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People didn’t want to accept that I was injured. I played on a bad knee, a really bad knee, for a long time. I actually put team before me and played when I was hurt, but people still would dog me. – Penny Hardaway

puppies pictures of puppies – show me pictures of siberian husky puppies

When I started writing songs at 18, I wrote about 100 that were crap. One was called ‘Dog In A Disco.’ – Limahl

A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God’s truth is attacked and yet would remain silent. – Pearl S. Buck

pictures of bug bites on dogs – dog skin infection pictures

I don’t think twice about picking up my dog’s poop, but if another dog’s poop is next to it, I think, ‘Ewww, dog poop!’ Jonah Goldberg

My dog’s name is Tucker, and his DNA is unidentifiable and suspect. – W. Bruce Cameron

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Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling the emptiness we didn’t ever know we had. Thom Jones, American Writer

Every dog might wish to be Dog One, but like us, most dogs want membership in the group even more than they want supremacy over others. – Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

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No other animal bonds to a human being the way a dog does. And I suspect there is no other animal to which human beings can bond the way we can bond to a dog. – Robert Crais

Intelligent dogs rarely want to please people whom they do not respect. W.R. Koehler

The press is a watchdog. Not an attack dog. Not a lapdog. A watchdog. Now, a watchdog can’t be right all the time. He doesn’t bark only when he sees or smells something that’s dangerous. A good watchdog barks at things that are suspicious. – Dan Rather

Close to my heart is Muddy Waters. I love the way he sang. It was almost like a bark. It was like the bark of a dog: it’s not fancy. Sometimes it’s not like singing; it’s like shouting. – Rag’n’Bone Man

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  • your mom: Who could leave this cutie. People are monsters sometimes.
  • Gordon Damron: my goodness, pitties should NEVER be that small…poor guy, glad to see he got a loving home and is happy and healthy!!
  • Bertha Harvey: With tears in my eye, I say thank you for saving this baby’s life.
  • Cupcake Gamer: This broke my heart…I can’t believe people sometimes, I’m so glad he has a home and he is able to live.
  • Peter Coccia: My wife and I have fostered for years we have 3 “failed fosters” as i call them.I like to believe there are more good people than bad in this world keep up the good work.
  • Beth McHugh: I can’t even imagine that anyone would want to hurt an innocent animal…they give so much trust and love to you
  • LittleBee: This made me cry
    I’m so happy that he is healthy now 💗🖤
  • Jackplays: I love how pitbulls fold their ears and tilt their head it is so cute
  • Save the Pit Bulls!: The fact that he suffered so much and still was a happy and joyful dog, is just amazing. Very playful. Beautiful dog.
  • Eclectictomboy: He’s adorable! A miracle that he survived. Unbelievable to think of how many miserable people drove by or walked by this puppy and no one helped. God, it’s unfathomable. Thank you for being decent humans!
  • Cats of Crete: The transformation is unreal. Thnx for adopting him ❤️
  • KeepMusikALIVE: I’m so glad that he has such a loving family now. It really broke my heart seeing him how he was before. He’s gorgeous
  • Gameranime Queens90: What an adorable pup! I’m glad he’s happy and healthy in the end.
  • Mxshroomz: THE TRANSFORMATION IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ❤I’m so glad he was able to live and found a loving home.
  • Thatone astro: His face makes me smile.
  • Corey LUFC: In my view rescuing a dog like this and transforming him is a serious achievement . Everyone involved should be proud
  • Kings Dog Kennel: Might have gotten out the house by mistake and lost it’s way back. Happy this poor puppy back to normal. Love to y’all❤️
  • Peter Olssen: This dog will be forever greatful and loyal to the people who saved him and his loving owners! You are doing such importent work, I hope to be able to help your cuase in the near future!
  • jeremy getz: His face was just so excited and not really scared and to see his face all happy made my heart melt
  • ben’s gadget reviews: Seeing him fill out with weight over weeks brought a big smile to my face.
  • Bethany Arvin: This is so heart warming and gives us all more faith in Humanity!😁
  • MutantWendigo: I’m watching this while trying to calm down from a bad anxiety attack, his transformation helped me a bit for some reason!❤
  • Jaelyn Garcia: I am so glad he finally got the home he deserved.. people can be selfish and evil monsters. I cannot believe ANYONE could do that to a person or an animal. I am so happy he is doing better now! You keep living your life the best you can brave pupper! ❤️🐶 Who else thinks that the transformation is unreal tho!? 😃
  • david: So good to see that he was given some “rules” as well as much deserved love.
  • Phil Brown: It’s so strange that even though humans discarded him, he doesn’t hold a grudge against them.
  • 755hp: There is good in the world; I feel so much better seeing him lively and recovered.
  • Rashmi Chaudhary: Love, Care, shelter and Food brought the transformation. That’s what every living being needs. I’m happy for the puppy.
  • Fear None: This reminds me of how I found my cat.
    She was less than 4 weeks old, and she came up to my feet from the wooded area. She looked like she hadn’t eaten since she was born. I could see every little bone in her body, and she was snuggling up under my feet. I was at a garage sale, and guy who lived in that area said she hadn’t seen the mother cat in awhile. Thats when I picked her up and drove home with her. Named her Zoey, and she immediately ate whatever I gave her. Poor girl was starving. She weighed less than a pound and a half. It was so sad.
    2 years later, she is a healthy cat. Still a very small cat compared the the average house cat, she is probably 3/4ths the size of a regular cat, no idea why, but is as healthy as ever.
    If I didn’t take her in that day, I don’t think she would have made it another 1-2 days. It looked like that was her last hope. She lucked out, I lucked out 🙂 She is so sweet and is my shadow. She follows me everywhere I go. If I go upstairs, she follows. If I go to the basement, she follows. If I sleep, she is ontop of me. She’s so sweet.
  • Tатьяна K: Такой хорошенький. Так жалко, что им приходится сталкиваться в жизни с такими людьми, которые способны так мерзко и жестоко относится.
  • John Thornton: Mad respect to people like this,
  • KaylaChan90: Hearing his weight was just a few pounds more than my 10 week old pit is heart breaking. So glad he’s okay
  • Risa Laughter: I’m glad he finally got the love he deserves. He is beautiful!
  • mel rose: His eyes were still shiny even after all that starvation 😭
  • Oana Istoc: Bless his little heart!! 🥰🥺❤
  • Cynthia Reyes: What is sad is that he didn’t get like this overnight. How people can see this poor animal starving and walk by is sickening. Thank you for rescuing this poor pup.❤
  • meenakshi gaira: How could someone be so cruel 😢😢
    Happy that he found his home 😭💟
  • Notthefather: 1:38 it was cute seeing him carry his own leash!
  • D Berd: What a sweet dog! Thank you for saving him!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Michael Braum: Thank God for angels like this that can step in and show a dog true love and make them want to live! This is an amazing story to go from certain death to long life being loved and giving love every day. Thank you for sharing!
  • Senna Taylor: Seeing him gain weight and fill out his ribs makes my heart happy
  • Bet_tina2020: You are truly amazing and you deserve an Award. The transformation of this pup 🐶 is amazing!!!
  • ultimate: He’s so cute thanks for adopting him
  • Todd Harmon: God Bless all who helped that beautiful creature. May you all have wonderful, happy lives together!
  • Princeashey1!!: OMG IM SO SAD I LOVE DOGS!!im so glad he’s ok and thanks for saving him and adopting him
  • Henry Warnell: It is said the eyes are the window to the soul. That pup, even starving, had the clearest, most beautiful eyes.
  • J R: Courageous animals like this who have been through so much and can still have so much love and hope, and be willing to forgive are what give me hope for humanity. Bless this sweet pup 💓
  • Ken Nappier: I love to see a beautiful dog get it’s health back to normal. Thank you for being good to it.
  • K: Such a beautiful story and dog. I cant even begin to comprehend why someone would do that to an animal.
  • Tobyas Adalrico N. Kusumah: WOW he looks different and we all have to appreciate this woman who took care of him for the rets of his life he was so weak living in the streets until she did it lets all be kind like her
  • Fresco L: “If Animals could talk… Humanity would cry”– My Doggo
  • Theodore and Tina’s World: I feel so bad for the puppy before. Now, I am so relaxed. All he needed was- love and care! Stan the people who saved the little guy~!
  • Zoey jade galaxy _galaxy squad =]: Aww I felt sad at first, but he was good at the end! Good bless you guys I would not know what to do without people like you God bless you! 🙂
  • Dena Sharpe: These little beautiful gifts from the universe are just sponges for love and give us so much more than we could ever expect….skin and bones with a harness abandoned on the road….but a joyful bouncing puppy with pitiful tail still wagging…oh my heart….❤❤❤
  • Alice: Thank you so much for giving Tig a second chance at life. He will be the most wonderful baby you have and so loving and loyal. He knows you saved him and was there for him and he will be the same to you. God bless you.
  • Everett Young: It’s makes me sick that someone did that to him I’m gonna cry he looks so much better aww my gosh
  • Gayathri Vadivelu: Heartbreaking the manner in which they found this precious boy. But soooo happy about how it all unfolded.
  • 🍣Sushihoe: Wow he turned out b e a u t I f u l ❤️ I cried so hard during this
  • Neil Castro: What a beautiful energetic puppy 😍😍😍😍👏👏 wow i would love to have him!! What an unbelievable transformation
  • Organize Create Decorate: I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes that started as very sad tears for the shape that precious little guy was in and turned into happy tears of joy as I watched his reaction to being cared while his body filled out. God bless you for saving this joyful being.
  • Yesenia Garcia: So cute when he was jumping around and stepped on his toy and it squeaked
  • Anime3.o: This warms my heart ❤️
  • Ronica Cormier: This just made my heart smile! These pups are the best!!! He’s beautiful!!!!💕💕💕
  • Dario Makris: Thank you for saving this adorable dog, great heartwarming video ❤😥
  • WH-@1!!: Bless, that dog is so lucky you found it in time, amazing! found a warm family.
  • myboyJC_forever: No dog should EVER have to go through with this.
  • mccumiskey87: Aww he’s a lovely dog. You would wonder what kind of person would leave him in that terrible neglected condition at the start.
    Great to see his transformation & recovery well done to you for bringing him in & helping him back to full health respect to you. 👍
  • Patricia M: Blessings to all those that go above and beyond to help animals in need. ✌️💛
  • KoolKidAstrid: thank you for always bringing me such joy ❤️❤️❤️
  • Unnf: OMG GOD WHAT A GREAT BOI just look at that beautiful pit my ice cold heart melts into a puddle.
    Awesome job guys!
  • lydia_ig: Dogs and animals shouldn’t be put down, the terrible owners should.
  • Novi L: what a handsome boy! Glad that he recovered thanks to the awesome foster family!
  • Kiki: This stuff makes me so emotional 🥹. But I am happy now that he is so healthy and as a good home! 🙂
  • Sandra Smith-Cooper: my absolute favorite!! Thank you to the foster care keeper!! Incredible job!
  • Lakshita Leekha: Seeing him gain weight and fill out his ribs makes my heart happy
  • Angel Calderon: We need more people in the world like them with loving hearts towards animals. God bless you all for saving this poor little gorgeous puppy
  • Raja: God, what a “pittieful” state this pittie puppy was in…your saving this puppy is to be applauded 🙏
  • Nathan Kaye: Omg 😱😭 Seeing animals like this makes me cry. Thank God 🙏 thier are lovely people in this crazy world still 🧡💛💜
  • France Mathieu: Bless you! He is so lucky to have you❤️
  • K. B.: This is so heartwarming. Thank you!
  • Cara O’Doherty: “Those who teach the most about humanity, aren’t always humans.-” Donald L. Hicks
  • TheDragonBoiYT: I’m crying right now. It makes me so happy to see this!
  • Pyro Adapt: Now more than ever with increasing outside heat we need more people to foster stray animals and find them homes. I currently live with a family member and can’t bring in anymore than I already have but my sister has found 2 baby kittens outside dying of heat exposure and starvation but they have made wonderful transformations and are now tiny chubby kittens who love being held all the time. All smiles and purring non stop.
  • Ramon Largaespada: OMG that’s so sad I’m happy that you saved him he’s really lucky to have you guys
  • S D: Very nice Ma’am, just because of people like you with so much of kindness💖💖in their hearts the whole world is existing. God bless you and that naughty puppy 😊
  • Rasa Levstein: The fact that he was “able to stand on his own” made me really sad, because all dogs should be able to stand, on their own. But that shouldn’t be an achievement, it should be something natural. There is something really wrong with the previous owners, I mean, they left him by the gutter!
  • TrEndY BrEaD 🍞: Aww this was so sweet! 🥰
  • Mrs. Derp: I love this dog. he looks like such a great dog from even the beginning.
  • Svensson Rasmus: Poor dog!
    Thanks for saving him <3
  • Liabobaツ #Roadto40: How adorable! Big glow up. Do a before and after! Beautiful dog!
  • bianca v: I’m so happy he found a loving home. Such a beautiful dog!
  • * Clouded Candle *: I’m so glad he made it ❤️
  • Winnie Rhybet: God bless your soul for saving and adopting him . He’s Soo cute. Aww💖💖
  • Phil Holmes: What an incredible transformation you have all achieved and now he is with his forever family and home god bless you for the life saving you all do what a very happy dog
  • RoseAndMoonTheDino: OMG that story was sad. But at least he’s ok. I wish I had a dog like him
  • Sam Hsiao: People that do this kinda stuff need like a premium heaven.
  • Zsavage1: To all those who helped this animal.. a heart felt thank you and for helping me at the same time by reassuring my faith in my fellow man.. you people are very special as it takes a very special kind of person to do this… PEACE THE Z
  • john balls: these transformations are amazing.
  • Lem Ivey: Thank you for saving him. They’re such good babies. I have one and he’s like our child.
  • Lizeth: Bendiciones infinitas 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

The press is a watchdog. Not an attack dog. Not a lapdog. A watchdog. Now, a watchdog can’t be right all the time. He doesn’t bark only when he sees or smells something that’s dangerous. A good watchdog barks at things that are suspicious. – Dan Rather

Close to my heart is Muddy Waters. I love the way he sang. It was almost like a bark. It was like the bark of a dog: it’s not fancy. Sometimes it’s not like singing; it’s like shouting. – Rag’n’Bone Man

Folks will know how large your soul is by the way you treat a dog! Charles F. Doran

The first thing I do each morning is get out of bed and give my dog, Audrey, a hug. She’s a Jack Russell. I think having an animal is a wonderful thing, particularly dogs. They are great levelers, there’s no nonsense with them, and they just want simple affection. – Donatella Versace

I’m just a battler making an honest buck who goes home to his missus and his dog at the end of the day. – Rex Hunt

One of the things that’s interesting is that the PC has always had a huge amount of scalability. It was sort of the wild dog that moved into Australia and killed all the local life because it could just adapt. There used to be these dedicated devices, like dedicated word processors. – Gabe Newell

Show me pictures of siberian husky puppies. dog skin infection pictures. happy thanksgiving puppy images. photos of teddy bear puppies. puppies pictures of puppies. pictures of bug bites on dogs. kitten background pictures. dog bite wounds pictures

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