rottweiler hd wallpaper – puppy skin conditions pictures

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There’s just me and my wife and a dog and we feed him Healthy Choice also. – Mike Ditka

puppy skin conditions pictures – pictures of animated puppies

The dog lives here, Pete. You’re just visiting. – Marge Schott

If I wash my hair in the morning, then I usually air-dry it. In warmer weather, if I walk my dog, by the time I am back in, it is usually nice and dry! – Jillian Hervey

standard poodle images – cute chihuahua pictures

I’ve always wanted a Maltese-poodle, but I’ve always been really busy. So I said once I’m back in the city and the ‘Sister Act’ stuff dies down, I’m going to get a puppy. – Patina Miller

The more boys I meet, the more I love my dog. Carrie Underwood, American Singer

pictures of spaniels – rottweiler hd wallpaper

Put a puppy in your picture, and it will make it 20 times better. – Lucky Blue Smith

The loneliest, most down-on-his-luck person can have a dog who adores him. The most bitter, sour person can light up with joy when he sees his dog. It is magical, and as ‘The Dog Master’ reveals, it is biological – we evolved together. – W. Bruce Cameron

husky dog pictures – types of collies with pictures

There is a movie called ‘My Dog Skip,’ starring my ‘Outsiders’ costar Diane Lane. I do not recommend it. If you have a child, particularly one about to leave home, watching this film is to be emotionally waterboarded. – Rob Lowe

I get tired of people trying to dog out the radio for not playing this or that. There are lots of people who like what they play – otherwise, they wouldn’t play it. – Chris Stapleton

There are writers, and I know some of them, who are very disciplined. Who write, like, four pages a day, every day. And it doesn’t matter if their dog got run over by a car that day, or they won the Irish sweepstakes. I’m not one of those writers. – George R. R. Martin

In modern war… you will die like a dog for no good reason. – Ernest Hemingway

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  • LTME: Seeing a dog that scared makes me hurt inside. Happy she’s got a great home now.
  • memsat2001: Please don’t EVER LEAVE THIS DOG EVER! To see how scared and terrified she was is heartbreaking to think what she’s had to go through to get in that state to begin with. OMG.
  • R K: I cannot even imagine what this beautiful girl had been through but it’s so heartwarming to know where she is now.
  • Thomas Stengel: If this doesn’t make you tear up, you’re dead inside. So beautiful.
  • Bill Murray: I knew he wasn’t letting that sweet dog go. God bless him for saving that beautiful dog
  • DAD 4ever-c90: After all of the fear and trepidation Chloe experienced, the image of her wrapped up in Darvish’s arms on the sofa was truly heart-warming. That is what LOVE looks like!
  • Dorothy James: Thank you for showing that baby so much love and giving her a forever home.
  • Keri: When she put her chin on his shoulder I cried 😢 you guys are awesome! Absolute Angels 💖🐾💖 Darvish, Thank you for saving this sweet angel! You are kind and patient and exactly what she needed!! (Also I’m so glad that you work from home and she won’t be by herself all day!YOU’RE AN AWESOME HUMAN BEING!!❤️
  • A. Linn: “Please foster fail.” So cute.
    I’m glad this was a wonderfully big, fat failure.
    Many happy years together to you both.
  • Zep 4: I’m so glad he kept her I think it would’ve broken her if he hadn’t.
  • Marvech 98: The sadness in those eyes. Absolutely heartbreaking
  • More To Life Than Life: its so sad to see her so scared and hurt. but this is beautiful, im glad she found a home where she can be happy and feel safe and loved
  • Crystal R: She’s a great looking dog and it takes some special folks to be that patient. Glad she found someone patient. I hope she picked up from cowering so much. Good for you guys!
  • nicolas: the terror in her eyes , how could someone have traumatized this adorable girl to breaking point 🙁
  • r k: So beautiful. I was a foster fail 12 years ago. I was “pressured” into taking a “10 yr old” German Shepherd (I think he was older) as a foster. OK, truth: I just could not leave him in the shelter after looking into his eyes. I agreed to foster him, and, of course, I was a foster fail. His last two years of his life he was the Emperor of my heart. Such a sweet dog. Not in good shape, but SO worth it.
    Cannot describe how fostering / adopting an older dog can be such magic. RIP, Arthur!!
  • t phillips: I am so glad he kept her. Breaking her heart again would have terrible. Thank you Darvish!!
  • India Coers: She is absolutely precious! I’ve seen other dogs sit in the corner like that and it is so heartbreaking 💔 I’m so glad she finally found trust in you guys and you kept her as your family! You can clearly see that is where she belongs and feels safe! You two are wonderful people and would be a great foster family for ANY dog! Good luck and have a great time with her!!! 🤎
  • Ruth: This dog has more of a soul than some humans I see on the news.
  • Shop Girl: God bless the young man who adopted this beautiful, gentle and loving sweetie. May your lives together be awesome!
  • Marion M.: So sweet that they bonded after she was so frightened. I hope they have a long, happy life together. ❤️ 💙
  • Ned Kelly: She’s lovely… Just needed somebody to show her love, then gives it right back ❤️
  • Odd-one-out: Such a great move on keeping her. Moving her around would of petrified her. Thank you !
  • J B: I’m so happy she has a nice home now. I can’t imagine how bad it must have been or what happened to her for the poor dog to be that scared and afraid. Seeing her be close with her new owner and running around on the beach at the end was really great to see.
  • Treeofwysdm: There is nothing – NOTHING – more heartbreaking than a sick, anxious, or terrified dog. I’m SO happy this baby found her joy! 💖
  • Steve Wild Eagle🦅: Beautiful Heart’s all of you, I so pleased she has a home where she’s loved and trust’s.
  • Michael Tutty: Darvish is a truly special person. I’m so glad this was a foster fail. What a perfect match.
  • schwartzburg: That shot at the end when she’s lying on top of him! So adorable.
  • david dixon: 4:17, literally gave me goose bumps. Brother you put in the work and got rewarded with the purest love. Good for both of you.
  • Sondra Smith: What a sweet girl! She so deserves happiness.
  • UncleSpicey: Wow, this had me all choked upPoor baby looked so sad, so scared

    What kind of evil creature could hurt this poor baby girl?
    Thank goodness for these shelters and for angels like Darvish

  • Wendi: Not only did they pick her she picked them. What a beautiful story What a Beautiful Soul this animal has. Thank you for adopting her.
  • beejay247: That was a match made in heaven , I was so glad he didn’t give her up, when she let her guard down for him
  • Jackson Tan: You’re just a saint to her thank god he found you ! God bless you where ever you go ! Just grateful you show the world about protecting animals !
  • Susan Parker: Watching her bond with him had me in tears! What a beautiful story ❤️
  • James Alexander: I deeply love the patience the both of you show with this awesome girl. She deserved and received what you all provided and it all brought tears to my eyes! Thank you. .
  • Bob Nachman: There ARE things that are right with this world… Chloe finding Darvish is one of them!
  • Arti D.: Cried so much! They’re beautiful together. She has stunning eyes.
  • T H: Such admirable patience & kindness this sweet couple gifted this sweet, timid dog. Man’s best friend 🥰. Love conquers all.
  • Susan Gomez: Thanks for rescuing her ….. we need more people like you in the world !!!!
  • Anastasia Forbes: This made me cry. Looks kinda like how my dog might look when she gets a little older. This made me so happy
  • Rhyse Davis: The dog has the prettiest brown eyes, this story was so cute
  • maikeparis27: This is a beautiful story. Look at her eyes at the beginning and at the end: her expression changed from sad to happy : brought tears to my eyes. Take good care of her, she needs a lot of love 😊
  • UrbanTraveller: I had a dog who was just like that. She was quite scared when I first adopted her and she didn’t trust me at all. It took her several weeks to get comfortable around me, but once she did she wouldn’t leave my side. We really bonded and I took her, and my other dog, everywhere I went. I adopted her in May of 2017 and she passed away two weeks ago from heart failure, she was 8. It was one of the most painful things I have gone through in my entire life and I’m still hurting today. I´m in my 40s and I cried like a baby when she died. That’s actually the second time that I cry as a grown man. Fiona, you will be forever in my heart and I know one day we will see each other again when my time comes. I really miss you! 😢
  • Scott Arnold: Good job. More people need to realize that when you adopt an animal you’re just doing it for them they may not be friendly and cuddly but that’s up to them
  • Vickie Scholl: What a little love can do for these dogs is amazing. Thank you so much for all you do for these lost souls.
  • Irish & proud: The way she puts her head on his body actually makes me teary eyed to see this broken dog transition into feeling so safe, what a amazing man and women to help this dog love from 🇮🇪🇮🇪
  • Donald Carpenter: So sweet her putting her head on his shoulder.
  • Wally Harder: You guys were the perfect couple for this sweet dog I just love Chloe. So happy for her!
  • Sylvia Fonseca: Thank you a trillion times. You guys have so much patience. She’s beautiful
  • Cynthia Adderley: Thank you for rescuing that beautiful dog, giving her a loving forever home.
  • txmoney: I was so happy to hear the words, “foster fail”. Great ending for this sweet dog.
  • Lucie Marinov: This so very beautiful! So happy he is keeping this precious girl after she finally trusts him! Thanks for sharing this beautiful video with us !
  • Donna Hughs: I greatly admire your patience in letting her take the time she needed to come out of the car. That too doubt helped her to begin the process of trusting you. It’s delightful to see how successful Darvish was in winning her over!
  • Catalina Carvajal: This is one of the most touching videos about a friendship more than wonderful. Thank you so much being the best buddy for her.
  • tessamersus: LOVE to the people that took her in and love her. SHAME on the person who left this beautiful innocent, soulful dog in a prison! Much love to those who rescued this gentle soul. IF YOU CANNOT LOVE A DOG FOR BEING A DOG, DON’T GET ONE!
  • Quantum369: The smile on Darvish’s face when she put her head on his shoulder… he needed her too! Thank God they are together!
  • Aleksandar Sladojevic: God bless you my man for saving that precious life… God will bless you for sure…I can feel it. Thanks so much…!!! You guys are a miracle in progress!!
  • RONALD Tillinghast: Ok this was a emotional story it breaks my heart to see a beautiful dog in that state of mind to where she don’t wanna face the world or anybody my hat off to everyone involved in this rescue it was so sweet to see her put her head on his shoulder my first dog presious would lay up on my left shoulder when I layed in bed it made her feel secure she came from a bad home thank you everyone out there who opens your heart and home to a furry friend God bless you all
  • BadaBing: I’m so impressed and happy to see how the young lady went with and how they were so gentle and patient with her, giving her all the time she needed to feel safe. And she got a great man to be her owner. I’m so thrilled he kept her. I wonder what happened to the poor thing to be like that. But anyways, how heartwarming is this! 🤗🥰🐾🐾❣️💞💝💓💓💛🧡💚💙💜 👏
  • B. Buster: I’m so glad she rescued Darvish. he seems like a good guy.
  • Christine Bates: Bless these guys for taking the time and being patient with her. So glad he kept her and she will be safe and loved for the rest of her days 💕
  • A.O: I have adopted a dog too ,and I’m very happy that he takes part of may family. These stories are sad but at the same time wonderful
  • John-Thomas: Manion., beneficiary: As a dog lover who just got a dog back a year ago and had dogs throughout my life I can appreciate your compassion for animals and it’s sad that people abuse them and there should be more consequences to those individuals that hurt and abuse their pets they should be put on a watch list if they can harm an animal they can easily harm a human being
  • Passamaquoddy: Awesome. Glad she has a forever home. My baby girl was like that I got her when she was 5 1/5 she loves me trust me and she’s great but, still if I move suddenly she is still skidish and she now 18 yrs old. She is blind in 1 eye from the abuse she went through before I got her but, they told me she had a hairline skull fracture and wouldn’t live long. She sure fooled them. I love her
  • Teddy: The way that Dogs 🐕 are able to bond with humans is truly special.
  • MinWooShihTzuLuvr: Wow!! Dervish is *DEFINITELY* a special person to be soo patient with her! Soo happy it was a foster fail!! Melts my heart!! 🥰😊
  • GFZ FZ: I pray her new home is loving and never cruel.
    Poor baby, obviously has been through some very bad things. She’s precious ❤️‍🩹♥️‼️
  • Mary Farrell: Thank you so much for your patient and kindness and most of all your loving care for this beautiful absolutely beautiful scared little pet. I’ve no doubts that you’ve found your soul mate and your guardian angel. She’ll treasure you all the days of her life and shower you with unconditional love and all she asks of you is for a warm bed and something to eat. She’s adorable and the way she trusts you is wow , I’ve tears in my eyes for both of you 💕💕💕💕
  • roger the dodger: Before having a dog, I believe humans should be vetted & have to pass a rigorous test/exam.
    Too many pooches are treated horrifically. Dogs are pack animals & want to be part of the family. We don’t have to go over the top & spoil them, but affection & love win every time.
    Thank you for showing this delightful video!!
  • NewBootGoofin: Holy cow I’m crying at 9am on a Friday. What a lovely man to be patient with this doggy❤️🥺
  • Ducati Rottie: You guys never disappoint. Tears of joy every time!🥹🙏🏽
  • Anne Bourbonnais: Awe her eyes reveal so much fear…poor little one! So glad that she has found true love and care of her human ❤🐾
  • Sapphire Supernova: what a gorgeous dog! what a lucky time for her to have found a lovely home.
  • Jill: How sad, her eyes. Her fear. SOOO heartbreaking. Seeing all the hair falling out from stress. I am sooo happy this was a foster fail because I’d hate seeing her having to readjust again with someone new, someone maybe not as patient as he. Wonderful ending.
  • rod bilbrey: I admire him for hanging in there and not rushing her. It’s sad to see her so scared. The bonding is truly amazing and a gift from God. They were meant for each other.
  • J Smith: So glad she is with someone that really cares now. What a wonderful guy to take her in!
  • Audrey Cordero: What a beautiful ending to her Miserable life, and a Beautiful beginning to the start of their new Happy life together! Perfect Pair, no doubt, that was meant to be!😘🥰
  • Kathleen Jory: Thank you so much Darvish! You continue to exemplify what is really good in this world. Love sent.
  • Mr. Panda the Sheepadoodle: She is SOOOOOO adorable, I’m so glad that she was able to leave the shelter and get to a loving home ❤️🐼
  • Corea Kixx: Thank you so much for this video!!! It made my day!! You two are very special, and compassionate human beings. This video made me cry…my son, his girlfriend, and I have 3 dogs that we love to death. Initially I was heartbroken as I watched this, and now I am smiling from ear to ear!!! Just marvelous!!! Thanks again from Tim in Ontario, Canada.
  • SUSAN Francis: I’ve already “liked” this video.
    I love The Dodo..
    it’s sooo sweet to see a traumatized dog trust again .
  • M.: That’s beautiful, thank you so much.
    There’s still hope for humanity
  • Cockeyed Optimista: What a beautiful heart Darvish has for keeping this animal. So kind of him: the dog trusts him now; she must have had a Terrible experience before.
    I hope they bring each other much joy. It’s a very sweet dog.
  • Claire Hanson: You can see how much she loves him!
  • Cilleyperson: We don’t deserve animals some times. They are so amazing, and I am so happy to see Chloe with a person that makes her happy, and she makes them happy.
  • sweet pea: It’s so sad to see a dog that scared, it breaks my heart, she is so beautiful. Thank you guys for giving this dog a home and loving her.
  • Carl Carl: Poor thing she’s so adorable!!!! Am glad she’s getting the 💕 she deserves
  • San Fernan: This was so heartwarming. My fur babies are rescues. Love and affection goes a long way. They rescue us as well.
  • beachdorie: This dog’s fear came from more than not liking the shelter. Someone hurt this dog to make her this way. Thankfully there are good people like Darvish and Shira in the world who are kind, gentle and patient.
  • Anthony Markman: it is so rewarding when they finally reach out to the people who care enough to rescue them
  • Phyllis May: So sweet. I love how when he removed his hand from her head she looked around for him.
  • Jacqueline Lunn: I’m so happy she found her forever home ❤️
  • Mary Jane Brown: She was probably remembering what happened the last time she got into a car. She’s a very nice dog who has been severely traumatized. Thank you for helping her. Her new owner is very chill, goes with her flow and seems perfect for her!
  • Oddworld: Just had a meltdown mini crisis for “all the things”, bad and sad, that arrived in the last hour and REALLY needed to see a “faith in humanity restored” and I clicked on this.
    Thank you Darvish! And everyone involved, and the dodo for showing us this. I still have a little faith..
    Be well everyone!
  • Debra Gouz: I love this so much! Fills my heart with joy ❤️❤️ it’s a win win…yea!
  • Sachi H: I needed about 10 kleenex’s!!!!! Great story! Thats exactly why so many of us rescue. ALL of my dogs came into my life like this, & it creates the strongest bonds ever. Bless you all rescuers.
  • Kauf Frau: Loverly story – thank you for saving this precious soul.
  • Lillian Young: Someone must have treated her so cruelly in order for her to be that much scared of people 😱😱! Thank you for your patience & love 💕 that have healed her! She truly belongs there with you! So happy for you all! God bless you!
  • Earthy Artist: I love this, happily ever after!!😁💕

There are writers, and I know some of them, who are very disciplined. Who write, like, four pages a day, every day. And it doesn’t matter if their dog got run over by a car that day, or they won the Irish sweepstakes. I’m not one of those writers. – George R. R. Martin

In modern war… you will die like a dog for no good reason. – Ernest Hemingway

I go out to the kitchen to feed the dog, but that’s about as much cooking as I do. – Betty White

When a dog barks at the moon, then it is religion; but when he barks at strangers, it is patriotism! – David Starr Jordan

The poor dog, in life the firmest friend. The first to welcome, foremost to defend. Lord Byron, Poet

I got my dog back, in African-American language, your dog means your passion, your fire. – Deion Sanders

Pictures of animated puppies. cute chihuahua pictures. rottweiler hd wallpaper. types of collies with pictures. puppy skin conditions pictures. standard poodle images. puppy profile picture. john wick wallpaper with dog

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