Meet The Rufous-Cre.sted Coquette, A One-Of-A-Kind Chubby Little Hummingbird!


WOW, this bird is breathtaking!

These birds are so beautiful and perfect that you won’t believe they’re real!

It was the giant crested coquette hummingbird, with a fairy-tale crown unlike any other. This made them seem to be bird kings!
This hummingbird is truly unique due to its crown and beautiful plumage!

The coquette hummingbird is native to South America’s tropical slopes, but it can be found in a variety of countries along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. They also prefer to live at high altitudes in subtropical and tropical lowland forests.

The Rufous-crested Coquette male is easily distinguished by his beautiful orange crest with black tips. This bird is part of the hummingbird family, small, stout, and has a beautiful iridescence. It’s a sight to behold when combined with bright green throat patches and white throat feathers.

This distinctive plumage also aids male birds in attracting mates!

The female is duller than the male; she lacks an orange crest and a green throat and appears to be a regular colorful hummingbird.
Their favorite food, like that of all hummingbirds, is nectar, but they also eat small insects and spiders!

Coquette hummingbirds lay only one egg per litter, and their nest is made of soft plant fibers, green moss, and feathers in the shape of a cup. These nests are typically built in bushes, shrubs, or small trees.

Wow such an amazing bird!!!

This lovely little bird is like something from a Disney Show….absolutely incredibly unique, I can hardly believe my eyes. Ravishing….

You sure are beautiful little critter nature we love it!

Beautiful! God’s amazing creativity! ♥️

They are truly one of God’s magnificent creations. Absolutely breathtaking birds!!!


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