Shelter cat fell in love with a visitor and launched a ‘funny campaign’ to get his attention

Cats are famous for being very opinionated and stubborn. Once they see something they want, it will be theirs.

This is true for both toys, and as one cat shows, people!

A shelter cat was brought to Petsmart in the hopes that one of the store visitors would adopt her.

But the cat had other plans. As soon as she arrived at the store, she picked her new dad: one of the Petsmart employees.

The Siamese mix was in need of a new, warm and cozy forever home, and employees brought her into the center hoping that one of the visitors would adopt her.

However, the kitten itself had other plans, and she wanted the young man who she’d had her eyes on from the beginning to adopt her.

The employee in question wanted to say hello to all of the new shelter pets, and this little cat definitely guaranteed that the young man would notice her. The kitty made sure to keep pawing his little window to try and say hello to the man.

Luckily for the shelter cat, perseverance paid off.

The employee was charmed by the cat’s funny efforts and asked his girlfriend to come to the store with him and decide if they’d adopt the cat.

When another employee opened the cage door, the adorable cat jumped right into the young man’s arms. She gave him a big hug and never wanted to let go.

The young man’s girlfriend posted these pictures on the social website Reddit under the username ‘sarapefasthorse.’

There was still some paperwork that needed to be done over the few next days to complete the adoption, but the young man and his girlfriend visited their new friend every day until then.

The two named her ‘Pork Chop,’ and the name is almost as hilarious as the kitten’s personality. The sweet kitty immediately made herself comfortable in her new home.

Pork Chop absolutely loves her new forever home and has a fantastic bond with her two new loving owners.

Reddit users loved this story and left many sweet comments about the photos of the cats.

“If the bottom two photos are any indicator, she’s quite content in her new home,” Reddit user Dylans_Friend commented.

“That’s awesome. She’s beautiful too 🙂 Hope you all have a long and happy life together,” Ninja_Hedgehog added.

Sarapefasthorse also responded to some of the comments. She explained how the cat got her cute but unusual name:

“We wanted to give her a different name originally, but she responds to pork chop and now we love the name it’s so her!”


It’s so sweet to see how happy Pork Chop is in her new home. We’re so glad her campaign paid off!

Check out another hilarious and sweet video about a cat asking to be adopted below!

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