Good Dog Saved His Family By Finding A Hidden Fire At Home

She discovered Willow in the office beneath the desk after exploring the home. “She got under the desk and started behaving anxious and barking and wouldn’t come out,” Radel-Paaby explained. “She even became defensive in order to grab our attention, and that’s when we saw the outlet.”


Radel-Paaby had no idea what had piqued Willow’s interest, but when she touched the wall, it felt warm. Willow had detected a fire in the electrical outlet under the desk before the blaze had even begun.


The family phoned the fire department, who responded swiftly and extinguished the sparks. “The fire department stated our house would have gone up in flames overnight if we hadn’t spotted it when we did,” Radel-Paaby added.

Radel-Paaby was overjoyed that her big child had saved their lives and overcome her “puppy fear period.”


“She has never done anything like this before, and we were taken aback,” Radel-Paaby added. “She’s constantly making sure her human brother is okay, and she clings to me like crazy, generally alerting if something is wrong but never anything major until the outlet.”

As the family reassembled securely around the Thanksgiving table the next day, they realized they had something to be thankful for – their hero Willow.

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