Po.or Puppy a.ban.doned on active Kansas Highway finally has a new Family!


They should be treated with love, respect and kindness!

The image of a po.or a.ban.doned dog lying alone in a dirt hole has bro.ken many people’s hearts; they can’t understand why people are so he.artless as to a.ban.don their pets!

The puppy, a 4-month-old retriever la.b m.ix, was le.ft on the highway near Wamego for an unknown amount of time, looking so hun.gry and ti.re.d that it co.lla.psed on the side of the road.

Fortunately, a group of Coleman Electric employees was on their way to Manhattan when they noticed the puppy in the back of the trailer and decided to stop to rescue it. After that, Matt Mcmillan and Steve McLean took the puppy to their workplace and cared for her, naming her Karmel.

Mcmillan tells happily that Karmel likes to lie next to his feet after they found this sweet dog. She slept a lot two days ago, so I think she needs to catch up and regain her strength.

Mcmillan took the puppy to be scanned for chips to find the dog’s owner. The puppy was rescued from a shelter in Manhattan before she was adopted. When they contacted the original owners, they informed them that they did not want her back.

Mcmillan was he.artbro.ken and decided to adopt Karmel. Having recently lo.st a canine of his own, he realized he couldn’t live without Karmel and that he could certainly give the puppy another happy life.

The dog was once in a shelter, then adopted, then a.ban.doned, and finally found a new family, hope that she will have joyful days after all!

Thank you for rescuing her… may this beautiful thing find a good new home…!

God bless this Precious little girl . How could anybody do this to you Sweetheart.

Watch the video of what happened below:


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