pictures of dotson puppies – very cute puppies photos

Random dog pictures. cute dog drawing wallpaper. pictures of dotson puppies. courage the dog wallpaper. very cute puppies photos. heeler puppy pictures. german shepherd dog image. funny corgi wallpaper

My dog was with me all the time. I talked to my dog. She was my best buddy. I shared all my secrets with her, but I don’t think I every really tried jokes out with the dog. – Cathy Guisewite

very cute puppies photos – random dog pictures

When people spot Fallon in public, they do not shriek or drool or go wobbly in the knees. It’s a different look entirely. A tilt of the head, mouth agape, eyebrows rolled like you do when you see a puppy. – Jeanne Marie Laskas

Without a dog, you’d never have anyone demonstrate how important it is to stop every day and smell the roses… and then lift your leg on them. – W. Bruce Cameron

heeler puppy pictures – cute dog drawing wallpaper

It’s funny to me that people find other people getting coffee really interesting, or walking their dog in the dog park. – Jake Gyllenhaal

Dog is God spelled backward. – Duane Chapman

sheep dog images – pictures of dotson puppies

Yes, you could call me a tree hugger, an environmentalist, an eco-warrior even – except I don’t spend my life in a kaftan, smoking joss sticks and walking a skinny dog on a piece of string. – Jasper Carrott

I have my golden retriever now, Pontiac. He’s a career-change guide dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind. – Betty White

puppy love photos – courage the dog wallpaper

In many ways, September feels like the busiest time of the year: The kids go back to school, work piles up after the summer’s dog days, and Thanksgiving is suddenly upon us. – Brene Brown

I love pets and I love animals, and I just got a new puppy, a new rescue named Peanut. She’s a tiny little Chihuahua mix. – Carrie Ann Inaba

My parents gave me a boxer puppy as a present. I have wanted a dog for years and must first give her attention in the morning. – Natalie du Toit

Life is a series of dogs. George Carlin

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  • Shimmano Joe: To potentially risk your life for the life of another living creature That’s what it means to be human and a real man……I salute you
  • Sly Wolf: What these men did was truly wonderful! But can you just imagine the stress the dog was under, fear, exhaustion. The energy required to keep swimming like that. Great dog, great rescuers!
  • Basswitch: You’re a real hero….and an angel in same time. I wish health and satisfaction everytime by your side.
  • Tobyjohn Medicinehorse: The spirit of both the dog and the men that saved him speaks volumes of what it’s like to care enough to save another creature whether it is another human or one of God’s creations!!!!
  • Lulu Chavez: Esa gente es la que vale la pena !!! Dios los bendiga siempre 🙏😇💞🙏
  • Sean: It’s amazing how the dog knows the people were trying to help and he trusted them.
  • Giovana Gonçalves: Isso é que é um ser humano…todos os que ajudaram e amam o bem que Deus os abençoe sempre😘
  • André Beaumont: This dog has a heart of a warrior ❤
  • Izabel Silva: Que lindo! Que arriscado! Mas, quanto amor envolvido!!
  • Renzo: I totally respect people who do these things, I’d have done the same thing for an animal. I’m so glad that dog survived.
  • Sweetpotato Tune: The dog’s amazing, he/she even kept pushing hard, never gave up his life. Respect both men and the dog.❤❤❤
  • Mary Jane: Even though I knew the dog was going to be rescued, I was at the edge of my seat yelling to save that dog. I was over joyed with emotion
  • Chris Dogg: Bro i could legit feel the dogs and the mans determination too survive thank you sir❤️
  • Carol Marr: That’s just wonderful to see the dog being rescued by the men’s determination. I applaud them.
  • Vicky M.: Amazing bravery from these men willing to sacrifice to save a precious animal.
  • Lorna Kurien: That man and his friends are my heroes. And the dog for never giving up! I was gut wrenching to watch.
  • THOMAS REYES: Thank you, sir, whoever you are. You are truly one of God’s creatures who realizes we are all equal spirits inhabiting this planet. You saved one of our brothers through sheer bravery. You displayed the purest form of goodness with that deed. I bow my head before you.
  • Deb R: Brought happy tears to my eyes. So amazing
  • SHUBHANGI ADAGALE: Big salute to that brave man 🙏
    These are real hero ❤️
  • Marianne Collier: I got goosepimples when he finally grabbed ahold of the puppydog! What a beautiful sight! A celebration for sure! A round of Dog Chow for everyone!!!!! Thank You Jesus!!!
  • Kl M: It’s so nice to see people come together in this way. I’m SO glad they were able to rescue this sweet dog!!
  • Joe Milbourne: Awesome result and cheers to those guys for their efforts !!
    There are some good people in the world.🥰
  • ruth Martinez: Awesome humans and the love is so potential.🙏
  • E Gaming TV: the dog trying hard to get closer because he knew there’s a heroes who will save his life. kudos to that man risking his life for another living creature. a real heroes for me.
  • Green Earth tesla: This little dog has a heart 5 times its body size for it worked so hard because he wanted to live as do all living creatures..Yes animals are more intelligent and loving than many people know. Cheers to the people who saved that little soul, if only the rest of humanity has respect for all animals not just certain species. Go vegans/ vegetarians…
  • Euan Patricia Wallace: God bless them all for saving the poor drowning doggie. Thank you a million times to all of you who saved the dog.
  • Xenio: May only good things happen to those men✨
  • Alana Campbell: What Angel’s of mercy! May they always be blessed.
  • Jan Pratt: This man, and his friends, are true heroes. Whenever I can’t handle the horrible “real news” I come here
  • Abbey Road Studio’s: A fantastic show of both bravery and compassion.
  • Verinha. cruz: Vídeos como esse realmente me permite acreditar que ainda existem pessoas especiais.
  • Guilherme d’Àvila: Deus abençoe e ilumine sempre e Proteja todos nós!
  • Nimi T: God bless this sweet dog for bring so resilient. I hope he gets to go to a loving home. Thank you to his rescuers x
  • Kiho Mughato: The definition of real men. May God Bless them 👍👍👍
  • Atul Dubey: Great work done by that man put his life at risk to rescue the poor dog. It’s example of great humanity.
  • Eddison Foncette: Absolutely wonderful, helps renew my faith in humanity.
  • Ponte Vedra: Absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you from the heart, Bhaskar!!
  • Mean Green: With a sigh of relief, I clapped for at least one solid minute! That was a great ending.
  • Greg Mullins: People risking their lives to save a dog speaks volumes of them as individuals,their wonderful human beings..
  • MR.Sinister 1: This brought tears 😭 to my eyes!!
  • Heather rickert: What amazing people!!!!! God bless them!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Heather rickert: What amazing people!!!!! God bless them!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Vic Ferrante: I kept falling off the edge of my seat,…literally! So glad this was successful.
  • Silvana 7: The man is a hero. God bless him and the dog….
  • kiLLRustoLeYum: I was so relieved when they finally got the poor dog to safety
  • Dayzsa Clark: Great work guys! You saved the doggie! 👌🏽❤️
  • Louisa Edike: What a wonderful man,, God bless them all for that team work, especially the man in front. , this is the kind of humans we need on earth,, now your safe doggy. Muah!
  • Anthony Bates: Awesome! Let’s keep saving the animals. Let’s go Brandon!!!!!!
  • Tammy McC-N: The dog struggling so hard to save it’s life was heartbreaking. Thank God those men risked their lives to save it.
  • Lesha Legg: Any creature that is capable of receiving and giving love,is precious, those whom thumbs down this video, would want your life to be saved, like this dog, despite how belittling someone thought of you!
  • Grace Lavetts: Thank you for helping this amazing dog . God bless everyone who helps out
  • Maria Genaura: Que resgate lindo 🙏🙏
  • Nick Han: that’s what the world need! god bless you guys!❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻
  • Patricia Guth: The men were great to keep trying, but that dog was tough, too. I think he had the hardest part to keep swimming against the flow. Great rescue!
  • Castle2k: Yes yes yes…. We need to be more like this man…. A real human being as every single life is Important…. Hat off!!! Respect!!!
  • Ivan Torres salazar: Bravo personas valientes así necesitamos al mundo saludos desde mi hermoso Chile
  • bala chander: Thank you, very inspiring video – great rescue team and fighter
  • Ana Célia Carneiro: Q bom deu tudo certo parabéns à todos vocês
  • Kotiga: I cant count the amount of times I repeated “come on puppy!” Throughout this video. What a trooper
  • Raquel TMachado: Que cãozinho valente e que homem amoroso 👍
  • khinaye Nyunt: Thank you kind men for saving poor dog! GOD bless you all!
  • Cynthia Smith: I was struggling and pulling and reaching so tired
    Blessed This guy for not giving up
  • Gabriel Casas: Gracias a estas hermosas personas por ayudarlo….. Q dios se los pague con muchas bendiciones
  • vicky dempster: My heart is still jumping. Thank god for those men.
  • Heber Batto: Realmente un honor, un orgullo de apreciar seres humanos de corazón puro y comprometido. Ese acto arrojado demuestra que hay esperanza todavia en el ser humano. Y es un orgullo cuando el humano realiza estos actos. Saludos y mi corazón está con usted.
  • Eunice Brandão: Aí fico com o coraçáo na mão queria ajudá-lo fico falando ajuda eles meu Deus
  • Jamshid: Amazing life is sweet and precious for everyone either humans or animals. I admire the brave Dog how much energy was spending to
    Save his life,finally God saved him by sending some brave young mans to rescue his life.
  • Vedika .: I never imagined this would happen in my INDIA country Hats off sir for your sacrifice and bravery .🎉😇
  • mia achingheart: I was holding my breath all the way through this. Oh my goodness, what a relief.
  • Billy Clark: Fantastic guys well done all involved, good stuff.
  • The Nufam: I’d have to absolutely adopt that lil munchkin ❤️💋😘😘
  • Vikash Kumar: Great Rescue 👍
    God bless, this great bond of love❤️
  • TAMTINKAYSU TV: Thanks you so much Bai for rescuing the dog 🐕! Your such a hero and your friends as well! Namaste!
  • lil bullet: *I wish a Long Life filled with Love, Luck and Happiness on those who helped that dog.*
  • Boyedapur Gunwant Rayalu: It is just aplaudable and very human act shown in saving the dog. Hats off to all the persons.
  • Lili C: Merci, monsieur pour ce magnifique courage ❤️
  • Drexxaal: My God! What great people! So beautiful! Thank u all 4 saving that poor sweet dog! Thank u! ❤️💋💋❤️
  • Oceana Iraia: I love beautiful humans that rescue and save animals, this was heart breaking to watch, but wow what a beautiful ending to this video👍👍👍😎
  • CyberCyborg 20XX: That was the last bit of energy that dog had. It had to happen at that moment. Good job on those people.
  • rational conservative: I’ve had to do something similar to this 10 years ago when I was 24. It was much worse than this, but I saved my Miss Magnolia Bell (Maggie) my duck hunting yellow lab.
  • Alok Bhoi: Respect to them I can’t put my self in his shoe ..Salute to you..God bless the dog he never gave up.
  • Brenda Griffin: Wonderful people – God bless them – and doggy too 😍
  • Mary Edel Guzman: Thank you and God bless you all for saving the dog while risking your life.
  • Applemfs: I love how the dog trusted them and tried to swim toward them ❤️
  • Dave Brewer: Whenever my faith in Humanity begins to sink to a new low ? I can always count of Dodo to rescue me like this precious Pup .
  • Arcoiris Iris: Increíble ser humano! Dios derrame sobre ti su bendición 💖
  • Ana Maria Souza da Silva: Amazing!!!! Incredible!!! I am Very gratheful for these Very strong Man and people who helped him tô sabe this dog!😥😀🌟🎉!!!!
  • NIKOR WHITTLE: Absolute Total legends, both man & dog never gave up, everyone were heros that day.
  • Michael Welch: These guys are my hero’s! There’s really no word’s that justly fit what they did! Truly gifts to humanity!
  • Raquel TMachado: Amor pela vida 💕
  • Malika McReynolds: Oh my God!! Thank you all who rescued the dog. Dog is so smart to trust the people who were helping him. God bless them all
  • Tomonori Tomizawa: Muito bom salvou um cão porque é melhor amigo da gente merece nota mil
  • Patrick de Vries: People like that man are for me HEROES!!! God bless them all!!!
  • Shine mobiles: Dog knew that this guy’s gona save him thats why he kept trying and eventually he got saved, this guy’s are real heroes.
  • Madakam Abbaidora: Those are really heroes who were saved the Dog Heartly congratulations to them
  • HUMVEEDUDE: Love it, peace on earth GOD BLESS these beautiful human beings
  • bare meen: Wow that was really heart warming
  • Wanda Viruet: Excellent work thanks 🙏🏻

My parents gave me a boxer puppy as a present. I have wanted a dog for years and must first give her attention in the morning. – Natalie du Toit

Life is a series of dogs. George Carlin

Dogs have boundless enthusiasm but no sense of shame. I should have a dog as a life coach. – Moby

Every dog must have his day. – Jonathan Swift

I like to take my dog on the road. He stays up front; he likes it there. – Jake Owen

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a hot dog or other convenience foods, as long as they’re balanced with fresh vegetables. It’s hard to ignore 95 percent of the grocery store. – Tyler Florence

Random dog pictures. cute dog drawing wallpaper. pictures of dotson puppies. courage the dog wallpaper. very cute puppies photos. heeler puppy pictures. german shepherd dog image. funny corgi wallpaper

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