Mother Chicken Stretches Her Wings To Shield Her Kids From The Torrential Downpour!


These tiny critters have a lot to teach human mothers about raising kids!

Mother Hen Becomes Umbrella To Secure Her Babies From Heavy Rain (Video).

All mothers—human or animal—know exactly how to look out for their young, and will do anything to ensure that they grow up healthy and strong!
That is typical behavior of birds. This is why the Bible sometimes pictures God as an eagle that protects its children under its wings.

A video from India that has gained widespread attention demonstrates the depth of a mother hen’s readiness to put her child’s needs ahead of her own.

While someone was seated by the fireside in a cozy home, the chicken mother and her kids were still standing shivering in a torrential downpour at the local fish market, the feathered mother bird spreading her wings above them, serving as a living umbrella for their kids. The chicks are embracing their mother tightly and pleading with the sky to clear.

She, like many other parents, doesn’t mind if her fur gets wet from the rain as long as her kids are safe, warm, and comfortable. Every mother certainly has such instinct; they give endlessly!

What a touching moment! This could be a model for humans to be kind to animals. That animals have hearts and feeling every time a human hurts or abandons them!

We should never ever consider eating these and all living creatures, they are thinking, emotional and loving individuals, better then most of us humans

What a touching moment. This could be a model for human to be kind to animal. That an animal have a heart and feeling everytime human hu.rts an animal.

Watch the heartwarming story in video below:


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