happy holidays puppy images – watch dogs background

Pics of dogs. show me a picture of a bulldog. happy holidays puppy images. maltipoo pictures. watch dogs background. cute puppy and cat pictures. st bernard puppy pictures. labrador dog pic black

I like dogs. You always know what a dog is thinking… Also, dogs are faithful because they do not tell lies because they cannot talk. Mark Haddon

watch dogs background – pics of dogs

Over the years I’ve come to appreciate how animals enter our lives prepared to teach and far from being burdened by an inability to speak they have many different ways to communicate. It is up to us to listen more than hear, to look into more than past. Nick Trout, British-Born Veterinarian and Author

I like women, but you can’t always trust them. Some of them are big liars, like this one woman I met who had a dog. I asked her her dog’s name and then I asked, ‘Does he bite?’ and she said, ‘No.’ And I said, ‘So how does he eat?’ Liar! – Demetri Martin

cute puppy and cat pictures – show me a picture of a bulldog

So many times, I watch games and think, ‘Man, why is that guy trying to score like that? He can’t do it.’ But he’s been told his whole life, ‘You have to go get 40 if you want to be one of the top dogs.’ It’s my goal to build a lane where you can be a top dog, and you don’t gotta go get that 40. You can go get four and still be a top dog. – Draymond Green

I deliberately returned slowly to training after Raphael was born and everything, apart from being bitten by a dog whilst out training in Monaco at the beginning of the year, has gone pretty well. – Paula Radcliffe

siberian husky cute puppy – happy holidays puppy images

One of the things that’s interesting is that the PC has always had a huge amount of scalability. It was sort of the wild dog that moved into Australia and killed all the local life because it could just adapt. There used to be these dedicated devices, like dedicated word processors. – Gabe Newell

By showing myself being out with my dog or playing sports, it motivates people to get active. – Mikhail Varshavski

pictures of german shepherd pitbull mix puppies – maltipoo pictures

I’ve always wanted a Maltese-poodle, but I’ve always been really busy. So I said once I’m back in the city and the ‘Sister Act’ stuff dies down, I’m going to get a puppy. – Patina Miller

Everyone thinks that I have an Instagram account for my dog, but I did not make that. It’s a fan! – Chrissy Teigen

The relationship between a military working dog and a military dog handler is about as close as a man and a dog can become. You see this loyalty, the devotion, unlike any other and the protectiveness. – Robert Crais

I’ve always been an animal lover. I’ve grown up with dogs my whole life. I think that is what helped me get the role on ‘Lassie’, I was comfortable around the dog, where many of the kids were afraid or intimidated by Lassie. – Will Estes

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  • chchoonie persian: Loved the difference in their attitudes after they were rescued. Thanks HFP.
  • Elsa Pérez: Excelente trabajo es el qué USTEDES Realizan , saludos desde Argentina ciudad de Quilmes 🇦🇷🇦🇷🙋😘
  • peg’S: What a wonderful rescue these ladies did! Each dog is adorable. I wish I could adopt all four together. Sisters forever!!!
  • Leo_Talks: You guys are just truly amazing! No words to explain the work you do! Fostering and Rescuing needs a lot of patience and good heart and you guys, definitely have it! They’re so cute 🥰 I just can’t understand why people abandon pets it’s really heartbreaking 💔😢
  • Valéria Ruegg: Que graça! Muito fofas!!! 👏👏👏😍🐶🐶🐶🐶
  • William Jackson: So scared,, but the turn around is jyst fantastic! Beautiful girls all . Look how happy now. Running and playing Thanks G4P’s. 🐆♥️
  • Barbz_in_West Oz: This is beyond sad, thank you so much for all that you do to help all the abandoned animals that you rescue 🥰 x
  • The Oddballs: To see them go from being – absolutely terrified, to little bundles of joy, was awesome! Keep up the great work guys! 💖 thank you 👍
  • Toni Talas: God bless you for the important work you do! All 4 of these pups are adorable, and I pray 🙏 they each find their loving ❤️ and forever homes!
  • Trisha Waddell: Am I the only one saddened to see that they weren’t reunited with their sister Polly? Even just for a visit? It would be nice for them to know she is safe. Obviously they are not all going to be living together but it would have been nice to see all 5 together again b4 they get adopted into their separate homes. Hopefully they can keep these girls together as pairs.
  • StarRocks: What a great rescue! I look forward to seeing the next one, Eldad! 😃
  • Vera Bezerra pinto: Deus muito, vocês anjos!😍😍😍
  • Herdis Weins: How wonderful the whole family was rescued – it seems Katie almost has acrobatic skills. 👍
    Thank you to the HFP angels for this .

  • Aubrey!: I gained faith in humanity..❤️❤️
    Thank you for everything that you do!
  • rosewomn: Amazing what a little love and kindness can accomplish. I’m so happy for these little angels, great job as always!!
  • Donna S.: 🥲🥰 They’re all so precious. I truly hope they can all be adopted together or at least maybe the adopters will keep in touch and visit each other occasionally so this loving doggie sisterhood can play together. They love each other so much. 💞🐾
  • Maria Garcia: Thank you for helping us and rescuing this beautiful family. After what they went through they deserve a good home and family that will love them. Proud to be a Hope for Paws donor and fan of your great work. True angels helping the four legged babies in need. 💕🐾
  • Ursula Melia: Thank you so much for rescuing those 4 gorgeous girls!!!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💜💜💜💜💜💕💕💕💕
  • Sonja: Sending those sweet girls lots of Love and see them together in a wonderful home. 💜💜💜🐕💜💜💜
  • Olga Nagaitseva: Спасибо вам ребята,не когда не пойму людей которые бросают своих животных,это так жестоко,удачи вам ребята,смотрим,любим 🐾
  • Linda J54: Always amazes me how in most of these dog rescues there is really very little aggression shown, despite their being clearly frightened.
  • Primal Fish: Wow, they were super pleased to be rescued, nice bunch!
  • Just Me: YES! I like your videos because I love dogs but even though I am more of a dog person I like ALL your videos for the great work you do for cats, too, because they all should have good loving homes FREE from abuse/neglect 💖🐶🦴🐱👍
  • Lawrence Forman: WOW!!!4 Scary doggies didn’t trust rescuers. But 4 cute doggies went to veterinary center then 4 cool doggies are so cheerful & trustworthy.We all know rescuers are trying to deal with 4 brilliant doggies from hiding in the house.

    I think trust owners will treat 4 bright doggies for life! Great dealing with any animals from hiding any places!

  • Mandy Leeson: Katie and Alex did so well. And those little girls looked so happy in the end. Wouldn’t it be great if they could all be adopted together? Thank you HFP 🙏🏼
  • Kat bow: I would literally live in a tent before I would abandon my “pets”/family. I feel these poor dogs were never treated very well. Thankyou again, I am a sponsor and happy for the opportunity to help in a small way.
  • Fer AL: Gusta ver los perros pasar del miedo y desconfianza a la confianza, contentos y complacidos.
  • Karine: Please consider making a donation. Our donations make it possible to rescue and transform these lives.
  • Cristina wood: Makes me so upset that people abandon their dogs. Ask a family member, friend, co worker, foster home or put them in a no kill shelter. If you’re truly heartless take them to a shelter perhaps someone will adopt them before they are put down!
  • AniFam: I’m glad to see that they are all rescued and play happily…💞
    Thank you for sharing this video~🤗
  • Anna Ares: Muchas Suerte 🍀🍀🍀🍀 Pequeños !!!❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️ Ojalá hubiera una gran familia qué os adoptará a todos juntos 🙏🏻❤️🐾
    Thank you 💕 🙏🏻 💜
  • Mary Watkins: The time and patience and effort you take with all your dog and cat rescues deserves great respect!
  • Terri MacKay: When humans let them down, these 4 beautiful girls (5, including Polly)looked after each other on the streets. It must have been so scary out there for them, with no one to rely on but each other.
    I’m so happy that life is over, and they’ll get new lives, where they will learn that not all people are bad…that they can be loving, gentle, caring, and a safe haven.
  • Hena Imtiyaz: These girls are lovely. It’s sad to see so many pups abandoned. I don’t want to judge but no cause can justify the act of abandoning your pet. If for whatever reason it may be that you are unable to take care of your pet, please please do find an animal sanctuary or animal welfare home for them and surrender them there, so that they are not left to fend for themselves on the roads. Life on the roads can be harsh for animals 🙏😔
  • Teresa Byrne: love and care like this is what we need every day in this world
  • Jodie York: What a nice lady to keep them safe and call you. Well done, ma’am.
  • Judy Gilbreath: What a beautiful change in the dogs…..nervous to joyful! Thank you for your excellent care🐾👏👍❤
  • Daniele Courtes: Magnifiques et très beau gestes, félicitations.
  • VioletWhirlwind: OMG, Vita is adorable (they all are), but started out so scared…I just wanted to hug her and tell her everything was gonna be ok…such beautiful eyes, too.
  • Angelique Guzman: May God bless the lady that took them in. And as well as you guys!!🙌🏽😭❤🐕
  • Jill Wiegand: Great rescue 💕💕!!!!!!! They look so happy! If you could only have them understand what is happening when rescued will be to their benefit! They learn and realize soon enough! ❤️🐾🐾🐾🐾❤️👍🥰
  • Kimmarie Van-Ever: Look at how happy they are at the end..that lady who had been looking after them did an amazing job.. unfortunately here in the UK 🇬🇧 we are finding that due to the economy pets are being abandoned or surrendered to a shelter/rescue.. personally I would make sure my 2 cats are fed and looked after before I was.. but thats just me .🇬🇧💞✝️🙏🐾🐾🐕🐕🐕🐕
  • wolfman: Wonderful rescues and I love their transformations!
  • tamara beinlich: Aww I was hoping to see the 5th one reunited with the other four. They all look like family to me. Good rescue ladies.
  • Sylvia Fonseca: For me you guys are earth angels. God bless you all. Thank you a trillion times🙏🥰🤗✌🏼
  • Lhmcd 55: Thank you. It’s wonderful to see them become the happy dogs they were meant to be. My rescue died on Monday. I’m devastated. May you please take care and stay safe.
  • Pete K: Be sure to donate….only if it is just $5 . Don’t just comment. Take action….skip a Starbucks, find something you don’t absolutely need to buy, and give instead. These people are angels out there doing the lords work. They don’t want a reward, just enough money to keep on doing what they do.
  • Liam Brannelly: If I could, I would adopt all four of these beauties!!! 🙂
  • kyokisaru: I was kind of hoping to see them reunited with the one that escaped alone. Maybe in the future. 💖
  • Marianne Looney: Such a lovely rescue! 4 adorable babies with new beginnings 😍LOVE HFP
  • Donna S.: Vita has a heart on the top of her head. 🤍🥰
  • Patty Lanenga: I know it would be a big commitment and responsibility, but it would be so wonderful if all these beautiful little💖ladies were adopted together since they are all so bonded. Seeing them all healthy and happy and running around in the park was so sweet!
  • JFK64 Kennedy: love your videos, just wish you would post more, they brighten my day, when I see the rescues all happy, clean and playing…
  • Jose Lopez: Amazing rescue hope for paws ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰To those that abandon the dogs watch it’s coming for you soon without surprises.
  • Rob Babcock: What a transformation! 🥰🐶🐶🐶🐶❤
  • J T: I wish I wasn’t allergic to dogs. Absolutely adorable 🥰
  • Navajo Auckland: You guys are my heroes Hope For Paws 🐾🌈🌺💝☀️ Thank you Guys for doing God’s work here on planet dirt
  • Not_your_typical_cat_person: You guys have the patience of saints. Keep up the great work you do
  • Tammy Lee: I would like to see the reaction of the 5 pups when reunited again. These 4 are probably wondering what happened to Polly.
  • Red 13: Very happy for them all! This is what love can do!
  • Rebekah Kempton: I really hope they are able to have play dates with Polly and each other ❤️ they clearly are so bonded
  • Antonius Rono: I’m glad that they are safe now. I hope they get their furever family soon ❤❤❤
  • rosesweet1967: Omg are they ever cute!! Looks like me when I’d walk my 4 mini dachshunds ❤️
  • Jojobegood: 🌷💖 merci beaucoup pour votre engagement, amitiés de 🇨🇭
  • Jana Janasova: Tam jim bylo dobře a byli spolu,chudacci kdoví kam se teď podejou.
  • Marie-Claude Dupont: You guys are wonderful ❤️
  • Barbara Dwyer: What an awesome rescue. Love the background music.
  • Sheila Miller: Just beautiful story..thxs for your help and love ❤️
  • Janice Dozier: Proud to be a monthly donor, go team go🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
  • guess what: Hope for Paws videos ar always the best on Youtube, so beautifully made, so perfect. I’m sure there is a lot of before and after prep that we don’t even hear about.
  • Aubrey!: This is the saddest video I have ever seen… thankfully it had a happy ending 🙂
  • Sandra K. Robbins: Wonderful save! Thank you.
  • Hirndille: How many months did this transformation take ? Its so amazing to see the change, but do you not kind of loose your enthusiasm having to do this time and time again ?
  • FacheChanteDeux: Poor babies. I know they will find amazing homes, they are too cute:). I hope they can stay in pairs.
  • L Ryan: Seeing a dog shake in fear is the saddest thing for me!
  • Sarah Destito: That family was so adorable I hope to get adopted together because you shouldn’t separate them they’re too young to be away from their mama you are the best because they wouldn’t survive without y’all 💗💗
  • Pravesh Singh: you guys are just angels
  • blueinfinite: I love all of you so much for the work you do!!!
  • John O toole dog games: 🇮🇪 amazing work to the team of hope for paws 🐾 for doing amazing job, they really are so adorable dogs, and very happy very happy too my dog 🐕 sandy age eleven today
  • Jeaninne Jones: Abandonment is a huge problem here in my area as well. The shelters and fosters are over full. We keep trying and looking for ways to fix it. Y’all are awesome!
  • chanterz wickham: So glad that they’re all safe now! Did they get to have a reunion with Polly?
  • Willlbehere sam: Bath time is always a great pleasure to watch the way they change and are less and less scared and get trust in humans.
  • – Suie -: They do kinda look similar, sisters by birth or choice?
    As always, great work Team HFP
  • L H: You guys are beyond amazing
  • Palepa Lomboy: Aww there are gorgeous. thank you HFP for all you do
  • Julie Halligan: another Amazing video……. and the pups are saved …… thank you all for all you do…… proud to donate
  • Winklepicking: My gosh how pitiful it is to see how extremely petrified thee poor babies are, so lovely to see the last clip with them happily playing around human company 💖
  • hildegrade777: You are awesome people. The four fabulous fur babies are more than happy. I wish you all the best.
  • Espy Nunez: What Gorgeous Little Angels🐕🐕🐕🐕❤️You girls did an amazing job rescuing these PRECIOUS LITTLE ANGELS ❤️ God Bless them in getting forever Loving Homes🐕🐕🐕🐕❤️💋🌹
  • Harris Gwendolyn: I wish I could have them all🐾💙
  • Dianne Perry: Oh such love ! You people are real Angels !
  • Kelli Rush: These beautiful baby girls are so adorable!
  • Mary Carroll: I had trouble donating with Paypal through here so I went directly to your website. Just putting this here in case anyone else has the difficulty! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Melanie Kotze: Hope for paws you are all great. Thank you for sharing and caring. God bless you.
  • Liz Llanes: OMG!…they are all so so adorable…God bless u all sweeties…we love u❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏
  • Shawn Chambers: wish we could have seen them reunited with the one that escaped
  • L S: The rescuers are so patient and gentle. The little dogs were so cute on their walk.
  • Urmel Ausdemeis: this really breaks my heart! Even though life is more and more expensive all over the world – this is no reason or excuse for abandoning an animal!!! Here in Germany many people bring their pets to the shelter – pets they adopted during Covid and now for whatever reason do not want it any longer… this makes me so mad 👿! There is always a way to keep the babies – just ask for help or find somebody to take care of your baby!!!
    People seem to forget that they are also breaking the hearts of their babies 😢….
  • Omri W: Well done!
  • PetLover334: Finally a dog video!! No offense to cats of course.. I just love dogs. Thank you for rescuing them, they seem so sweet 🥹

The relationship between a military working dog and a military dog handler is about as close as a man and a dog can become. You see this loyalty, the devotion, unlike any other and the protectiveness. – Robert Crais

I’ve always been an animal lover. I’ve grown up with dogs my whole life. I think that is what helped me get the role on ‘Lassie’, I was comfortable around the dog, where many of the kids were afraid or intimidated by Lassie. – Will Estes

My sunshine doesn’t come from the sky. It comes from the love in my dog’s eyes. Unknown

People have been manipulating food ever since they realized cooking a whole animal was difficult. Cows don’t come in hot dog form. – Wylie Dufresne

Animals have come to mean so much in our lives. We live in a fragmented and disconnected culture. Politics are ugly, religion is struggling, technology is stressful, and the economy is unfortunate. What’s one thing that we have in our lives that we can depend on? A dog or a cat loving us unconditionally, every day, very faithfully. – Jon Katz

I prefer my dog to humans. – Big Narstie

Pics of dogs. show me a picture of a bulldog. happy holidays puppy images. maltipoo pictures. watch dogs background. cute puppy and cat pictures. st bernard puppy pictures. labrador dog pic black

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