Mom lets her little girl get the shelter dog she wants

When 10-year-old Alexandria first met Wyatt, she fell completely in love with the black and white pit bull.

Alexandria and her mom Angela first met Wyatt when they stopped by the Arizona Humane Society.

Screenshot 2022-09-25 at 12-06-26 Little girl can't contain emotions when mom appears at school with shelter dog she wanted

They were looking for a pit bull to be a part of their family and felt Wyatt would be the perfect fit.

Alexandria was brought to tears the moment she laid eyes on Wyatt.

“He’s the one that’s going to take good care of us, mom!” she told her mom, according to the Arizona Humane Society. “If you go get him, I promise to love him forever and take really good care of him.”

Despite being smitten by Wyatt, the family decided to wait a little while before they adopted a new pet.

Meanwhile, Angela was still stalking Wyatt’s profile on the Arizona Humane Society’s website.

It wasn’t long before she made an appointment to see Wyatt while keeping it a secret from her daughter.

“As soon as I met him, I knew he was the one for our family!” Angela said.

Angela ended up adopting Wyatt that day.

After signing all of the adoption paperwork to make it official, she decided to surprise Alexandria at school.

And she caught the surprise on video. The video shows Alexandria turning the corner and shouting, “Mom!” as she looks at Wyatt with great surprise.

Alexandria is again moved to tears as she walks toward her new “baby.”

“Congratulations!” mom tells Alexandria as she hands her the adoption papers.

Alexandria goes to pet Wyatt and then hugs her moms tight.

“Now, Wyatt and Alexandria are inseparable. His mom says he’s fully housebroken and knows a lot of tricks—and he’s a great cuddler!” the Arizona Humane Society reports.

The video of Alexandria’s surprise was viewed more than 628,000 times on Facebook.

“Such a beautiful heartwarming story. So happy for all three of them to have found each other,” wrote one commenter.

“This is magical! Congratulations! A loving family every pit bull needs,” said another.

The video was shared by the Arizona Humane Society in honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Month.

“We’re so happy to see pups of this misunderstood breed get all the love they deserve,” the organization wrote on Facebook.

Pit bulls have been associated with being violent and dangerous to the point where they are even banned in some countries like the U.K.

According to National Geographic, a study found that their breed identifications were not accurate in instances with pit bulls causing fatalities.

Over 80 percent of those cases also involved dogs that hadn’t been socialized, were large and sexually intact, and didn’t have a relationship to the person that was killed.


“In other words, [a] perfect storm of factor upon factor,” their article reads.

Bronwen Dickey, author of “Pit Bull: The Battle Over an American Icon,” says a dog’s demeanor often has to do with how it’s raised and socialized rather than the breed.

“You can’t make broad generalizations. I have met everything from the most scary and unstable pit bull to the most bombproof and mellow. It’s such an individual thing,” she said.

But Angela didn’t think twice about bringing Wyatt into her home, regardless of his breed. In fact, they actually sought out a pit bull.

Check out Alexandria’s surprise meeting with Wyatt below.

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