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Cats rule the world. Jim Davis

corgi pics – dog profile picture

Some days you’re the fire hydrant, and some days you’re the dog. – Parker Conrad

Perhaps one reason we are fascinated by cats is because such a small animal can contain so much independence, dignity, and freedom of spirit. Unlike the dog, the cat’s personality is never bet on a human’s. He demands acceptance on his own terms. Lloyd Alexander

pictures of short haired german shepherd puppies – cool bulldog wallpaper

In many ways, September feels like the busiest time of the year: The kids go back to school, work piles up after the summer’s dog days, and Thanksgiving is suddenly upon us. – Brene Brown

God will prepare everything for our perfect happiness in heaven, and if it takes my dog being there, I believe he’ll be there. – Billy Graham

puppy pictures to colour and print – dog wallpaper christmas

I learned from my dog long before I went to Gombe that we weren’t the only beings with personalities. What the chimps did was help me to persuade others. – Jane Goodall

Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read. Groucho Marx

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Because of the dog’s joyfulness, our own is increased. It is no small gift. It is not the least reason why we should honor as love the dog of our own life, and the dog down the street, and all the dogs not yet born. – Mary Oliver

I don’t have the luxury of having a dog myself because I travel too much, but I love walking and cuddling somebody else’s dog. – Ingrid Newkirk

When Captain America is in a room full of Marvel superheroes, he is always Top Dog, even though his powers are pretty modest. He could be stood next to Thor, Iron Man, whoever. He is the one that everyone looks up to. To me, that is Superman, too. Even de-powered in the Legion arc, he was still Superman. Still Top Dog. – Gary Frank

Pets bring vital energy to our homes and lives. Pets communicate many messages about love and connection. Care tenderly for all pets throughout their precious lives. The interspecies dance of love softens and expands the heart. Laura Staley, Feng Shui Expert

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  • TheFikri136: When you’re about to get kidnapped, but you realize you are homeless.
  • Carole Coote: I love the rescuer. He’s so kind – no wonder the cat fell for him.
  • Apurwasp: I love how he repeated 9 like three times and the cat was like NO .
  • imaboutnothingwink: God, I swear once my children get older and move out I’m buying land and doing this. So much work, but you get so much back out of helping these animals. Godspeed my man.
  • Keldyn Majere: My two year old daughter absolutely adores this beautiful cat. She has named him “Can Cat!” and it is her most watched video by far. She will imitate Takis’s dialogue as well as the hissing sounds the kitty makes (which cracks her up every time!).
    Love this video. ❤️
  • IgorRyltsev: The cat definitely looks healthy and happy now.
  • James Santangelo: Offering the opportunity to go back into the wild, was truly heart warming.
  • Rebecca Hopkins: That cat has lived with humans before. Because normally, a truly feral cat would not get comfortable with a person so quickly. Knowing he once lived with people and was a domesticated pet makes the beginning of this story all the more heartbreaking as there is a good chance he was dumped or lost. So glad you found him when you did as without being able to drink or eat with his head stuck in a can, he surely would have died from a predator he couldn’t see, a car he couldn’t see coming, or a painful death from dehydration had you not come along when you did. So happy you two found each other. You are a wonderful person and he looked so happy and relieved to have that thing off his poor face, and to be safe, fed, warmed and loved again. 🥰😻♥️
  • Pink Puff: When he starta petting the cat and seeing the cat Absolutely MELT in this guys hands is beyond adorable
  • Twig: I love that he actually lets the cat choose, so wholesome
  • NR: This dude has the ideal voice for this kind of video. He’s like an animal loving Super Mario.
  • Missingthe80’s: This guy is awesome. The world needs more people like him in it. 🙂
  • Silly Green Fairy: I love how the comfort slowly set in and kitty realized he had found a good thing
  • chrissa tsiri: Mr Takis is a brilliant generous person ! If only people had the half of the compassion he has for the animals we wouldn’t have strays !
  • Tal Schuricht: I had a kitten come up to my wife and kids one day, and we took her home. She is now 17yrs old…and still going strong
  • Frostfire275: “I got a couple bites”
    “No problem…no problem for me”
    This line just shows how dedicated these people are to protecting animals.
  • Ken Bober: It’s always a beautiful moment when an animal fully accepts their savior.
  • P Piper: Thank you for not giving up on him, Sir. You are an angel!
  • Lynda Haleigh: This man is the sweetest angel with a voice to match! No wonder this sweet cat took to him! They will be friends for life!💫
  • Diane Seymour: Awesome…Even Animal recognizes when someone truly cares❤️
  • femaletrouble: “Oh, ho! He show me his teeth!”I get the feeling he would have this exact same reaction if he did this with a king cobra or a grizzly bear. This guy’s the best.
  • A R: I love this guy’s accent! He seems so sweet. A cat person! I love it.
  • Dorothy: The man with the magic hands won the heart of Mr Hiss!
    You’re a wonderful human being to keep this precious little soul.
    He looks content and happy!
  • JackieCarlet: He knew he was saved but still scared. Poor kitty. He’s so lucky to have love and a warm place to sleep💜
  • Thomas B: Ahhhh I LOVE stuff like this, makes me smile and brightens up my day. Beautiful cat and you can tell he’s built some trust already! What an angel. Just like all animals!
  • Sky: This cat was so lucky to be saved by Mario and let him stay in his Kart.
  • Lumen risus: 2:51 you can see the car really think about what’s happening, what he’s seen, and finally put his guard down. I love this
  • Antolii Mayra: I like how it looked like it was actively thinking about the options of leaving or staying during the countdown. You can definitely tell it was someone’s cat at one point in its life, perhaps he escaped and wondered off too far. True feral cats have an unflinching hatred of humans that takes years of close handling and care to get them to warm up to humans. This cat just seemed like it’s been a while since a human interacted with it and needed time to decompress.
  • Brooke Wright: This was so sweet 😭 I can’t believe how nice this man is I want to cry !
  • Jerry: Glad he found this cat. The inside of that can could’ve been the last thing it saw 😳
  • Juan Gomez: Guy: *Rescues cat*
    Cat: “Let me out, I hate you!”
    Guy: Go on, you can be free
    Cat: “You know, I think we both said things we might regret”
  • MeanInPink: I love this!! “Should I let him FREE!? Or should I take him with me?” Lol. And then!! He starts to count to ten, slowly.. and counts to 9 a couple of times lol 💖🤭 love thatSweet man!! Thanks for takin him with you! We all know he appreciated it and continues to!!
  • TGhost: That kitty just needed some love and understanding! So happy how this turned out for him. 💙
  • Holly Shaw – Ellie Mae & fosters: ive watched this video numerous times over the years and i STILL smile every single time!
  • Honey Queen: This video made me laugh a bit. Finally the cat realized he had it so good. The count to 10 was so funny. He’s says I’ll stay. It’s warm and comfy. Love the food.
  • Lady Coyote: I love how the cat actually looks like he’s thinking about it as the man counts. XD
  • Kym: Hi I am loving this! you Sir are truly the cat whisperer! To see a kitty make such a transformation, from hissing and biting to a lovable little sweetie! It is a feels good video. You have a tender heart and a wonderful voice to match. It isn’t hard to notice, that’s why it didn’t take long for the kitty to figure it out! Good luck in all you do!
  • Cherie Hansen: You are such a blessing to the cats . God bless you !! ❤️
  • Anthony Bicknell: thats awesome. i didnt think a feral cat could be tamed at all. kudos to this guy. we need more people like him.
  • Fire Feet Hok_Tui: One of THE best cat rescues! Great job man and thank you for sharing such a great story.
  • sahith vibudhi: Guy: pets the cat
    Cat: disgusting….. do it again
  • james fromal: That’s so awesome he rescued that poor cat. We need more people in the world with a big heart like that!! Great job!! 👏
  • Linda McHarie: Heart warming to see someone being kind to a homeless feral cat 🐈
  • Scott Russell: That dude has amazing resilience and patience. It’s like breaking a wild horse. I couldn’t do it, I’d toss the cat out the window. But bless him for being a better human! 👍
  • Cement Kite: I did that once to a young feral cat. I was extremely thankful that I came by and was able to help.
  • Sergio Saunier: “A guy found this feral cat…” That guy is Takis! He runs a shelter in Crete with 400 or so dogs and cats which he pretty much rescued by himself. The man is a living legend.
  • Lee Johnson: I took on a young feral cat. It took a year of patience and love to make him trust me. He hid all day and wouldn’t let me near him. Today he sleeps on my bed, purrs and loves strokes. He’s a much happier boy.His journey hasn’t ended yet, I want him to be fully handlable, but you cannot rush a cat. In his own time our bond will grow.
  • Jacquelyn Rivera: Aww! This is how it went for me with a one year old abused cat my parents took in when I was 14. She hissed, bit and scratched, but I’d just say, “It’s okay hunny.” We ended up actually naming her Honey because I always called her that while trying to get her to warm up to me! That cat became the most loving, sweetest girl in the entire world. She slept under my covers with her head on my pillow every single night. She loves hugs and kisses and being held and would purr for hours! She lived to be 19 and just passed away a few months ago. RIP my Honey Buns 💜
  • Chad Miller: It’s all about giving them a positive experience when they are in your presence during the first days. This guy did exactly the right things. He gave it food which is definitely positive. He goes in soft and gentle while its eating to show he isn’t interested in the cats food or harming it. He finally tries without the food and cat realizes “hey when I get near this human I get petted and scratched and occasionally some good food!” You dont go in fast or start chasing or grabbing any animal. They equate this with predation and freak. You can even get a snake used to your presence by giving it a pleasant experience when you are near. Sometimes a vet visit or maybe a bath makes them wary for a bit but usually a treat or bit of chow remedies this pretty quickly.
  • Johnny Walker: This is so lovely it makes me cry a little. He had to be terrified with that can on his head, imagine yourself being stuck on a lonesome road with a can or bucket stuck on your head. Also I feel sad because he must have been very hungry to jam his head in far enough to get the bits at the bottom…and then-stuck. But Takis isn’t just anybody he is a superhero at rescuing dogs and cats. Once he realized you were willing to set him free to make him happy he realized how awesome it was to be around you. I never know with feral or wild dogs and cats if they are scared of humans from mistreatment or simply nobody ever petted them before or took the time to speak kindly to them. Thank you, thank you, thank you for not giving up on this sweet kitty…or any of the others you have rescued with your endless kindness. Cheers my man.
  • keira !: That 10 seconds determined that whole cats life
  • blackbird163: This man is incredible with all the animals he rescues
  • Missingthe80’s: Guy: “Hey kitten”
    Cat: *hisses*
    Guy: “The cat is in good condition…”
    Cat: *spits, hisses*
    Guy: “… oh ho… there are houses around.”
    I love how he has complete understanding for this cat’s feelings and doesn’t take anything personal. Bless this man ☺️
  • Mesa: I like how he is brutally honest with the cat. “Warm and cozy inside or freedom”
  • Tammy Brock: He just needed someone to show him love! You are an amazing person!❤
  • Ella Miell-Ingram: *calmest voice ever while having a feral cat loose in his car* “maybe he will attack me”
    “i got a few bites…no problem”
    damn…i rlly admire this guy’s dedication and patience <33
  • Lorene Keable: Made me laugh when you counted to 10.
    Thank uou for the giggles much needed after two hard weeks. Hugs
  • Tru Vi: You are such a nice person. Thanks for rescuing this poor cat. 🥰
  • Lucinda: Angels on Earth 🌎
    I Love this man’s patience, tone and his Love. Thank you for being kind to the precious tooty tat.
  • Sad Tiger: What a special kind heart you have! You melted mine! ♥️
  • Sarah: The minute I hear his voice I know the animal is safe.
  • Ricky Eska: Damn this made me cry. I miss having a cat. Haven’t seen one in years
  • Linda Lincoln: Beautiful kitty and , beautiful story. Thank you for taking care of him.
  • LORRAINE AKERS: Amazing what a little TLC can do … God bless your compassionate heart !
  • Marilyn O’Neil: Definitely a gifted rescuer. Great sense of humor!
  • Coconut ScienceGirl92: I love how chill this guy is. He’s just like “I think this guys wild. He wants to go outside. He’s trying to bite me. He he” lol
  • Neffy Cat: Thank you very much for sharing this amazing story with us. You are a light in this world for this little one! Thank you for being his angel. God bless you!
  • Blu Dew: Cat: “Leave me the hell alone.”
    Him: “Okay.” *Opens door*
    Cat: “hmmm, actually you see, I was thinking…”
  • Andrea Stacey: I love and admire this man! Such a wonderful person. This world needs more like him.
  • KathyUSA2011: Love how he counted 9 9 9 giving the cat so many chances to leave ❤️
  • Nadine Jagessar: Definitely..still one of the best cat saving videos out there…God bless him 🙏🌿🙏
  • MenaceToSociety: 2:52 the realization in the cats eyes that’s he’s safe 😭 omg
  • Jock Evans: Good job dude. Looks like y’all are friends for life. I love heartwarming stories like yours. Keep up the good work. It makes the soul feel good. Many happy memories to come. 😇 🙏
  • vxMimic1: the best words about this guy: “Should i let him free or should I take him with me?”
  • Bonnie Weiss: Takis is one of the most gentle, compassionate and caring animal rescuers ever. Bless him for everything he does.
  • Person Art: This is absolutely cute! I want to cry 🥺
  • miu lulu: A beautiful video. Bless you for saving that cat! Thanks for sharing this; it put me in a good mood.
  • Donna Sartas: Omg!!! Thank God you were there at the right time and saved this poor cat, he probably was hungry and looking for food when his head got stuck on the can, how horrible that must have been for the poor cat! With lots of love and patience, rescue feral cats turn out to be the most loving cats once they get past the trust issue and you are a SAINT for having the heart and patience to bond with this 💗🐈💗 and save his life!
  • Hello?: Staying in the car is probably the best decision this cat has made in its life.
  • Jen Marks: Takis is such an amazing human being. His love for animals makes me love him!!!
  • Oscar Moner: Thank you for your patience and for your wisdom and good heart ♥️
  • Cathy Gaul: God bless this person for rescuing this poor cat and giving him a loving home‼️
  • MythicPlague: The hardest day in my life was when my cat passed. He was an amazing companion animal. When you went to sleep he would lay cheek to cheek with you. Best dam animal family member I ever had. Actually came dam close to blowing my brains on the wall then the vet put him to sleep for kidney failure. If the Vet had not stepped outside to call the police I would have done it within seconds. Always tough to look at mistreated animals. I always lived by one idea. Man kind is a plague on the world. All the animals natural habitats are going away for what they call progress. To bad people kill for sport. Necessity is one thing for a sport its not much more than murder. And if you think I am full of it. I will take you to my hood at night and see who is the hunter and the hunted. That cat is beautiful.
  • corinthians daniels: The cat: “Let me out of here I know my rights.”
    The guy: opens door* “Ok you are free to go.”
    The cat: “But but it’s cold outside.”
  • Victor Velarde: Thank you for helping and feeding this adorable and cute cat. Bless you for all you do. 😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽❤️💘💕💞❣️❣️💝💗💗😊💖😍🎈💓😽😽🎀
  • Ross001 “✔️”: Omg dude i love your voice your so kind and thank you for saving this cat🤗 I’m subscribing right now!
  • maddmunkee2: Lol..I love the way he counted to 10 that was priceless. And so is that cat
  • Katie Shakarian: Thank you for taking care of this cat, bless you 🙏
  • Astral Sheepu: His voice is so lilting and whimsical, he just seems like a tolkein forest creature that can talk to animals and make great tea
  • Cindy Thomas: The story made me feel so good. It’s so good that people are so kind to animals
  • teachyourkid: You are a blessed human who works with the trauma of the world: as an owner of 7 ferals, I understand the extra means to help the animal trust. Thank you so much!
  • Mi Lili27: Sometimes you just need a little love and care to help you open up. ❤️
  • oceanbnd: That’s a patient man, with a good heart, who loves animals. The cat was fortunate to find and trust you.
  • Giorno Giovanna: That moment when an animal starts trusting you. I truly believe there is not a more blissful experience in this world.
  • Kenei Kiprono Kipchumba: This made my heart melt!!
  • Jelly [cut3}: Imagine having trust and not being scared of a feral cat
  • John Emerick: That’s awesome! You saved him. Good job!
  • inkasrain: *Cat:* LET ME OUT!!!
    *Also Cat:* I dunno why you’re just leaving the door open like that, man.
  • Wolf: this guy deserves the world and needs to be protected at all costs

When Captain America is in a room full of Marvel superheroes, he is always Top Dog, even though his powers are pretty modest. He could be stood next to Thor, Iron Man, whoever. He is the one that everyone looks up to. To me, that is Superman, too. Even de-powered in the Legion arc, he was still Superman. Still Top Dog. – Gary Frank

Pets bring vital energy to our homes and lives. Pets communicate many messages about love and connection. Care tenderly for all pets throughout their precious lives. The interspecies dance of love softens and expands the heart. Laura Staley, Feng Shui Expert

It makes one sad to see the sell-out of President Fox; really, it makes one sad. How sad that the president of a people like the Mexicans lets himself become the puppy dog of the empire. – Hugo Chavez

Home is where the dog runs to greet you. Unknown

I say 20 words in English. I say money, money, money, and I say hot dog! I say yes, no and I say money, money, money and I say turkey sandwich and I say grape juice. – Carmen Miranda

I adopted a pet because I have been wanting one for the longest time. In fact, I am really close to Ravi Dubey’s dog Moyo. – Rithvik Dhanjani

Dog profile picture. cool bulldog wallpaper. dog wallpaper christmas. pictures of doberman pinscher puppies. corgi pics. pictures of short haired german shepherd puppies. boxer dog photos. beagle hd wallpaper

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