Huskies melt hearts with cute ‘protest’

We all know about how most dog’s feel about going to the groomers.

It’s much like the same way they feel about going to the vet.

They freakin’ hate it! There are a host of reasons why dogs aren’t fans of going to the groomers.

According to iheartdogs, these reasons include noisy dryers, other barking dogs, being restrained, having separation anxiety, and being handled by strangers. It could have been one or all of those reasons for a husky named Moon who was brought to the groomers.

Either way, he was extremely vocal about it. He gave his groomer an earful the entire time he was getting washed up.

The soaking wet husky was yapping away while getting brushed in the tub. His hilarious protests were recorded and put on TikTok, where they went viral.

“I don’t want to be clean!” the video’s caption reads.

The video starts with Moon in the tub.

“I don’t want to do this,” the video’s text says.

But the groomer continues steadily brushing the dog.

“I’m done now,” Moon gripes. “Hey that’s enough.”

He flips around to try and evade some brushes but it doesn’t work.

“Moon,” the groomer laughs.

“Let’s be done,” Moon tells him. “I’m all clean!”

But there’s still more fur that needs to be cleared away from Moon’s coat so the groomer continues.

“No don’t!” Moon complains.

“You’re making me go left,” the groomer says.

“That’s too bad,” Moon tells him.

Finally, Moon is a little tired of wiggling around back and forth so he sits down.

“Good boy!” the groomer tells him.

But Moon has absolutely no interest in being a good boy. He just wants to get the heck out of that tub.

“This is the worst,” Moon whines. “I’m mad. I’m angry. This stinks. Let’s go.”

“You are being a good boy,” the groomer says.

But Moon knows when he’s being lied to and he doesn’t care for it. Moon’s little protest video was liked more than 625,800 times.

“That dog was straight up talking to that gentleman,” said one commenter.

“I love huskies because at the slightest inconvenience, they throw the worlds biggest tantrum. Kinda like me,” said another.

“Sounds like ‘I want to speak to the manager!’” and another.

But some groomers on the thread said it was just a hairdresser’s thing and huskies like to dish when getting their hair done.

“Can confirm when I was a dog groomer that I heard every husky’s life story.”

Huskies are known to be a very talkative breed.

“Huskies are a very vocal breed. This is probably based on their origin as sled dogs who lived together in large groups and needed plenty of communication. Even nowadays, sled dog teams are loud – especially when excited before a run!” SpiritDog training explains.

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