pictures of different breeds of kittens – pictures of coonhounds

Puppy cute pictures of dogs. pictures of english bulldogs. pictures of different breeds of kittens. background of pugs. pictures of coonhounds. a picture of kittens. sheepadoodle images. doberman wallpaper 4k

Know yourself. Don’t accept your dog’s admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful. – Ann Landers

pictures of coonhounds – puppy cute pictures of dogs

No babies for me until I’m in my 30s! I’m focused on my career right now. I can’t even take care of my dog. – Chanel Iman

When the dog looks at you, the dog is not thinking what kind of a person you are. The dog is not judging you. – Eckhart Tolle

a picture of kittens – pictures of english bulldogs

In modern times, dogs may be pampered, but historically, a dog’s life wasn’t much to bark about. Hence a dog’s chance is a small chance. – Anu Garg

I didn’t have any role models really. My best friend was a dog. My mum and dad saved a dog from the gutter and that dog was my brother before Jesse was born. Sami was his name and he was my role model. – Ville Valo

jack russell dog images – pictures of different breeds of kittens

Perhaps one reason we are fascinated by cats is because such a small animal can contain so much independence, dignity, and freedom of spirit. Unlike the dog, the cat’s personality is never bet on a human’s. He demands acceptance on his own terms. – Lloyd Alexander

We never really own a dog as much as he own us. Gene Hill

cute wallpaper dog and cat – background of pugs

Watching a company develop is like watching a puppy grow. When you can watch something grow that you created – it’s really an amazing feeling. – Brody Jenner

You’ve got to keep a dog with you at all times. A dog cannot roam. You’ve got to keep him in the house with you. You can’t have a wild dog and expect days to go good. – George Foreman

I was green. All I knew was to walk my dog and go to church. – Jessica Hahn

No man who has not tried it can imagine what dreadful hard work it is to listen. Splitting gum logs in the dog days is child’s play to it. I’ve tried both, and give the preference to the gum logs. – Davy Crockett

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  • MyTube Recap: *_Doggo exists_*This Guy: “I like this dog.”

    Me: “You can’t adopt more d…”

    This Guy: “ANOTHER!!”

  • Neon Lights: I swear some people just have this aura of kindness and you can tell they’re good people
  • Whimsically Widdershins: He’s like, “Now we are going to introduce her to the entire pack.: And I was like, wait, there are more dogs??!!
  • David Smithson: I had a dog that was a bit like that. Maybe had been tied up and abused. His eyes were dead. I remember the first time I took him to the beach. You could almost feel his astonishment. All that space! After a while he was swimming after sticks. His personality changed, his eyes shone. He’s gone to dog heaven now, but had a good life, trips, toys, love and two meals a day!
  • Sammy’s Momma: This man is an angel! Imagine how beautiful this world would be if everyone had this much love for creatures 🥰❤️
  • Scott Vigne: God bless this man for his huge heart and his kindness towards animals.
  • sofie _: Her coming to the farm looking at the pack like: everyone’s so happy here, this has to be too good to be true. Doggy heaven.
  • Yoshi Beann: How he’s nothing but smiles when he’s with her and the way he stares and kisses her like a protective dad…..somebody’s cutting onions DAMMIT
  • Margaret Butcher: I can’t imagine what this poor sweet girl must have gone through to have been so terribly afraid. Thank you for giving her the time and love that she needed.
  • wisewordings: As my mum likes to say: “That dog just fell into a bed of roses.” So true. I love this man and his mini dog sanctuary. 🙂
  • Elyse Hernandez: I wish I could give this man a huge hug! What he’s doing is just the true meaning of love and kindness 💞
  • Jim Hamman: That was so smart to bring your other dog along to meet her. When dogs see that another dog likes you it reassures them that you will be kind to them as well. She’s so fortunate to have a good Papa like you now, and so many good four-legged friends with whom to play.
  • Kimberley Mancino: She’s a completely changed girl in a wonderful way!!! 🥰 I pray she stays with you for the rest of her life! I hear you say “ this is your home for a little while “ please don’t give her up!!! She meant to be free and enjoying life with you and the pack!!! ✝️🥰🙏💞
  • The Chanelo Fam: the part where he said “yeah you” she was looking back at him like is he still there? so cute lol she’s beautiful. these dogs are in heaven. no joke. 🥰
  • Kenneth Potts: Anytime a dog gets to run outdoors, and explore, while receiving unconditional love, they’re going to be happy.
  • Julie Pierce: This dude is a saint. He’s taken in so many dogs.
  • JIMMY: Amazing how many dogs you have rescued & saved their lives! Paying it Forward: You’re a Guardian Angel! Thank You for all that you do!
  • Mario Georgatsellos: Dude you’re an angel 👼 I always have tears 😭 of joy you are a blessing to our furry friends.
  • snagglefoot69: There are men, and then there’s the “man amongst men”. Of course l refer to the man in the video. I cried like a baby, and nothing else could ever make me do that. Hopefully your humanity and kindness to a defenseless animal is repaid ten fold.
  • Harper Hope: If there’s one guy on the internet who can make you cry, it’s Lee Asher. His love for all dogs everywhere is life-altering for them, him and us watching. He repeatedly demonstrates the profound difference one dedicated person can make – returning hope, faith and love to the most deserving among us.
  • It’s just Me.: This guy has a way with animals. He gives off good vibes and they trust him very quickly.
  • Keith Underwood: This moved me. Brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears!
  • Natalie Dyson: What a beautiful dog. So happy with that man and the other dogs. A joy to watch!
  • Julie Arvizu: Such a happy outcome for this beautiful dog I think Lee is like the Dog Whisperer I think God has given you as very special gift that makes the pups that you bring in feel safe and comforted in your presence and it was so sweet when you open the door and the other boys and girls invited her right in with the dog Clan and seemed really happy to see her what a great day how exciting you inspire so many people and just lift up their hearts thank you so much for all you do
  • iain: God bless you sir , I am in tears right now seeing how your care has got this dog where she is now . Seriously thank you for your compassion and your love . Massive respect to you .
  • Joan Whack: Asher has such a way with animals, it’s uncanny. I hope he never stops being him
  • Karen Cuffee: What a beautiful and huge heart you have. Blessings to you and all of your pups!!!
  • Tracy Marquez: She’s beautiful and came out of her shell little by little. Nice pack of dogs of various sizes
  • Liz Muschinski: The pure love, positivity and attentiveness pouring out of that man put the dog very quickly at ease. Animals respond to human emotional condition, and his was so confident and with such a caring intention, it was easy to see how dogs know they will be safe with him. I needed to see this to believe it. That amount of dogs sounds crazy but what a home they have! They look well cared for. Very inspiring. ❤️
  • Hugh Blanchard: Wonderful story. We’ve been rescuing abandoned dogs for 40 years, and have had as many as 7 dogs at one time. That was about our limit, since we live in the suburbs and don’t have a big homestead to let them all run free. Two of us walking 7 dogs was a challenge.
  • ZeroBoostBuick: He has the PERFECT home/environment for these K-9’s
    They get EVERYTHING they ever dreamed of. God bless this man and reward him with lots of joy, love, health and Peace.
  • Sheryl Arce: This brought tears to my eyes!! I too live in Oregon and have three rescues and one looks so much like her. People often ask me why in the world I have three dogs and I just tell them that they found me. Dog lovers are special people!!!
  • EBH: You’re amazing and so generous with your time, resources, energy and love!! What a differ one person can make.
  • Elizabeth Abbott: Lovely beyond words!! So happy to see her happy.
  • Amy Bennett: This made me smile on a day I thought I couldn’t. TY for sharing these beautiful videos! You are a real life angel.
  • Harry Ballsonya: Dude. You are the man!
    “Free at last”
    You freed an innocent soul!
    She will bring you blessings
  • Gma Mose: She IS a sweet, special girl! So glad she could run free and have a pack of her own! Loved this!
  • Das KapitaL: What a sweet dog! Who could left her?
    This guy is incredible. He understands animals. Lucky dogs and lucky guy. This place is haven. May God bless you with everything
  • Laila: Seeing this, just put such a smile on my face! Amazing guy with so much love and you can see she feels that! Out of this world! Great stuff 🙂
  • Sandy at The beach: God Bless you both for what you do for all of these sweet furbabies!! 🐶💖
  • Stacy Thomas: Don’t believe this wonderful man when he says he is fostering. This sweet lab just found her forever home/pack.
  • Kelly Smith: I truly LOVE seeing this! All of these dogs so happy outdoors exploring with each other. So happy to see the newcomer trusts and fits right in. But, I can’t think about how many dogs that is to bathe after that kind of excursion. LOL! That is a ton of work. But they make it work 🙂
  • High Tower: She’s in heaven out there with all of those dogs.
  • 1pooltub: What a great story and so happy to see this great outcome for a deserving puppy!👍❤️👍
  • Spruzzatinias’Art: Your house was literally like looking at mine!! 😂 I have all rescue animals 2 Pitt bulls , A mixed pit ,a Belgium malinois, a dachshund mix and a German shepherd…2 bearded dragons missing toes from previous owner neglect..,a ferret,..2 guinea pigs and I’m about to do 2 more fosters but omg they give us way more love and happiness than we could imagine!!! I literally am happiest like you did,diving in my bed,closing my eyes while they all dive in bed with us and being covered in doggy love!!!! 😍🥰
  • Vitality Massage: My God, that’s a LOT of DOGS! At least they look healthy. He obviously loves dogs a LOT!
  • Wally Harder: Can’t get enough of this video? You are “The Bomb”, Lee. Thanks for all you do and God 🙏 bless ❤️ you and your family
  • Tonya Shores: This baby is Literally out with her new parents for less than an hour and she’s already on his lap happy this was meant to be her family
  • pkmr: God Bless You for giving this dog a happy life!!! THANK YOU!!! I hope this inspires others to do what you did!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Kevin Guy: I just can’t stop smiling at this ☺️
  • Wish I was on a beach: How wonderful is Lee Asher? He’s just a rare gem.
  • Kimberly Lee: She absolutely loves living with you and the pack! You and your wife are angels! God bless you!!
  • Janet Harned: Such a beautiful and so special dog, that I wish I could adopt her!! Best wishes for this dog every day of her life and thank you for saving her, as there’s no better place than yours for her, ever!! God bless you both, forever!!
  • K M: So wonderful! So incredible! Seeing how happy both of you are makes me realize you’re a good man and she’s lucky …..y’all are lucky…you found each other! Thanks for sharing.
  • Lou Lou: This makes my heart happy. All those happy dogs & an awesome family who took in all the pups! 🐾💜🐾💜
  • Derek Chubb: We could all learn a lesson in compassion from this man.
    The love you get is only equaled by the love you give. All dogs deserve to live in a loving home.
    Thanks, Ashers….you do Oregon proud with your overwhelming kindness.
  • FJB: What kind of horror do these dogs go through that they would be so scared? 😢 Thank you for rescuing this pretty baby!
  • Queenie Robinson: Omg you’re such an amazing soul… thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do! I see you have a lot of dogs which tells me you rescue them. This video made me cry and laugh… Thank God for people like you🙏❤️
  • UniverseWithinUs: I just love all that you do for these kind souls that have been through so much and left all alone. Love to you and these beautiful buddies in life.
  • CosmosTheMouse: “I’m going to introduce her to the pack”
    Me: That’s a lot of dogs
    “And now the entire pack”
    Me: There’s more?? 😮
  • Porkakoo: This just made my heart burst with happiness! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m so happy that there are still people out there that will love and be kind to these smart and loyal creatures.
  • Lauren Kerr: I love watching Lee interact with scared dogs and rescuing them. What an awesome human being!! He has his own channel on here for his Asher House Rescue.
  • Star0210: I literally love this story. Taking this sjsling girl and watching her turn into the happiest doggie ever!!🏞🐕🐕❤❤❤ beautiful job by this man! She’s in her element out in nature and free!!
  • Karen: How wonderful ❤️ 😊 Thanks for loving these precious dogs!! They are so amazing. My heart soared watching her enjoy herself. Awesome!!!
  • Michael Jordan: soft beds, friends to play with, never hungry and nothing but fun for the rest of her life. It’s literally heaven. I’m so happy for her. Thank you.
  • jmp816: Your stories restore me every day. In this world, thank you Lee Asher. You are an 😇🐶🖖❤️
  • David Mancini: Aw what a sweet girl. Glad to see her so happy. Great job !!
  • CiaraBee: Amazing. They just need to be part of a pack. Part of a family. Thank you for making her happy x
  • Jerry Samulcek: This is worth watching again and again, an amazingly uplifting journey for that animal.
  • Jann Wilkins: I love watching you’re videos. Its so nice to see all of the animals that you save. You are a kind and special man.
  • Mike Roden: From one animal lover to the next,I thank you so much for helping these wonderful animals get the love they deserve.
  • Anita Mohle: I love this guy. Thankyou for rescuing these dogs and giving them the life they deserve. I imagine they are rescuing you right back. If you put out as much love as you have for them they are bound to give it back to you 10 fold. Bless you 🐕
  • Sylvia Johnson: I love this man for rescuing so many precious dogs. God bless him🐕💜
  • Alexander Pavlovsky: Dude huge respect. Incredible that you are able to give these dogs such a happy life.
  • Julie Plummer: Who doesn’t love this man and his commitment to those in need. Best wishes!
  • Bob Hanover: This video is absolutely wonderful! I want it to be a whole movie. I was really excited to see all those dogs make it to the river. You do an amazing job of being loving with all those animals!
  • Kimberly Thomas: This was touching! What an amazing transformation! God bless you sir! We need more people like yourself in this world!❤️🌹
  • Sue Kay: This is my favourite adoption story….and now we see how far she has come…. it is amazing and beautiful in equal measure…
  • Irish Made: Every dog looks so happy , well done mate, the world needs more people like
  • Rico Suave: That just warms my heart, it really does! So awesome. It pains me to think what was done to her previously to make her like that. But, to see how she ended up, so happy and outgoing is just amazing. Bless you!
  • beargrrrr: You sir are an inspiration. The love you show those dogs brought a tear to my eye.
  • Henry Lloyd: Beautiful beginning for that dog and all his friends really helped him. Great work you do and nothing better then helping animals. 👏
  • CANTWEALL GETALONG: What a sweetheart. So nice to see a smart rescue Dad do his magic.
  • Tom: When people ask “what would you do if you won the lottery?” this man is living my dream to own a large piece of land and give dogs somewhere safe to live.
  • Karen Straw: Shes definitely a Daddys Girl and So totally Accepted And Loved in her Adopted “Pack” Its Amazing what A Bit of Love And Trust can Do. Beautiful Video
  • James Towell: Thank you so much for caring and saving her from such a sad existence. Well done to you. You make the world a better place.
  • HOPE7747: We need clips like this more than ever. Thank you for making each of those dog’s lives AMAZING!!! 🍻🍻🍻
  • Leah Williams: That’s fabulous. You’re a wonderful man giving those beauties a good life. I can see your kindness and love for them.
  • Js Dallasguy: This is a REAL man with a BIG heart. The world needs more men like you. you’re the best sir.
  • Rita Valencia: What a blessing you are to these dogs, I’m sure you have many gold stars in heaven waiting for you for everything that you do for them. God bless you and your family and your four-legged families, lol
  • essolunapapa: Tears flowing down, love and joyful acts of goodness!
  • Carol Lovett: Watching this made me Cry. Thank you for loving your babies.
  • beloveddude: love this vid, love this dog, amazing how many dogs you have and care for, and provide such a great place for…GOD BLESS YOU!
  • Klinsk: Me: “I have a backyard for my dog.”
    Lee: “I have a state forest as my backyard.”
  • Gail Howes: She is in paradise now! Thank you for having such a big heart! I hope there are a lot more people who will give the fur babies from the shelters a forever home!
  • melek twelve: Wow! This guy is so beyond awesome! Just amazing how the dogs absorb his love and kindness.
    What a great guy he is. What sweet dogs he’s taken in, sweet because of their alpha dog’s (his) personality. Bless him and his pack.
  • Scott Vigne: Brother just simply God bless you that dog is happier today than she’s ever been in her entire life. Look at the family she has now just awesome
  • Deborah Abernathy: Loving It So Much!! You are such a special person and a great Dad. These babies are so blessed and beautiful, what a great family and you are a Hero in my eyes. Thank You for sharing!
  • Cheshirescarf: If I was younger( and single 😉) this is the man I’d cross the world for. His love of animals knows no bounds…total sweetheart.
  • len dog: I always comment on how awesome you guys are for what you do… wish I was in a better financial place to donate but for now, I just recognize the effort, the love & the change you bring to their world. Thank you for you dude!

I was green. All I knew was to walk my dog and go to church. – Jessica Hahn

No man who has not tried it can imagine what dreadful hard work it is to listen. Splitting gum logs in the dog days is child’s play to it. I’ve tried both, and give the preference to the gum logs. – Davy Crockett

PETA’s campaign should be included in school curricula. If we can open children’s hearts and minds to animals’ needs, teach them to treat a dog or a chicken as if they feel fear and love and pain – as they do – then they will grow up to understand that we are all worthy of respect. – Ingrid Newkirk

I have a part-time dog. I’m actually an aunt to a dog, and he’s an awful dog, but I love him. He’s only interested in doing what he wants to do. – Kate DiCamillo

I remember making my own dog food and feeling very fulfilled by it, then by day four I was over it. – Chrissy Teigen

My little dog—a heartbeat at my feet. Edith Wharton

Puppy cute pictures of dogs. pictures of english bulldogs. pictures of different breeds of kittens. background of pugs. pictures of coonhounds. a picture of kittens. sheepadoodle images. doberman wallpaper 4k

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