The Spectacular Rescue Of A Labradoodle Dog Stuck On Icebergs In The river

The policemen and firefighters work together to save the dog

As for police and firefighters, it’s their duty to help local citizens when they’re in trouble – whether they’re people or animals.

We have seen many stories of kind emergency responders coming to rescue trapped animals.

That’s especially true in winter, when cold weather can be dangerous for our pets. We have seen many cases of pets falling into freezing water or getting stuck on ice, requiring the help of local rescuers.

Recently, a small dog was stuck helplessly on an iceberg submerged in freezing cold water, until a team of police officers rescued the day.

The Wyandotte Police Department, in Michigan, described a “pretty sweet rescue” on Monday, after a labradoodle escaped its owner and jumped into the frozen Detroit River.

Thankfully, the dog was able to get out of the freezing water, lifting himself onto a floating iceberg. However, the dog was still frozen to death, and the buoy was drifting off the riverbank, meaning the dog had to be rescued quickly.

Officers from WPD, along with animal control and the local fire department, arrived on the scene to help the trapped dog.

The rescue team was able to bring the iceberg to the riverbank. A member of the fire brigade was then able to grab the dog using the catch post.

Weather conditions made it no easy task: “The rescuer did this while standing on a slippery ladder that was submerged in the river while his colleague held him tight over a rope. ‘, WPD wrote on Facebook.

Despite the ordeal, the rescue team managed to get the dog to safety after firefighters carried it up the ladder.

“Truly a great and wonderful rescue,” WPD wrote.

After they shared the rescue video on Facebook, the department was praised for their heroism.

“Great job, and the fire department,” one top commenter wrote. “Glad the puppy was rescued and no one was hurt. Keep safe.”

Thank you to the police and firemen who rescued this poor dog from the frozen river! Glad it was safe, warm and dry.

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Watch the rescue video below:

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