dog barking wallpaper – puppy dog wallpaper

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I may be boring, but it would be to wake up by my dog and then my daughter. – Izabella Scorupco

puppy dog wallpaper – puppy dog wallpaper hd

Over the years I’ve come to appreciate how animals enter our lives prepared to teach and far from being burdened by an inability to speak they have many different ways to communicate. It is up to us to listen more than hear, to look into more than past. Nick Trout, British-Born Veterinarian and Author

A dog…is a bond between strangers. John Steinbeck, American Author

husky growth pictures – cat and dog cute wallpaper

Ever wonder where you’d end up if you took your dog for a walk and never once pulled back on the leash? Robert Breault

A lizard is a perfect pet for a model. They only need feeding once a fortnight. And I’m always travelling, so it’s perfect. If I had a dog, it would drop dead of starvation. – Abbey Lee Kershaw

photo pug – dog barking wallpaper

I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior. Hippolyte Taine

Quarreling over food and drink, having neither scruples nor shame, not knowing right from wrong, not trying to avoid death or injury, not fearful of greater strength or of greater numbers, greedily aware only of food and drink – such is the bravery of the dog and boar. – Xun Kuang

i love dogs wallpaper – show me pictures of teacup puppies

The dog and the rabbit are telling us not to chase unattainable material goals. – Kit Williams

If you want a friend, buy a dog. – Kevin O’Leary

The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs. Charles de Gaulle

The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth will ever be. Konrad Lorenz

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  • Marjorie Preston: She’s so right… She was kind to the dog owner, and as a result, he surrendered the dogs. Wish more people understood in this divided world that you cannot persuade anyone with judgment and anger.
  • revolution691: When the man said “don’t be scared of her” means that he cares about his dogs. By the looks of his property in itself he might not be getting enough money to give to his poor animals. Another tell he was a man with a good heart is that his dogs didn’t look scared or try to bite at him when he handled them. Animals don’t lie about their feelings! I hope they do well in their life just like these dogs
  • Been there done that!: This man is obviously saving these dogs from the street. He did his best, and God put you all in the right place.
    I feel, even the narrative here, isn’t properly put, he saved them, and you tagged in and saved him. He looked like he was struggling himself, probably feeding those dogs was a burden to him, yet he tried. The kindness of the human heart is far beyond what we give it credit for, and I’m so happy for these poor pups, and that people have resources to care for them, but never forget how big his heart must have been to have nothing and yet take so many dogs in!
  • Renee Jett: That’s why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The poor guy barely had enough to keep himself alive, much less the dogs, but he couldn’t find it in himself to turn them loose on the street.This lady treated him with the kindness he deserved, and because of that, he felt safe enough to give the other two up, even though it probably broke his heart.

    I hope he knows they’re all healthy and happy because of him reaching out for help.

  • kdkseven: That was a great, important point when she said “sometimes we nee to ask for help when we get underwater when we have too many dogs”. A situation with pets can get out of hand so quickly, even if we have the best of intentions. We get older, our financial situation changes, mental health issues– the most important thing is to treat people with dignity and respect. And of course make sure those animal friends get taken care of!
  • Italianfatman: This woman had a point that you don’t get anywhere with aggression. I will definitely try to remember that. That’s my inspiration for the day and I hope that woman has a good rest of her life!
  • Lucie Marinov: I’m so happy she took all the dogs too and even gave the man $40.00 . That was so nice to help him out a little. I’m so glad all the dogs found home, including the mommy. These beautiful stories of kind people rescuing abused animals really lifts my spirit in the midst of all the sadness and cruelty in the world ! Thank u for sharing these stories with us!
  • eatmyballz: I’m so happy that the owner knew the right thing to do, it’s obvious that he cared for them but was too poor
  • Nikki: I love how this lady has compassion for both animals and humans. That’s a truly compassionate person, unlike many of you animal lovers. 😣
  • Shrimpy boi: I admire that women because the man was like “oh no your not getting *my dog* ” but then she was like “well *your dog* isn’t being feed well being looked after, and I’m going to provide her with that and so much more” She is one of those people who address issues and find solutions for those issues.
  • Shoot ‘N Scoot: I love the way that this channel is just as compassionate towards the people that are in over their heads and recognize that giving their animals up might be what’s best for them as the rescued animals themselves. You never know what someone has been through.
  • Skinny Noodle: Everyone be hating on the guy. He was nice, he was obviously in a tough situation but did care about his dogs. He was attached to the mother, but when he realised she had the opportunity to have a great life, he allowed it and let them take her.
  • Doc Greezy: “If I was rude I wouldn’t have gotten that end result”
    Yessssss lady!! 👏👏👏
    We need soo much more of this in people
  • Olia Shylo: Whenever I have a bad day or super bad mood – I watch these videos.
    Nothing is more inspiring than watching animals getting families and better life.
    Kindness saves the world.
  • adma8D: I was so happy when she said “we didn’t leave any dogs behind” 😭 I really thought they were gonna leave that last dog behind
  • Kiara tulei: This makes me want to cry:( the ending is so beautiful and its the life that they always deserved. To go from being chained up & sleeping in the cold concrete to having a loving home and family. Beautiful story ❤️
  • Loki: I can see how he actually loves the dogs and is trying to save them. The thing is, he couldn’t take care of himself and he was trying to take care of the dogs, which I am sure they were kind of his source of happiness too. So surrendering them must not have been easy, but he knew he needed to do that for them to be healthy
  • HellFire: So many people would just yell at the guy which would lead to nothing. This lady is so precious.
  • Cbrown2021: As a person who loves nature but has no friends or family I feel for this man I hope he can get in a financially better place and maybe one day he could not just look after himself but maybe have a pet too
  • mickjen: I’m so glad he wasn’t defensive or angry. He knew they needed more than he could manage. Some people cannot understand how anxiety or shame can completely paralyze you from doing the right thing.
  • Julie W.: Thanks for rescuing those dogs, which reminds us that we have “humans” who also need to be lifted up and loved.
  • C Marq: So happy to see all of them in happy families. Crying with joy …And I really feel the former owner was a good man, that was trying to help.

    ( he seemed he could use a little help as well. 😞)

  • Mary Rose Culas: Oh My !!!! Thank you for rescuing these doggies. The owner, seems like a nice person, from his voice.Thanks to all, who adopted the doggies and may you be blessed, in all you do.

    To the great rescue team, another good day,
    came by. Lucky doggies, are now showered, with love, care and food.

    Be blessed, all animal lover’s.

  • Danusha Forknneer: That man has a good heart. So happy he gave you the dogs. ❤️
  • Night Leaf: You can just tell the guy didn’t make the dogs suffer on purpose. He was attached to the mom dog, to the point he didn’t want to give her up. And yet, when he heard she could get vaccinated, and just a better life, he let her go. I’m so glad the woman treated him nicely
  • Dj Samples: A special thanks should be given to the man that surrendered the babies! It’s hard to understand how these babies could wind up in a situation like this but he at least let the babies go with the nice ladies to be and get the love that they deserve! Thank you sir! Thanks to the rescuers as well ❤️
  • Dolorita Samuels: Thank goodness he let you take the dogs, they definitely needed to be rescued from a life of despair. AM extremely happy you found them permanent homes!! Thank you for the work you do in assisting animals in their time of need.
  • Iamalady: This melts my heart. Thank you so much! Once I own a home, I want to become a foster mommy.
  • Tina Windham: I thought I could watch this but I can’t. Thank you for going above and beyond for these babies!
  • Captive Cat: I’m grateful that the original owner was able to acknowledge that he wasn’t caring for the dogs adequately so they needed to go. I don’t think he was sadistic, I think he just didn’t know what he was doing.
  • Terrie Spock: Thank you for saving them and finding them their forever loving homes.
  • Brandon James: God bless you guys, thank you for saving these amazing animals.
  • Open Eyed: She treated that man respectfully not judging not “chewing him out.” Her goal was to save those doggies.
  • Guinevere O’Riley: It is so beautiful that the rescuer convinced him by being respectful and seeing the good in the owner. I truly hope he is no longer struggling himself, earning a huge amount and I hope he also knows that all of his dogs are doing better now.
  • NBG Aflow: 🥺so wholesome, i love when i see the good in the world. bless ur heart lady
  • Misty Hammonds: Thank you for all the work and help you provide for all these precious babies. God Bless You and everyone involved in the rescue and safety of these babies that were put in situations they did not ask for.
  • Michelle Palmer: You had a gentle and understanding approach. That’s the best thing to do in order to offer help and education. Very heart warming Great job!
  • Piere B: the dogs were comfortable with strangers so he was not malicious or cruel.
    He just didnt know how to get help or expect that anyone would be pleased to take them freely.great story,great dogs,great work.
  • Samantha Barrineau: I love these rescue videos 🙂 it brings a big smile on my face
  • SillhouetteSonata: That guy did the right thing by relinquishing them to loving homes ❤️
  • Shugal333: Thank you we need more people fostering and rescuing abused and neglected animals,after the pandemic I’ve noticed an incredible decline in rescue groups in my area,we need to keep it going and the dodo reinforces my faith that it will
  • lei zhang: Thank you, amazing people! You guys are saving the world everyday, replacing hatred by love , tons of thanks!!!
  • Sarah Tonen: some people are so full of love they can only give love. this woman is a hero
  • elenafoley Foley: God love the poor man 💔 he did his best with what little he had. Thank God that lady and rescue team came along when they did, all beautiful dogs 🐕🐕🐕 Delighted they are in loving homes now with all the food and comfort they need 🧡🧡🧡
  • Debby DEBORA: Grazie a tutte le persone che dedicano la vita a questi innocenti animali grazie a chiunque abbia fatto anche una piccola cosa per gli animali grazie di cuore ❤per esistere
  • Angela Finley: Thank you so much for saving them all!
  • Brigitte Strong: This video just made my day. Thank you for your kind work. ❤
  • Leticia Milan: She was very respectful to that man. I appreciate that. He did the right thing and he will be rewarded for it.
  • Julie W.: Thank you for rescuing those dogs; that reminds us that we have “humans” who also need someone to lifted up and loved.
  • mimi Orman: Great story. Keep up
    The good work. You won my heart 🐶❤️
  • Suzanne Bolt: I cried all the way through, bless you beautiful angels for saving theses lovely 🐕
  • Bernard Barroga: You guys are amazing!! More power to all of you!👍🏼👍🏼
  • Skeleton in your body: He probably saved them of the street but is too poor to take care of them. You could see he loved them but couldn’t afford proper life for them so he was okay with giving them away in that purpose.
  • Pamela Grantham: Thank you Karla & your pack for
    saving this Mama & all the others. And the way you did it made all the difference.
  • haunted places: Thank you for what you did really love you 😟❤️ and the people who really helped you hopefully they don’t let them go so grateful for your kindness ❤️🙏
  • PinkTulipWoman: What a beautiful outcome I am so very happy to see this; you made my day ❤️
  • Azalea Blue: Great job. Well done. Much love to you all.
  • Kara H: We would feel so differently about the man had she not described him kindly. Now we have compassion for him instead of anger. I wish humanity was more like this, as it’s up to us to choose the narrative.
  • Gwen Fisher: Always does my heart good to see these videos!!! Amazing people and amazing animals!!!
  • sportscards4sale: Your so amazing I can tell you truly care about all animals we need more people like you
  • Juneday arts: i teared up during this, it was so sweet, and im so happy to see an amazing ending for these pups!!
  • Susan MinhTrang Nguyen: My face hurts so much from crying then smiling so hard! I don’t know this woman but I absolutely love her 😭😭😊😊
  • STEPHANIE MOORE: What makes me the happiest, is how kind everyone here is. Understanding that not everyone is cruel or intentionally hurting their dogs. Kindness works best.
  • sara gonzalez: I was so happy that all these beautiful dogs found amazing homes ♡
  • Fire Queen78: Bless you lady. Thank you thank you thank you for being so emotionally intelligent when it mattered most. Look how many lives you have changed 🙏❤️💐
  • Infi nity: Wow thank you for your lovely hearts… Saving those poor babies.. 😊 I always love happy endings… 😍 👍
  • Phyllis Castro: You’re an angel 😇 thank you for your love and kindness. Now they are living their lives like should of. Much love, cuddles, kisses and a warm bed and medical attention when needed with plenty of food to eat. This made my day. May God bless you all. 🙏😇🐾
  • zoey1811954: Thank you for rescuing them 🥰❤️
  • Mick W.: God bless you. What beautiful dogs. You did a good thing. I’m so happy for them. So glad you got them out of there.
  • Elise J: Outstanding! The woman’s approach is so perfect, so non confrontational, and the man’s energy was also surprisingly good (not “get off my property”), he handled it really well. These animal rescuers make such a wonderful difference in animal lives. Glad they all found homes. 💜
  • J.D. Youtube: I’m so proud of all these people. My Heart aches
  • Mathew Momin: Y’all never know what’s its like to be poor so don’t judge him, he ain’t got money but he’s sharing whatever he got with his dogs imagine being hungry yourself but still sharing what you earn.
  • Beth Sullivan: That was amazingly awesome!! Thank you so much for rescuing those dogs & much love ❤️ to then & all the humans who adopted them!! God Bless ya’ll 🙌 🙏 ❤️!!!
  • Kat Doc: When I saw the rest of the dogs after the puppies were put in the car, and then saw the door open for mama my heart ❤! And seeing the other dogs wanting that too and you said those magic words no dog was left behind 💗
  • Helene Trøstrup: I just think he needed to know, that these pups he cared for so deeply, had a chance of getting something he wasn’t able to give them. Must have taken some weight off of his shoulders. I hope this man is doing alright too, he was clearly in way over his head.
  • Jackson Tan: You showed them the incredible love , that’s why they’re always with you day and night ! Thanks so much you’re just amazing to care for them like this !
  • DMP: The reason mama Lucky is so sweet is because the man was a nice person. He did not abuse her. He was just poor. But not mean to the dogs, so they were nice. Thank you for saving them all and finding loving homes…great story.
  • Baby Sitters Incorporated: Omg! I actually started crying, there needs to be more people in the world like this amazing woman! ❤️
  • Javed: So emotional to watch. It makes me so happy to see these amazing people helping these animals.
  • Hazel Brownthornton: Thank you all for rescuing them, they are beautiful!!!👍🏽❤️🙏🏽🌈
  • michele boselli: Thank You so much for all you do. You all restore my faith in humans.
  • Sgt. Garrick: Props to my man for treating his dogs as well as he could and for realizing that this woman was here to helpIt’s time to address some of the comments. He never abused them, tried his best to feed them, and only had the dog chained up because he didn’t want her to run away and get hurt. He did the best he could, so don’t get angry because he can’t afford luxury items that we can afford for our dogs like proper dog food and a bed and toys and other things. When he realized that the woman could do a better job at taking care of his dogs, he gave them to her, which shows he truly cares about the dogs and wants what’s best for them. You can’t base your opinions off of just an image alone. Pay attention to the man’s actions and you’ll see. I’m not saying chaining up the dog was the best way to go about it, but it was the only thing he knew to do. There’s also evidence of frequent walks, so he obviously let the dog off of the chain to walk it.
  • Iris Eiselt: Lady
    Thanks for giving a Home 🏡
    To all those dog’s
    God Bless your good heart ❤️ 🥰🥰🥰
    Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪
  • Sandra Guzman Montes: Omg thank you so much I’m in tears 😭 I agree talking to the owners helps
  • Susana Mabel Lopez Lestrade: Que belleza ver como se van recuperando gracias a esas maravillosas personas Dios los bendiga
  • Susana Charmers: You are a wonderful person to go rescue these amazing gentle loving pooches & to give them a Happy life. Some people are so ignorant & do not understand how to treat this Man’s Best Friends.
    The pooch can’t speak, BUT I am sure she must be ever grateful to you for taking her out of that hell hole. BLESS YOUR HEART !!
  • Samsara -Summer Moon come home: People will judge but despite the neglect, the dogs were really happy and well behaved. There was no physical abuse here. They didn’t cower, and were really friendly, tails wagging and no aggression. They were loved, but needed help. I’m so glad that you treated him with kindness and respect, and the money would have been a God’s send no doubt. 💖
  • elaF: Imagine the dogs happiness, makes me tear.
  • Maria Helena Domingues: Emocionante…muitas bençaos
  • GLEED: Now i’m in tears but there happy tears – big love for what you folk do and thank you for saving doggie lives.
  • d Jimmy: Beautiful ending to the nightmare these poor dogs went through. Blessings to you all🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤
  • Courtney Moreland: It was the “open the door” for me. *real tears*!!! I was soo scared that mama lucky was going to be left behind! But, Lisa’s ability to NOT judge and come from a place of truly wanting to help….made this man comfortable enough to know that these dogs would get everything that they needed; he just had to let them go. Gosh, there are sooo many lessons in this one video – tolerance, patience, humility, vulnerability, selflessness, courage, love, human kindness, What else?? Help me out. lol. Ugh. Just beautiful. I love the dodo!💕💕
  • Simona Čermáková: Tak krásní psi.Trpěli než byli zachráněni.Moc děkuji,že jste jim pomohli a konečně mají milující domov.Už bude jen dobře.
  • Raul Gabriel: May this guy be blessed with good life on earth. And the afterlife 10x better. He deserves it.
  • Daguimar Aparecida: Q Deus abençoe vcs irmãos!!!
  • MK Duffy: It’s must be Valentine’s Day because I fell in love — with the rescuer (brilliant handling of the situation), and Mama Lucky and her babies.
  • Fick Dich: that women really knows how to handle HUMANS. She understood how he got into this situation. Yeah you can brag all about how terrible he is etc but i have been through several years of tough depression and i can tell you when humans get into problems they do a lot of weird stuff they cant even explain themselves and in the next second you are stuck with a lot of problems that you dont see any solution too.
    This guy was in the exact same position. He is not cruel to his dogs. He just couldnt do any better. And like the women said: sometimes we need help and are too afraid to ask for it
  • Queenie Robinson: This made my week! How awesome… thank you volunteers. Very special thanks to the previous owner… he had good intentions but still needed help…. He did the right that!

The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs. Charles de Gaulle

The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth will ever be. Konrad Lorenz

I must say that I am rather partial to funny dog videos. – Dominic Holland

The Descent,’ ‘Dog Soldiers,’ those films, I’ve loved for years, and the tones of those. – Matt Ryan

I have scars from every film I have made. There is nothing to protect actors. They treat you worse than a dog. You work like a slave, and you know, I like it. That is the way it should be. Every film should be like your last. – Golshifteh Farahani

When I was seven and we lived in New York, I ran away. I took my dog and started out across the Brooklyn Bridge… I didn’t get very far… It’s rather difficult to run away in your mother’s high heels. – Lee Radziwill

Puppy dog wallpaper hd. cat and dog cute wallpaper. dog barking wallpaper. show me pictures of teacup puppies. puppy dog wallpaper. husky growth pictures. bogle puppy pictures. sausage dog puppy pictures

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