Doberman Pinscher Named Ruby Adopts An ‘’ Kitten And Her Newborn Babies

The story of Doberman Pinscher taking care of an ‘abandoned’ kitten with his babies.

A mother’s love knows no bounds and this Doberman mother proves it applies to any creature.

Doberman Pinschers do not have a warm reputation and in popular culture Dobermans are often portrayed as very strong and even ferocious.

One week after giving birth to a litter of six puppies last month, Ruby received and cared for another ‘’ newborn kitten that she considers her own.

Ruby’s owner Brittany Callan and her family have 14 Dobermans on their farm, including 6 recently born Ruby puppies.

Ruby Mom will even hold her new born baby in her mouth, she always protects the kitten from its kind siblings.

Ruby with Rose and other litter of puppies.

A kitten named ‘Ramblin’ Rose’ was found by Callan in the grass. When he saw the lost kitten, Callan immediately thought of Ruby, who had just had children. She brought the kitten home in the hope that Ruby’s maternal ‘instinct’ would emerge and then accept and care for the kitten.

So sweet Ruby licked Rose as if she were the cat’s mother.

This shows how loving and kind dogs can be when it comes to taking care of kittens and puppies at the same time.

Rose now has a good life with Ruby and her children.

Ruby even carried her baby around the house in her mouth. They also huddled together and slept together like a small family.

Excited, Callan posted photos of Ruby and Rose’s first meeting on Facebook, where she wrote, “Really can’t get over how well Ruby has treated this kitten.”

Talking about the cat’s name, Callan said that it was her cousin who named it in memory of her late father.

Callan, currently taking care of a total of 18 dogs, including 6 Dobermans, she is also surprised and happy that Ruby and Rose’s story is going viral.

These are two completely different species that have come together. Just something really heartwarming.

Love should not care about differences. We can learn a lot from animals like Ruby.

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Source: Brittany Callan

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