Netty The Old Dog Returned To The Shelter, Finally Found The House Again

She’s heading home with 3 senior dog siblings, and her mom is a vet tech!

More than ten years after being rescued, a senior dog was brought back to the shelter. On the other hand, a local vet provided her with a permanent home.

According to her guardians, Netty, 15, was rescued from the Pennsylvania SPCA in 2010, only to be released recently due to incontinence.

In fact, ask every shelter worker what the most difficult and heartbreaking aspect of their job is. They will always say that it is the people who return the dogs. On the other hand, Netty’s story has a happy ending.

Back to Shelter

“Animal bounce rates vary and it’s not common.” But when it does, it can be frustrating, especially after a decade,” said Gillian Kocher, head of public relations. “However, instead of focusing on what brought her back to us, we chose to focus on how we could give her the best final days possible.”

According to Gillian Kocher, director of public relations at the Pennsylvania SPCA, Netty was “fantastic” early on, but her “overall was very melancholy”. “She stayed at our shelter’s hospital due to her age and the fact that she was battling [urinary tract infection].” Of course, she gets a lot of attention, but she mostly sleeps.”

A serial senior dog breeder

When Netty met Amy Kidd, owner of the Pocopson Veterinary Station, with her husband and children, she lit up. Netty’s story has been shared by the family on social networks. Many people know that Kidd’s family only rescues older pets, especially pets with specific needs.

“As a small veterinarian, I regularly witness requests from older pets,” she explained to Newsweek, noting that dog and cat owners often adopt puppies and cats. child. On the other hand, parents with puppies, adult pets, and the elderly, are more likely to suffer death.

On August 21, 2022, Marta commented on an article in Newsweek: “If people knew how satisfying it is to save older dogs/cats, they would race to shelters. shelter to adopt them…

The gratitude they show and the difference you can make in their lives is truly priceless!!! “

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