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Why can’t a woman be more like a dog, huh? So sweet, loving, attentive. – Kirk Douglas

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I don’t consider myself an A-list celebrity or a big dog, but every time I meet somebody, even rappers who’ve been in the game for years… they’re like, ‘Man, I’m trying to get on your level.’ – Wiz Khalifa

Who gets the bird, the hunter or the dog? – John Lewis

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We are more than the sum of our biochemical functions. Even the tiniest flea is an incredibly complex living creature, with mouth-parts adapted to feeding on the blood of your cat or dog. – Robert Lanza

I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog named Lola. – Hannah Kearney

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Oh, my goodness, I am obsessed with Costco! We do runs at least twice a week. I love the salmon and rotisserie chicken, the dog beds. – Kris Jenner

A Republican in my state of Arkansas feels about as out of place as Michael Vick at the West Minister dog show. – Mike Huckabee

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I think I would find being in Hollywood intense if I had more of a social life, but all I do is stay indoors with my sister and play with our puppy, watch movies. – Margaret Qualley

Certain movies like ‘Wag The Dog,’ we used improv on every scene that we did. Pretty much, we would shoot from the script and then some stuff that we came up with in rehearsal, and then we’d have at least one or two takes where we completely went off the script and just flew by the seat of our pants. – Denis Leary

We have a new puppy and that’s enough! Two babies and three dogs is enough. – Christine Taylor

I once did a film in which I was being chased by wolves. I had a scene where the Alpha of the pack leapt on the hood of my car and stared me down through the windshield. I will never forget staring into those eyes; this wasn’t a dog – not even a tough, bad-ass dog – no, this was a wolf. – W. Earl Brown

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  • Stumpy Higginbottom: This is not just “some man” this is Takis. He’s as close to an actual angel as we’re ever gonna see in this world. He cashed in his worldly wealth and decided, you know what, I’m gonna rescue every animal I see that needs it.
  • Mojave Green: That dog wasn’t angry, it was terrified! He is a saint for rescuing all these dogs.
  • KirstiStephenson: There should be a 2-hour long documentary just on Takis, his life and all the animals he’s rescued and rehomed all over the world there should be an annual fundraiser to support him he gets very little donations in Greece and he should be getting so much money for all the work time and effort he puts into saving abused animals he’s truly the angel of all animals! 🙏💖
  • One Minute of My Day: If you’re a dog with that miserable of life, that is the voice you want to hear when you’re rescued. 💝
  • MyOwnDrum: Theo, the guy in this video, his staff, and many volunteers at Takis Shelter are all amazing. Crow! He even goes out and feeds the locals crows! Everything he does is for the animals. God bless him. He has saved countless animal souls.
  • SR: Takis is one of a kind. If only the world was filled with humans like him we would live in an animal paradise. Bravo Takis – to you and your amazing team of angels.
  • Pat Tanackered: The world needs more people like Takis. Kids in particular need to see this as it will help raise a kinder, more responsibile generation
  • Rica Sears: Takis the dog whistler. Absolutely love Takis and his compassion and dedication to his animals. He used to own a nightclub in Crete and sold it, and brought his land, he was living in a porta cabin which he shared with over 10 dogs for years before he built his house, where he lives with his Dogs. He also has cats goats and sheep. I’m a patreon and give £10 month to him for past 3yrs he brought out his own line of merchandise, and raised over £28,000 but gave ALL the money to local villages and vets and paid for people to get their dogs & cats desexed ( neuted) Go give his YouTube channel a watch Takis Shelter.
  • Valerie Ann: All these poor animals want is love. I just cannot fathom being so cruel. Thank you for rescuing him.
  • Y. Not: Its incredible, the power of an animal who has only known cruelty all his life, to turn around and trust humans again, to let go of all the negative energy of the past in order to live a good life today is such a positive trait in dogs and a good lesson humans could learn, including myself.
  • KitchenFoyle: What a great guy, not only saving this dog from a life of misery but educating us all about how to do it with a dog who understandably had no faith in humans, believing we’re all the same. It’s just so upsetting to here Takis reveal there are thousands of dogs in Crete who are chained up the same way. But at least here’s one happy boy thanks to this wonderful man.
  • Smokey Gin: Takis is a great dog whisperer and rescuer. That was a terrible life for Phoenix. Now he’s happy and with other dogs. Thanks. ❤️🐾
  • * slrkls *: The moment he first pet Phoenix he had this instant look of “I never want him to stop”. That was a beautiful moment.
  • Vicky Burton: This poor baby was afraid. He was not aggressive out of meanness. How can humans mistreat these sweet babies?
  • Joe D.: Takis is a true angel. He has this special sense that no feral animal can resist very long. Greetings from Germany
  • Nancy M: I love how this man rescues so many dogs, no matter their past/present, gives them a future, and simply loves them all.
  • Saturn 💚: There are yet thousands of dogs chained up. People don’t really know how it feels to be chained up in a single place all the time. May god give those dogs ,strength and courage to live 🙏
  • Chanda Russell-Koesling: I recognize that voice. That’s Takis. Amazing man who has dedicated his life to dogs and cats on Crete. Once again he’s done an amazing rescue.
  • Grant from Earth: Imagine being half the man this guy is. What a complete Angel he is.
  • Sydposting: Aww, I’m always happy to see Takis updates! He is such a kind soul, so patient with these animals. 🥰
  • MustangWriter: He truely is a Phoenix. You helped him rise above the ashes of his old life and become a new dog.
    God bless your efforts sir.
  • Marley Ex: Props to Takis. He can befriend any dog. I just love his work in saving these dogs.
  • Chris Morgan: I knew this dog was going to be fine the second I heard Takis voice 😁. The man is a saint. A funny saint. That poor dog looked terrible, so what a glow up he has had ❤❤.
  • Randy Gunn: Thank you Dodo for showing your viewers what Takis Rescue does day in day out,I know there are many shelters around the world and he is just one,but boy what a difference his rescue has done for his country! He rescues ,he teaches,he renews are faith in all living beings! He and the beautiful ladies of Takis Rescue are Amazing!
  • Lauren Iversen: Even when Phoenix first was biting at the glove, they were warning bites.
    He never clamped down an actually bit.
    He was so afraid 🥺
    This man is an angel ❤️
  • Marie Slabbert: Takis has the soul of an angel. If all the animals he has saved could talk, they will all agree. 🕊🕊
  • Skittles: I cannot express how much love, respect, and admiration I have for Takis. This man is a blessing, a saint, an angel…I could gush compliments on him all day and somehow still fail to fully express my love and gratitude for him and what he does.
  • 666 BLACK CARBON: Takis and his crew are Angels on Earth!!! I am addicted to his channel. I will be at his paradise shelter one day!! Bravo and Salute Takis and all your fur babies!! ✌🏽🖤🥰💋
  • Queen Choyo: This man is so wonderful. I’ve seen many videos of him helping dogs in horrible conditions. We need more people like this in the world!
  • earthbalance77: This is Takis! He is not a human, he is an angel walking on this earth! One of the greatest man in the history of mankind! 💜
  • Jekku: Takis is THE BEST THING Greece could ever hope for. Love animals, and teaches people how to be better animal enthusiasts.
  • robin dorrell: Takis and Takis Shelter is just the best! Thank you for your amazing rescues of hundreds/thousands of dogs. God bless you!
  • Gibran Bedra: Animals are emotionally more intelligent than most humans. They feed off our energy and that man who rescues dogs is a great person. Thank you for rescuing that guy Phoenix!
  • xLinda x: Takis is a living angel on this earth, we need more people like him. ❤
  • Ren Feral: I instantly knew this was Takis. He is everything beautiful, joyful and kind in this world. He is the light at the end of the tunnel. God bless him
  • Jenna Nick: I’m so happy he’s safe now you guys do amazing things!
  • Das Oontz 🇺🇦: Takis is truly an angel and in 2019 I had the great privilege of meeting him in person. His real name is Theoklitos, which means the one sent by God. He definitely is.
  • Nirosha Murugan: He is mentally affected…that why he had a trust issues with humans…it’s a crucial thing for locking a dog like this …but his dad is really a good and kind person…he doesn’t fear to touch his anger dog…he cure his broken heart by his kindness and love….and earn his trust’s really an amazing work…I feel happy for that dog…❤️may he lives rest of the life happily…
  • Candida Prout: Takis is a generous great friend of the animals we love.. Thank you for your help and care for all these precious lives
  • sbecktacular: Boggles my mind how someone can’t “ intuit” that a dog or animals have feelings and a sense of well-being.
    Thank you so much for caring for these neglected animals—
    You are amazing 🙏👍👌❤️
  • Kitty Gaillot: Thank you so much for giving this precious pooch a second chance and give him the best life that he should’ve had in the first place. He went from a sad and scared pup to a happy pup who got to experience what a dogs life was meant to be, and I hope he lives many more happy years, playing, frisking about, and feeling nothing but love and happiness as dogs were meant to feel. 🙂
  • Amat Mulisha: Thanks Takis. God bless you. There are special places in heaven for people like you. Your compassion and kindness towards an animal is beautiful. I pray for your wellness and all your hardworking. Thanks again
  • Alexandra Sieh: Takis, your stories brighten my day! I’m so grateful for you and your work – it’s beautiful!
  • tamara beinlich: “Don’t bite me there!” LMAO! I love you Takis! Thank you for giving him a new life, he deserves to have a family that loves him.
  • Lorelei Marsh: Thank you Takis. Your love shows for these animals you rescue. Sending you warm vibes of love for all you do.
  • MCFC OK: This man deserves a medal he’s a proper hero
  • John McCarty: It amazing to see these transformations well done these dogs deserve a better life
  • Logan Franck: This restores my faith in our species. Though we are flawed, we still have the capacity to do some good for the other entities of this world.
  • Seanne Fortier: Much love and respect for Takis♥️. And Phoenix. For being so brave to trust and love ❤️
  • Black Coffee: I hope this man has been officially honoured in his country. He’s a legend of a man.
  • Gabriella Katerina: Takis! Thank you so much for everything you do! You are a true hero!!! Love you!!!
  • Alin Azmi: Takis I love you, you have such a big heart selflessly continuing to rescue animals because they deserved to have a good happy life, not abused and abandoned. GOD BLESS YOU TAKIS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Gaby Lozano: Lo que necesita es amor y libertad se ve noble gracias por cambiar su vida bendiciones
  • Kella !!!: My dog had a life very similar to this before I got him. He was chained in a back yard all his life. He use to be aggressive towards other dogs but can now walk off-leash and play with them. These stories just show that it’s the people who mess up the dogs not the dogs being naturally aggressive. They always have a reason. 🙂
  • Eva G: Takis, eres único, tu corazón ❤ es único, eres un ángel en la Tierra🥰🥰🥰
  • Alec Blackshaw: I’m so happy for him, well done x
  • Johnnyboy714: Takis is doing Gods work… amazing man,him and all his workers and volunteers
  • Kongka passah: Takis!!! The most incredible human who’s magical touch had, is and will always be a blessing for all creatures in Greece 🥰🥰🥰
  • Just Joan: If everyone who watches this video donated just 1$ to Takis.. just imagine the work he can continue to do!! Its in the description box
  • Michael Damico: Hey Taxis…!!! Thank you for saving this beautiful precious baby…!!! So sad he was chained up for so long..!! He was protecting himself… but didn’t even have the strength to bite..!!! So happy he is with you….!! He finally feels loved
    And he loves the interaction with you and the other dogs…!!! Please keep him happy and safe for the rest of his life
    You are a miracle worker….!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • mcwc2307 Chan: I remember that Takis had uploaded a video about this same dog several years ago but it was more focused on a night the dog sort of just tired itself out and leaned on Taki’s hand for the first time. I like how this is a sort of follow up of how the dog is doing after all these years!
  • Michael Schneider: This is a much admired man to me. I love the work he does with these animals,and I feel honored to simply have the opportunity to see this.
  • J is Scoobysmom: How sad it must be to not understand that a human isn’t going to hurt you, when dogs are the BEST gift to us? They love us, serve us, comfort us, protect us, Takis is a HERO! Blessings to All!
  • Terri Covington: Takis will heal this sweet baby. I’m so glad you saved him. God bless you!
  • BJL: What a warm, loving, kind man. Am so happy there are people like him who care so much about our furry friends. My heart is soaring with joy for Phoenix!
  • kim: Bless you for the work that you do in saving these precious creatures. Takis, you ARE an angel♥️
  • tiffany armstead: This broke my heart 💔 how does someone do this to a beautiful soul. You are an amazing person. Thank you for saving him 🙂
  • Judson Holt: Very good! You’re a good man for what you do. 🙏🏼
  • PittsburghChip: Takis is one of the best humanity has to offer… ❤️
  • RYuuka Khadijah: The way he tries to greet everyone, Phoenix is so sweet! Glad that he was saved
  • Ruby Red: Love ❤️ Love u Takis !!! Such a precious pup , deserves to be loved and cherished .
  • Dora Levitt: Takis the hero – always!! God bless him!! 🤗💗🕊️🌷
  • aileenus maximus: Takis is, in my opinion, the Patron Saint of Dogs and Cats. I love him. He is truly an amazing and selfless person to those who need him most.
  • Valentina Servin: Takis always with his good heart and dedication to animals 😄🐶💖👍
    Who saves a life saves the whole world.
  • Jessie Swaby: Thank you, for saving him.
  • Susannah Perri: What a wonderful ending, thank you for saving and loving this precious being! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Tori Lea: Takis is just amazing, so much love and respect for him and what he does at the shelter.A genuine Earth Angel..
  • Dassie My Music: God bless this man. It breaks my heart when I see videos like this. But I love to watch those poor babies learn to trust and to become the animal they were meant to be. It restores some of my faith in humanity.
  • THE CRTG SHOW: Aww hi sweet baby puppy I’m so happy that you are getting all the help and I really hope you have your loving family and forever home ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Shirley: As soon as the video starts we hear and know it is Takis. He is a hero among and for all. Thank you for understanding and caring for them. Happy tail!!
  • THE CRTG SHOW: Thank you for helping this sweet baby puppy keep up with helping animals that need homes and love and loving familys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Donna Wood: thank you for rescuing him! showing him love he probably hasn’t had since he was a puppy! ❤️
  • Living My Best: If anyone ever asks me who I would choose specially to meet in my lifetime, it would be Takis. Not a celebrity, not an inventor, or a historical figure. It would be Takis. God blessed us with this angel of a person. I look up to him, and I am so grateful he is here on this scary Earth at this time. He gives me hope.🙏💙🐾
  • Paxton s: I’m so glad he had Takis to help him
  • Free Man: Love watching their spirit grow….
  • RUM YOW!: Mr. Takis is the man! Godbless him! Saving and helping these poor animals!
  • maria amelia franco: PARABENS TAKIS VC SABE FALAR AOS ANIMAIS, BJD!!!!
  • frances: Oh, I recognised Takis’ voice. I am so relieved to see that happy Phoenix running around with the others at the sanctuary home now (that helped him understand now).
  • Winging2$$: Beautiful….. LOVE can heal even the most wounded heart. This man is this dog’s blessing‼️😇🙏🏾💜💜💜🐾🐾🐾🐾
  • 🎋၂еԼւկ Ведդ🥀: Takis & his “happy tail”❣️❤️ Mucho Respect for him & all he does 💞✌️
  • Warren Peace: The Bob Ross of Dog rescue, I love this guy.
  • Ashley: Wow so incredible god bless this man I’m so glad to see things like this.❤️
  • Lidija Birsa: Thank you Dodo for one more shout-out about this amazing man TAKIS and his great work! We, the subscribers of Takis’s ch and his supporters, appreciate it! 👍👏👏👏
  • Quietus Plus: The moment Takis was able to touch him without gloves was an amazing moment.Couldn’t help but laugh later on though. “Don’t bite me there” whilst he was sticking his nose between his legs XD
  • Nancy A. Sanhueza-Diaz: I need to comment that I can see this man, Takis, doesn’t have many resources ($$$), but with Love and Patience manage to recover these lost souls. My heart is with him, and hopefully my help ($$$) soon too, he needs it to keep helping.
  • Peggy miller: I think this is an old one but I’ll watch Mr. Takis anytime. He is a savior to animals.
  • Deborah Lewandowski: God bless you for your love and kindness, Takis!!! Sending you love and light…you are truly a beautiful soul!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Dango31: So heart touching…one of the HAPPIEST sites on you tube! Bravo!
  • alifc: Doing a good job. So difficult when finding dogs in bad situations never stops.
  • Rain Resaba: Amazing. Thank you so much Takis and friends and supporters.

We have a new puppy and that’s enough! Two babies and three dogs is enough. – Christine Taylor

I once did a film in which I was being chased by wolves. I had a scene where the Alpha of the pack leapt on the hood of my car and stared me down through the windshield. I will never forget staring into those eyes; this wasn’t a dog – not even a tough, bad-ass dog – no, this was a wolf. – W. Earl Brown

My mom was a ventriloquist and she always was throwing her voice. For ten years I thought the dog was telling me to kill my father. – Wendy Liebman

I’m going to be Dog, and I’m going to be an entertainer. And I’m going to make mistakes. – Duane Chapman

A kitten is the delight of a household. All day long a comedy is played out by an incomparable actor. Champfleury

I’ve been working like a dog as a United States senator. – Ron Johnson

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The first thing I do each morning is get out of bed and give my dog, Audrey, a hug. She’s a Jack Russell. I think having an animal is a wonderful thing, particularly dogs. They are great levelers, there’s no nonsense with them, and they just want simple affection. – Donatella Versace

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I watched Gene Kelly for his smile, for his energy. Vittorio Gassman for his movement. Clark Gable for his mustache. And I watched Lassie who was happy as a dog. – Jean Dujardin

If you don’t believe dogs have souls, you haven’t looked into their eyes long enough. Unknown

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A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won’t be too bad. – Robert Wagner

I’ve always followed this page on Instagram called the Sausage Dog Hotel. – Katarina Johnson-Thompson

fluffy kitten wallpaper – rottweiler dog hd wallpaper

I think ‘Shoe Dog’ by Phil Knight is the best memoir I’ve ever read by a business person. – Brad Feld

Dogs are the best example of a being who doesn’t need to lie to protect someone’s pride. Ammiel Josiah Monterde

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My dog’s name is Tucker, and his DNA is unidentifiable and suspect. – W. Bruce Cameron

My Instagram is basically all knitting, my dog, and a little bit of ‘The Defenders.’ – Krysten Ritter

You’ll reach into your wallet to brandish a photograph of a new puppy, and a friend will say, ‘Oh, no – not pictures.’ – Caroline Knapp

I only really like to watch things like ‘Time Team.’ I’d rather be out walking the dog. It’s all reality TV, which, as an actor, I detest. – Kevin Whately

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  • Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel: Hi everybody, it’s Eldad. Please become a #HopeForPaws member today and I will send you YOUR OWN Lucky Leash:
    The cost of veterinary care has gone up, and in order for us to continue saving lives, we need to get to more people so please also LIKE our video, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE it with your family and friends. Thank you so much! ❤
  • ArtyPaws Studio: “You guys are animal control?”“No, we’re animal rescue.” <3
  • Jill Milligan: I enjoyed the part where Maverick is chilling in the pool! Hopefully he will learn to trust humans again. My feeling is that all of them will recover, thanks to the love, patience and care you took with this incredible rescue. You had the puppies at cheeseburgers ❤️ Thank you for being there for our four legged friends in need.
  • kashmir1210: I think this is the toughest rescue I’ve seen you guys do. It was hard but everyone of you were determined to help these dogs.I have seen a lot of the dogs put up a fight but none like Maverick. I hope his life is like heaven from now on. They are al very beautiful dogs. Thank all of you for helping this family so they can have better lives!!!
  • carol b: So glad to see that they all got to stay together, seemed to be so bonded. Would love to see updates on the adults and how they’re doing
  • Elsa Cisneros: That was intense, but you got them all – what a wonderful rescue! Maverick stole my heart; I hope he finds his forever human soon!❤️🐾❤️
  • Anne Dodd: 3 adults & 8 pups – great rescue. That Maverick out up such a fight but he didn’t know what his future life would be like. Dog heaven – thanks to you ❤️⭐️
  • Herdis Weins: I love how Loreta always excuses to the animals, when she has to be a little hard them during a rescue. I think her soft voice has a calming effect on them.
  • Jenise Coronado: The male dog is beautiful! Now that he’s healthy, he looks like a whole different dog! Puppies are awesomely adorable! Well done, team!!!
  • 20thcenturyrelic: The property owner is a good person who showed it by feeding the dogs and contacting Hope For Paws. It’s good to know there are so many good people in the world.
  • Beatriz Barroso: Amo vcs são demais muito eficiente no trabalho de vcs que são feitos com amor ,cuidado e respeito pelos animais PARABÉNS que Deus os abençoe a todos e os recompense abraços de BEATRIZ DO Pará cidade de Belém Brasil
  • Yarn enthusiast: I love that there are so many good neighbours willing to help these dogs get rescued ❤️
  • kathy kay: OMG! the father was the hardest because he was injured…now they are all happy! Thank you Eldad,Loretta,Katie and Alex for this incredible rescue! Well done!
  • icare4you123: The homeowner did a great job of caring for them. They’re so friendly and healthy looking. Good for him!
  • Elsie Sharpley: They were all so thankful for the cool water and baths, it was hot out there. Even the dad. So glad that you got them all into the caring part of life. You have a blessed day and keep saving the babies.
  • Raquel Matias: Essa equipa é MARAVILHOSA, INCRÍVEL, HUMANA e EFICIENTE!!!
  • Just Me: If only everyone had that love for animals that you do there would be no animal abuse or abandonment.
    Thanks for the loving care you give from the start rescuing them to taking them to the vet for any care they need to making sure they have a safe loving place until they find their forever loving home! 💖🐶😊👍
    They have so much patience, too, to keep at it until they safely have all of them. I was literally a little short of breath after they finally had the dad secured it was so intense just watching. Can you imagine how physical it was for those that were actually rescuing them.
  • Adina DeRoy-Stouffer: What an amazing rescue! The other female looked similar to the mom but younger. Maybe she was a daughter from a previous litter. The work you do is fantastic!!
  • Sunnie J Jordan: Wow, that was some rescue. Glad they’re all safe and so are the rescuers 😊
  • Marlete Susin: Todos lindos. Os bebês “bolinhas” graciosas. As mamães na luta com os filhotes e o pai sempre descansando. Aiaiii Maverick kkkk
  • Whatever Whatever: The Best part of this is that they were all fostered together. I respect and admire that. No matter how they were living they were a family and to break that up is tough. They needed to stay fostered as a family as it’s too traumatic otherwise. I hope some will get to go together to homes.
  • Belen Mejia: I really hope maverick will be OK he looks like a sweet boy
  • Merrigale Beddoes: What a great family—I wish I could adopt them all 🤗. Unfortunately, my situation prevents me from having any dogs. Keep up the good work, you guys 🥰.
  • wolfman: That was very intense and I am so glad it all worked out so well and that the pellet was surgically removed from Mavericks paw. Great job to all! And I hope all those wonderful dogs and puppies go to their forever homes.
    DESDE 🇨🇱CON AMOR ❤🐕🌍
  • Tiffany Kirkland: I love what you and your team do for animals, Eldad.
  • foxsinger: I’ve watched Eldad, Loretta , et Al for years doing these rescues. This one was probably one of the most challenging… how rewarded you must feel to have rescued 8 dogs at once. Thank you for all you do💕💕💕💕
  • Dean Firnatine: Maverick is such a handsome boy, my Malinois came from a desert town in Cali with a pellet in him as well, they shipped him up to a shelter in Oregon where I got him.
  • Miss Vianney: Loretta always giving her all!!!
  • Georgia Fan: They’re all so beautiful. Great job getting them all safe and sound. I wanna hug and kiss ‘em all! ❤🐕
  • Diana H!: I know this is for their good. But so hard to watch the dad struggle so much.
  • Sunda Wooley: God bless each and everyone of you. These videos make me realize there are such compassionate, loving people in this world.
  • Linda Bruns: I just LOVE what you do!!! I am in Illinois and rescued a 7-yr old Border Collie 5 years ago. Maggie was found as a stray in New Mexico. I tell my kids at Christmas and my birthdays to donate to a non- profit rescue instead of getting me a gift. Too many homeless sweet animals out there. 💖🐾🐾💖
  • Marie-Claude Dupont: Wonderful, thank you for saving them all🥰
  • bcda 780: This is one of the most difficult rescues, your
    guys did amazing job!!! To me, Hope For Paws is the best rescue team in the world👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️
  • Annie McEwen: KOODOS to the one who fed them and helped socialize the pups ❤️🔥
  • SpecterSeventy2: Just a bit of friendly advise if I may, please get some medical trauma shears. They are so much safer that a box cutter that you guys were using on the netting and far more effective as well. They’re very inexpensive and sold on Amazon. Buy a pair or two and just tuck them away somewhere till you might need them again.
  • Nora Armenta: Finally a long video.. I can’t get enough of this videos I love watching hope for paws.. I always go back to see the old videos.. the male dogs are always stubborn 😂 gosh!!! I admire this people so much!! ♥️♥️♥️
  • Deidade Kalondjo: It’s always so emotional to see the happy ending! Thank you for your service guys ! Good job!
  • Andrea Walker: Wonderful rescue! A bit intense, but everyone is safe now. ♥️
    (Still loving the bath bubbles 🛁😁)
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You’ll reach into your wallet to brandish a photograph of a new puppy, and a friend will say, ‘Oh, no – not pictures.’ – Caroline Knapp

I only really like to watch things like ‘Time Team.’ I’d rather be out walking the dog. It’s all reality TV, which, as an actor, I detest. – Kevin Whately

I look at myself like a show dog. I’ve got to keep her clipped and trimmed and in good shape. – Dolly Parton

If you’ve ever watched someone who is a mother talk on the phone, feed the dog, bounce the baby, it’s just astounding to see someone manage, more or less well, to do all those things. But on a computer, multitasking is really binary. The task is either in the foreground, or it’s not. – Ellen Ullman

For decades, or at least for years, Republican politicians have been dog whistling about race. And then, when – they’re shocked when Donald Trump starts barking. – Sherrod Brown

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