puppy cut shih tzu pictures – pictures of pitbull puppies with blue eyes

Picture of a puppy pitbull. dog black wallpaper. puppy cut shih tzu pictures. shih tzu summer cut pictures. pictures of pitbull puppies with blue eyes. white dog photo. images of malshi puppies. cute happy puppy pictures

We had moved cross-country from upstate New York to Kansas in the heat wave of 1980, with two cars, no air-conditioning, and a black dog. I can still see the infernal temperature of a hundred and nineteen degrees on a bank sign somewhere near Ohio. – Kevin Young

pictures of pitbull puppies with blue eyes – picture of a puppy pitbull

If you see a dog in a hot car, and you think that he’s in danger or that he’s been there for a while, it’s good to speak up… Go into whatever businesses it’s parked outside of, and just raise awareness about it. – Krysten Ritter

It’s hard to keep the romance going sometimes. Because you have a job. And you have children. And you have a house and a dog. And something leaks in the basement, and somebody has to take the dog to the vet… you’re exhausted. – Julianne Moore

white dog photo – dog black wallpaper

There is nothing truer in this world than the love of a good dog. Mira Grant

No one can feel as helpless as the owner of a sick goldfish. Kin Hubbard

husky cute puppy wallpaper – puppy cut shih tzu pictures

I have scars from every film I have made. There is nothing to protect actors. They treat you worse than a dog. You work like a slave, and you know, I like it. That is the way it should be. Every film should be like your last. – Golshifteh Farahani

Why does watching a dog be a dog fill one with happiness? – Jonathan Safran Foer

kitten background pictures – shih tzu summer cut pictures

A puppy plays with every pup he meets, but an old dog has few associates. – Josh Billings

The first black girl book I fell in love with was most likely ‘Please, Puppy, Please’ by Spike Lee and Tonya Lee. – Marley Dias

I’m no one’s lap dog, you can’t put me on a leash. – John Lydon

Dogs really are perfect soldiers. They are brave and smart; they can smell through walls, see in the dark, and eat Army rations without complaint. Susan Orlean

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  • Cynthia Hawkins: In this particular rescue, a little child got involved, and could observe: she could see the result of kind adults helping an animal. A great life lesson for HER! One I bet she will remember for a long time.
  • Zarin Gonda: What an angel kitty. By the way, that sweet little girl was so excited to see the kitty, you could tell she wanted her as her pet!! 😄
  • Deborah Black Video Editing: The way little Esther just melted into Eldad’s arms was so adorable. She was so happy to be cuddly up to a soft, warm body. So sweet!
  • Zusia K: Thank you to the little beings who heard and found the kitten and alerted their parents! Thanks to Hope for Paws!
  • M S: Wonderful rescue!
    Baby Esther and Betty Boop look like sisters, they should be adopted together; we all know two kittens are better than one!
  • Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez: YAY so glad the kids hear Baby Esther and help was called. Thank you Eldad for your engine bay retrieving skills and getting her out safely.
  • N.O. 1990’s: What an amazing rescue that was. I’m glad Baby Esther is safe & sound with no injuries. Keep up the amazing work you guys do!
  • amazingrace1958: If you’re not donating to Hope for Paws, I encourage you to do so. Eldad is the most caring and successful animal rescuer I’ve seen. I know that every penny of my monthly contribution is helping unfortunate animals 24/7. I sleep better at night knowing this. Just think if every city had an Eldad… ☺️
  • Stephanie: She’s just precious! God bless the HFP team and all who help save and care for the animals.
  • Primal Fish: Nice easy one, I was hoping the family that called it in would take her, the little girl was so into it!
  • Dorothy Charles: Esther, was so happy to be rescued. Hope she will get adopted soon 🙏🏽
  • orcitychick: So dang cute! Who can resist a baby kitten. The little mew mew…just adorable.
  • Patricia Marjamäki: Such a beutiful kitten, a rescue that had a happy ending, Esther also got a friend to play with.💕💕
  • Katerina S.: “This is the best day ever!” Out of the mouth of babes! She was right!
  • Rick Johnson: As always, you’re doing the Lord’s work. Thank you for what you do.
  • Tamyie Wilson: Amazing rescue Eldad as always, so happy baby Ester is safe💕💕💕God bless you all 💙💚💜
  • Rahul Kumar: Who loves this channel and waits everyday for a new cute video to pop in❣️
  • The RivrPrncess: Such good kids to call you for help and so happy Baby Esther was rescued and now can go to loving home.
  • Lady smith 357: Aww.. so playful!!! Loving this kitten. ❤️
  • Valéria Ruegg: How much joy in Baby Esther’s rescue!!! 😍👏❤️🐈
  • Eric S: Reminds me of the time my girlfriend got home from the grocery store and heard a cat crying that was very close to the car. My girlfriend was panicking thinking she ran over one of our cats. Turns out one of them had crawled up into the engine compartment and luckily found a safe place in there, because she had obviously been there for the entire trip to the store. The cat went on to live a long and happy life, but I don’t think she ever went near the car again voluntarily.
  • D S: The synergy between the members of this team is incredible. They are so resourceful.
  • Elsa Pérez: Hermoso bbcito ❤️ buenísimo 👍 saludos desde Argentina ciudad de Quilmes 🇦🇷🇦🇷🙋😘 muy buena suerte en todo lo qué hacen por los animalitos desprotegidos
  • Marilyn Singer: I hope that Esther and Betty Boop share long and happy lives. You are such amazing people to do so much for our animal friends. Remember, Eldad, what goes around comes around. Much love to all of you at. HFP from Marilyn in London 💐🐄🐈🐱
  • Kamoonra The Wolf God: I absolutely love kittens so much. She looks so much like one I had years ago. I am currently feeding a ferrel one on my front porch right now. Thank you all for helping all animals in need.
  • Соня Яковлеаа: Ещё одна жизнь спасена! Они такими счастливыми становятся, поподая к Вам! Вы добрые волшебники!!!
  • Herdis Weins: What a cutie, baby Esther is. And Eldad looks just as happy as a midwife, that just helped a baby into the world. In a way he has – the Hope For Paws angels helps animal into (a new) life every day, may the higher powers bless you one and all for many, many years to come.
    And now I’m going to check out the new shopping possibility.
  • Mariel el Áspid: “OF COURSE HE GOT HER!”… That’s a woman who is familiar with your work and your skills, people. Thanks, as always.
  • pepeboy234: THe joy of the lady with Eldad brought the same joy to the kids and the kitty! Happiness is a wonderful thing to share!
  • Jamie Humphreys: love your videos!
  • Stephanie Peters: “This is the best day ever!” She’s gonna remember this moment. It’s so cool when children get to participate safely.
  • Red 13: So glad you saved this little sweetie! Wishing her the best!
  • SCC: That was the happiest rescue I’ve ever seen!
  • Donna S.: I always love how calm and quiet Eldad is. I think that demeanor must be soothing to a scared animal. 💞🐾
  • bhanu satya: God bless you ❤️🙏
  • Maura Braga Kanno: Que fofura parabéns pelo resgate 👍👏❤️
  • vicky t: Amazing work you do hope for paws❤
  • StarRocks: Another day, another great HFP video! Great job, Eldad! 😃
  • Robin Campochiaro: Hello from CT, bless your hearts for rescuing this precious kitten. It is so nice to see kids get excited over animal rescues, love you guys at HFP’s and you will continue to have my support each month.
    GOOD JOB GUYS!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • fergie2200: This was one of your “easier” rescues 😻 such a cute kitty! I encourage everyone to buy a Hope for Paws t-shirt while you can! I ordered mine today. Definitely a worthy cause and a great team of rescuers 😻 Thank you Eldad and Team! ❤️
  • Jojobegood: ⚘️💞 merci beaucoup pour votre engagement, amitiés de 🇨🇭
  • Beach Waves: So glad baby Esther was rescued and now safe. Thank you for caring. They both are such cutie pies.🤗🥰❤🙏
  • Kimmarie Van-Ever: Great to see young children so interested in doing the right thing and pleased they got to meet the kitty..god bless you all .🇬🇧💞✝️🙏🐾🐾
  • Nina James: Baby Esther is soooooo adorable! I wish her to find forever home ASAP! Thank you, Eldad! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  • Ravenous Ruby: Yet, another Tuxedo kitty! Wonderful rescue!
    ♥️ 🐾 ♥️
  • Teresa S: Glad you were notified before the car owner started the car. Love you guys! ❤
  • Lise Burgess: Thanks for saving this beautiful kitten! She is adorable! I hope you find her a loving forever home!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😻😻😻
  • Christiane Winspeare: Esther is so cute! I bet she tried to find warmth and got stuck! ♥️
  • David Ebert: I’m a man’s man, but when the little young lady said, “this is the best thing ever!”, I started to chop onions a bit. One can only hope that little lass can keep her.
  • David Perez: Omg you all are amazing thank you so much NYC one ❤
  • JoLyn: What an adorable kitty! Thank you ❤️
  • McChrister: What a cute kitten she is! Like the lady in the video said; “Those whiskers!!”🤗🥰😘 God Bless you all🙏🏼😇😇😇
  • G Peace: Dog gone, someone is a giggle box! Great work guys!
  • Sasha Conrad: Thank you for saving Baby Esther! Thank you, HFP team ❤️😽😍😘
  • Debbra Lehrman: What a pretty little girl. Good luck Baby Easter in your new furever home.🤗
  • Marie Riggs: Thank you everyone, including the children, for helping to rescue Baby Esther. Hope for Paws, as always, you do a tremendous job!🙂❤️🙂❤️🙂❤️
  • Jewel 💎: OMG she’s so beautiful!! Those whiskers are just amazing. Thank you for all you do 🤗😊🤗
  • gemmasmom: You sent me a lucky leash a year ago, when I was between dogs. I hung onto it, and use it now for my 7 month old puppy—and it gets compliments every single day! It feels so good to help Hope For Paws ❤️
  • juleehalli: Always love your videos and seeing the children’s part was especially nice…
  • Sandra K. Robbins: Adorable! Thank you 🙂
  • marie Bonhomme: GREAT ! the little beauty is safe ! THANK YOU !
  • Betty McAlpin: So adorable 😍 LOVE LOVE LOVE
  • Sabrina Aubret: thank you for saving her 👏and sharing the video 👍! she is absolutely adorable and cute 🥰🥰! please find her a perfect lovely family 🙏! A+ 😋
  • Lê Sathie: That was easy ! Eldad is so gentle with the baby ,😽
  • karen jones: such a beauty, thank you for saving her
  • George Senda: Our beloved Betty Boop black cat died 4 years ago at 16. Glad to see another Boop and great rescue. Thanks to the kids too.
  • Samantha Dillard: I love the bubble sound when giving a bath 🚿
  • Wyngz: I am so happy that your oprganization is helping the little ones in this world. cheers 🙂
  • Alison Damico: Way to go Terri & Eldad! 👏🐾
  • Sarah Destito: those kids were so awesome to help that little kitten and I absolutely love that she rescued her because she is absolutely adorable and I definitely can tell she’s definitely found a home soon and I know it’s going to be a little girl who adopts her my dream is to rescue animals like y’all one day
  • Sabi: Just made my little doantion. You guys are really my heroes!
  • M Brow: God bless those kids who heard the kitten and told their mom. So glad they got a chance to see the gorgeous life they saved.
  • Katia Montana: Good job !❤️❤️❤️
  • Heidrun Schwartz: thx kids ! you have a big heart ! thx to the parents: you have raised great kids. thx for caring ! god bless you all !
  • sagir parkar: What a fantastic rescue.. reminded me of the one at the Jag showrooom !
  • a1228a: This video reminds me of how my husband rescued our cat when she was a kitten. She was also inside the engine of one of our cars. She’s been with us for 8 years and is still a little rascal. 🙂
  • Omri W: Great job!
  • Mary Edel Guzman: Will buy your T-shirts when I arrive in the US in July. Very difficult to place an order overseas.
  • Cassandra Ralph: Another excellent rescue 👏 🙌 😀 👍
  • Donna Wood: the parents of the kids should be so happy that their kids are compassionate
    and caring! 💕💕
  • L S: Great rescue!
  • Nivedita Rao Tallapragada: God bless you with all the happiness 💖💖💖💖💖💖
  • Maria Golding: God bless you angels 🙏🏼🙏🏼💕💕 I wish there were more people like you in the world 💕💕
  • Aleah York: Use Zote soap for the oily stain.. a bar for about $2 is allThanks to all of you involved in the rescue of that kitty!🤗
  • Edie Baxter: Awesome rescue of Baby Esther. You can tell she was happy to be rescued. Now, she has another kitten to play with. Awesome work by Hope For 🐾.
  • Raymond Reddington: Kudos to the mother who called!
  • Miss Independent: Damn, I should’ve started giving my kitties baths when they were kittens. You all make it look so easy 🤣
  • Mama Ames: 💕Angels… 💕Angels… 💕everywhere! 💕
    💕Kitty angels & their Hope For Paws rescue angels. 💕Bless you HFP for bringing light & love & heartfelt joy to my life & to the lives of the angels you rescue.💕X🙏O💕
  • Just Mona: I wish I had the room, I’d adopt Baby Esther & Betty Boop together in a New York second!💛
  • Leone Dolliver: Congratulations Eldad! My own cat was found in the engine of a truck…the driver wouldn’t stop until she got home, even though she heard him crying. He was very young, a barn cat…luckily we had a nursing momma cat. He wasn’t hurt, just dirty. To this day my cat is fearful, has all kinds of traumatic behaviors. My cat’s name is Hijack, compliments of my grandkids!
  • A MEN and his 7 kids: Thank you for saving him
  • PBLW: Eldad has a magic touch! 🙏🙏🧡🐾
  • Mona O’Brien: They are so cute 🥰
  • billy lo: The cute girl was the best part of the video…..such compassion. Lucky parents. Older brother was cool to be a part of it…
  • Anita bakker: Sooooo very sweet❤️
  • romystumpy: So gorgeous and what a lovely name Esther
  • Andrea Keeling: Thank you for text message reminders. I love these videos and I get so busy I miss it when you put them out. But with the messages on my text I can remember to watch.
  • Roger: Thanks for rescuing that kitten.
  • Bobbi Petty: Eldad, you have special magical powers! thanks for rescuing this special kitty.

I’m no one’s lap dog, you can’t put me on a leash. – John Lydon

Dogs really are perfect soldiers. They are brave and smart; they can smell through walls, see in the dark, and eat Army rations without complaint. Susan Orlean

Having an animal that you fix, knowing that you saved its life or you saved a pet – Like on a dog, these little kids will come, and their dog is just ready to die, and you do something, and they leave happy. The kids are happy, and the little puppy is licking your hand. Those are kind of neat feelings. – Ted Yoho

Someone told me a woman bought a dog so she could take it to the same park where I go running, but I’m hoping that’s rubbish. – Richard C. Armitage

A kitten is in the animal world what a rosebud is in the garden. Robert Southey

Up until the age of 12, I went to dog shows every weekend. Mum showed beagles. It’s a really competitive and eclectic world filled with characters who wear interesting outfits – similar to ‘Toddlers & Tiaras,’ but with dogs. – Rebel Wilson

Picture of a puppy pitbull. dog black wallpaper. puppy cut shih tzu pictures. shih tzu summer cut pictures. pictures of pitbull puppies with blue eyes. white dog photo. images of malshi puppies. cute happy puppy pictures

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  • puppy-cut-shih-tzu-pictures-pictures-of-pitbull-puppies-with-blue-eyes-68-6
  • puppy-cut-shih-tzu-pictures-pictures-of-pitbull-puppies-with-blue-eyes-68-4
  • puppy-cut-shih-tzu-pictures-pictures-of-pitbull-puppies-with-blue-eyes-68-5
  • puppy-cut-shih-tzu-pictures-pictures-of-pitbull-puppies-with-blue-eyes-68-2
  • puppy-cut-shih-tzu-pictures-pictures-of-pitbull-puppies-with-blue-eyes-68-3
  • puppy-cut-shih-tzu-pictures-pictures-of-pitbull-puppies-with-blue-eyes-68-1
  • puppy-cut-shih-tzu-pictures-pictures-of-pitbull-puppies-with-blue-eyes-68

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