The Hound Was Abandoned When She Was Paralyzed, The Rescuers Turned Her Life Around

Tens of thousands of Galgos, a type of Spanish terrier, are abandoned every year. They were once owned by aristocrats, but today they have been bred by “galgueros” who race them in hares or horse racing competitions for big $$$.

The dog’s tail is bringing life back

A hunter abandoned Avellana after the dog became unusable.

Sweet fluffy dog ​​named Avellana first arrived in Galgos del Sol in Spain. The dog was paralyzed and couldn’t even raise his head to say hello.

Things didn’t seem to be going well, but after Avellana delivered the tails, the rescuers felt there was still hope. Usually, hounds like her have no such chance of being saved. she became one of the LUCKY people!

Like Running of the Bulls, Galgo hunting is a ‘brutal’ tradition, where the animals are always the losers.

According to National Geographic, Galgos can be thrown into a well, thrown into a river to ‘dro.wne.d’, ‘bu.rnt to de.ath’ …

Thankfully, we have the likes of Tina Solera, president and founder of Galgos del Sol, to balance the scale against the world’s villains.

The animal lover taught himself Spanish and founded a non-profit organization to save the lives of these dogs.

Veterinarians at Tina’s rescue center quickly determined that Allana’s paralysis was caused by a rare immune disorder that left her nervous system severely inflamed.

Even though it was the worst day of her life, she still has some swagger in her back!

Tina told The Dodo, “We have the patience, the best physicality and we’re sure she’ll be able to walk.” Her daily exercise routine includes representing an inflatable exercise ball and having her feet rubbed against a textured mat to help stimulate movement in the legs.

“How scary it is when you don’t understand why you suddenly can’t move.”

The pet dog will need to go through several intense sessions of rehab to regain mobility, but “she never gets angry, never complains.”

Avellana’s prescription for a long and happy life includes strolling walks and a dip in the pool several times a week.

It didn’t take long for her to get up to take her first steps.

“The more we cheered and praised her, the harder she worked. It was emotional to see her take her first steps and not fall.”

As she begins to regain her strength and mobility, her ponytails also become much stronger and slicker!

Avellana may have come to them because her previous life carrier was unloving and unwanted, but the care workers at the rescue center gave her a life worth living.

She was eventually adopted by a woman named Anne who spoiled her and gave her all the attention she deserved!

Watch the video below to see Avelana learn to run again.

SOURCE: The Dodo

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