the Hope For Paws!!! 🐶🐾🐾🐾
  • Nancy M: What a beautiful dog, such a good soul, he’s not bad looking either.
  • Misty Mooshroom: Thank you for making a difference!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Bucket List Retreats: What a beautiful rescue! The best. Hugs and love to all involved especially his new family.
  • Elixoxana: What a beautiful boy😍 I’ve actually came across this condition with a dog that comes to the kennels I work at. Like Smitty she was born with radial agenesis in her front left leg, but it doesn’t stop her bouncing around and having fun with other dogs! Just thought I’d share that with you😊 As always thank you for everything you do HFP❤
  • big bb: So happy for smitty❤️❤️❤️
  • Vamp: Im so glad the people found him and called u , because of all of the team work in community this happens 💜if only everyone was good no animal would suffer
  • Herbert A: Even with a deformation he is so happy. Dogs teach us so many things. Hope u live long smitty 😍🤩
  • Heather Wicker: Go Smitty! You live your best life buddy! Rock on! Great job!
  • Ty Harman: Joanne is the Queen of rescues. I admire you so much!
  • Thu Lekovish: Smitty is happy, friendly and gorgeous! I’m glad that HFP has rescued him and found him a perfect loving home. I’ve learned something new today from Smitty: his front leg condition is called Radial Agenesis. Smitty may be a good candidate for a prosthetic leg if his dad decides to check it out at Derrick Campana, The Wizard of Paws. What a boy you are, Smitty, have a great life! Great work, HFP, thank you.
  • Mama Ames: What a MAGNIFICENT boy! My heart is filled w/joy knowing he’s not in pain & now has a forever home where he’ll never go hungry, where he has a soft warm place to lay his head & above all, where he is & will be safe, happy & loved, unconditionally, forever. God bless his new Forever Dad. And as always, God bless you HFP for rescuing this beautiful, loving pup.💕🙏💕
  • Olga Nagaitseva: Очень рада, что Хвосту нашли дом, и мне кажется что ему комфортно и с такой лапкой, если это конечно с рождения, главное что он в добрых руках, спасибо за перевод в комментариях, так мне легче ориентироваться
  • Bree: He’s a big lovebug! Glad he got rescued and into a home with a fursibling to play with.
  • Sherrill Orpen: Thank you once more to Hope For Paws for rescuing this beautiful boy. I am so happy you found him an experienced home with guardians who already have a Husky – Smitty is now part of a pack of 2! And it’s wonderful that he uses and gets to keep his front leg. No disability there; he’s just different. ❤
  • Valdineia Martins de Souza: Tadinho 🤔 mais que bom que tem pessoas boas que amam os animais. Parabéns 👏👏
  • Irene: What a beautiful boy! Another wonderful rescue, HFP, as usual!! Love you guys💕🐾💕🐾
  • Mrs De Vine: best of the best for Smitty in his new furever home! Thank you Benjamin ! Thank you to the nice people who knew to call the experts, Thank you Hope for Paws !
  • Shikha Prasad: Thank you HFP and Benjamin for giving Smitty a good life ❤️
    He is such a beautiful and lovable dog 😘😘
  • Maria Barradas: Another save, thanks for giving these pups a new chance, I will always support HFP, good job.
  • Deborrah Shiffer: Smitty is a beautiful Siberian husky 🐕🐾 & his leg makes him very unique, have had 3 legged dog before & he got around just fine. Keep up the great rescues, so glad that he has a home now.
  • SakiToby: Benjamin looks like the perfect dude for Smitty! WIN WIN WIN! So happy. Much love and thank you to Benjamin, Joann & all HFP!! Yay! 💚
  • Squishy Bear: Thank you to the kids who secured him!!!
  • Sabi: Smitty is a real beauty, thank you for helping him❤️
  • Dwight Carlson: Despite his handicap, he is an amazingly happy dog. So happy he has a wonderful new owner/dad.👍👍👍😎
  • Elizabeth McGovern: WOW…. what a beautiful and gentle dog Smitty is and he looks so happy and settled in his forever home. It’s great to see that there are good Samaritan’s out there, the fact that these people secured him and stopped him getting injured or killed. Well done everyone for saving Smitty. love and light always.x
  • Adrian Fernando Noya: Smitty is a lovely and friendly dog. I LOVE IT.
  • Swag Krish: Love the work you do to save animals keep it up you people will change ethe world on day 👍👍👍👍
  • John Holliday: Survivors. Smitty just needed a good loving home and everything would be alright. Thanks for all you do.
  • Patricia Smith: You do a great job of rescuing,rehabilitating and following up with the animals in your videos. Thanks for letting us know their outcome!!!
  • Debbie Schultz: What a beautiful dog Smitty is. I didn’t think he would have a problem finding a home. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏
  • LeesaDeAndrea: What a happy, jolly dog!
  • Pavloz Kapeliz: Both thumbs up for Benjamin and Smitty!! Wish you the best for every day that has to come dudes!! 👍👍💖💖
    P.S.: H4P…your rescues are countless…💖💖
  • Eyes up: Smutty is a great name for him. Thank you for what you do 💕
  • Kay Henry: Gorgeous dog! Thanks to everyone who helped him.
  • xxx 000: Absolutely beautiful dog! How could someone abandon him. So glad he has a good home with people who love him!
  • Valéria Ruegg: Incrível!!! 👏👏👏❤🐶
  • kassi warcraft: Let’s raise that money for these animals!!
  • StarRocks: Another day, another wholesome HFP rescue! Great work to everyone! 😃
  • Michael Rocker: I had a hard time telling who was cuter. Smitty or JoAnn. I am so glad he found a home with someone who took him as he was. The look on JoAnn’s face when Smitty shook himself out was priceless. I there will be more and intensely longer videos in the future. Love you guys and what you are doing.
  • Amanda H: Aww, he’s so cute and friendly. Such an odd birth defect but it’s amazing to see how he’s adapted to it. It’s wonderful he found such a perfect home.
  • Never.Stop.Fighting.: This husky is such a beauty! ❤️
  • Byzantine Ladybug: Aww what a precious dog! ❤️🐾. So glad he found a forever home and is safe and loved 🥰🐾
  • carol b: never heard of that kind of deformity before. Just glad he’s got a forever home
  • mimzy: No wonder Benjamin falled in love immediatly with this cuddlebug! 😍 Thanks HFP giving him the Chance for a wonderful life with his BFF!!
    I never miss the small money I can donate!!
  • Marge Lim: I love watching this gorgeous pup, so friendly and lovable, thank you Hope for Paws and Team, and the guys who take care before the rescue
  • April Thompson: That lady is a perfect rescuer !👏💕👏
  • Diane Takahashi: Eu desejo a esse bebê e a sua família muitas felicidades
  • Lou J2020 J: That pup is beautiful! I am so happy he found a loving forever home 🙏🏼♥️
  • Mike YQR: What a sweet dog! Thank you Hope For Paws, for *everything* you do! 👍
  • Susan Mulvey: Can’t they operate and put a bone substitute in his leg! Beautiful dog!! Sooo fluffy! 🐶🥰
  • Ms. Rose – The Au(O)racle: I love Smitty’s demeanor. Such a loving furbaby. 😍❤❤❤
  • Jose Lopez: Hope for paws….does an amazing rescues EVERY!!! SINGLE!!! DAY!!! 365 DAYS. My RESPECT for all of the team. Especially to all doctors involved for being part of hope for paws group. YAY Smitty have a new home…you go boy, that’s what sup. Thank you.❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰
  • shadowhund: He smiled all the way through the whole video 😀
  • Karen Stafford: Thank you so much for saving this sweet dog. He is absolutely gorgeous.
  • Cathy Scott: He’s a beautiful boy!!❤ so happy he found his forever home!
  • Teresa S: What a sweet, gorgeous boy! I’m glad he wasn’t in pain. ❤
  • DipityS: Pupper is so full of fun and love and joy – thank you so much for saving his you wonderful people 😊
  • L C: What an absolute love! I’m glad he found a furever loving home.
  • Ravenous Ruby: YAY!!! Another happy story!
    Thanks, Joann!
  • LadyMaltese: Joanne is an AMAZING animal rescue person!! I mean to say ALL the Hope for Paws team are wonderful. Keep up the good work.
  • Digester 24: JoAnn, you are a superstar. Thank you and your team members for the best display of kindness and care in the battle to find homes for all our furry friends.
  • staisha988: Thank you HforP for rescueing Smitty, and Bless you Mr Benjamin for adopting him!!! Much respect for you guys from Arizona 👍👍💗🐶😅
  • Lt Reese96: Smitty, now Tyr on the tag, what a wonderful guy you are! Thank you, Hope for Paws, for helping him find his forever home and his loving person.
  • Buchi Klop: As someone who is very squeamish, seeing the dog’s leg like that immediately made wince.
  • Mike C: He got a husky sibling he can play rough with! Glad for him! Thanks Benjamin for taking this special boy. His sibling must be thrilled to have him!!
  • Hena Imtiyaz: I’m always fascinated by all your rescue stories. I pray you guys keep rescuing and creating more success stories. Love you guys🙏❤️
  • Adrienne Cloeter: I’m a bit surprised you thought the leg was broken. Seeing him, my first thought was birth defect, mostly due to how short the leg was, but also the odd angle and how he didn’t seem to be in pain. But maybe I’ve just watched enough Wizard of Paws to start recognizing these things.
  • Charlotte Issyvoo’s Sublime Mercies: He’s so happy! I love how he uses his leg too, almost like a second tail.
  • A. W. Thompson: Great job, all, giving Smitty a happy life!
  • betty cogswell: So happy for him. He is beautiful. Thank you HFP..😊
  • Marcia Kraus: Is there anything medically that can be done for him like an implant?
  • ProudCanadian: @Hopeforpaws What a heartwarming story ♥♥. I really needed to see this today you guys . . . Iris, my chihuahua is not doing well 😪 and I needed a reason to smile today. Thank you to you guys at HFP for being the animal’s Guardian Angels, you really are !!!
  • Betty McAlpin: Yeah Joann!!!!! beautiful rescue ❤
  • Sabrina Aubret: he is so cute 🥰! he seems like a white wolf, I love that 😍! thank you to the man who adopted him 👍! continue to make a great job to rescue these injured and abandoned animals 👏! A+ 😋
  • cynthia hernandez: Thank you for the amazing job your organization do for the fur babies. 🙏🙏🙏💜💜💜
  • Laura T: It looks like Smitty found the perfect Husky (mix) home w/Benjamin. Nice looking house & yard, too! I wonder if Smitty could use some sort of leg brace, splint or prosthetic to help straighten or stabilize his leg, if this would help his balance? No idea, just a thought, but as long as he’s not in any pain. Nevertheless, he’s a beautiful dog! And thanks as always to the kind people who saved this obviously happy & sweet guy from the streets.🐺
  • Linda Vaillancourt: Thank you and many blessings for helping needy animals!
  • Virginia Waters: So happy this beautiful fur baby has a great home, sweet sibling, and kind dad! What could be better!
  • shannon w: Benjamin is a very lucky man to have such a sweet, beautiful boy ☺️❤️
  • chrisnine11: He’s beautiful! Looks like he’s going to have a great life getting lots of love in his new home.
  • Steve Lehman: Poor precious furbaby. Abandoned with a birth defect. Thank you for saving him. Smutty is happy and playing. Now awaits a forever home filled with love.
  • JL: So great this sweet dog found his perfect owner. Thank you for saving him.
  • Phoebe Cassandra: What a beautiful boy and what an interesting condition, I’ve never heard of it before! I was confused at the moment the subtitles said you chose not to amputate his leg, but then I saw that he uses it for balance! That’s so cool! I’m so happy he has his forever home, he’s such a beautiful boy 😍
  • Loba: He’s SO BEAUTIFUL! I love those golden eyes! Not surprising he was adopted so fast… He’s such a sweet boy!
  • maria norine: Kudos to his new owners. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Not everyone would take in a special needs boy. Happy ending!!!😍😍😍
  • Earl Pettey: Uninjured, beautiful pup gets immediately adopted into a perfect home. Great video to come home to after a rough Friday at work.

There is a movie called ‘My Dog Skip,’ starring my ‘Outsiders’ costar Diane Lane. I do not recommend it. If you have a child, particularly one about to leave home, watching this film is to be emotionally waterboarded. – Rob Lowe

I’ve traveled all over. I’ve been to all 50 states. With my dad in the Navy, I lived in the Philippines from nine to 12, and I had dog, monkey, lizard, everything. Then I was in Hawaii, and I’m spear-fishing, catching octopus with my hands. – Graham Elliot

My thing has always been, I’ve never been very open and vulnerable with people, so the minute I got this dog, everything changed. It just opened me up and made me more loving… It’s all because of him… He’s made me a better person… I can tell people what I feel now. I can cry in front of people sometimes. – Lisa Lampanelli

In modern war… you will die like a dog for no good reason. – Ernest Hemingway

No babies for me until I’m in my 30s! I’m focused on my career right now. I can’t even take care of my dog. – Chanel Iman

If you hold a cat by the tail you learn things you cannot learn any other way. Mark Twain

Dog and man photo. kangal dog photo. cute backgrounds of puppies. pictures of gray and white kittens. puppy christmas background. puppy mill photos. cavapoo pics. poodle dog wallpaper

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