walter dog wallpaper – pictures of cysts on dogs

Pomeranian dog images. pics of black and white kittens. walter dog wallpaper. pictures of chubby puppies. pictures of cysts on dogs. pictures of a german shepherd husky mix. dog parvo poop pictures. pictures of yorkie chihuahua mix

No matter how you’re feeling, a little dog gunna love you. – Waka Flocka Flame

pictures of cysts on dogs – pomeranian dog images

The dog has seldom been successful in pulling man up to its level of sagacity, but man has frequently dragged the dog down to his. James Thurber

We have a new puppy and that’s enough! Two babies and three dogs is enough. – Christine Taylor

pictures of a german shepherd husky mix – pics of black and white kittens

America’s vulnerability comes precisely from its strength, its wealth, its power and its modernity. It’s the usual story of the dog chasing its own tail. – Oriana Fallaci

Guys like Ole Anderson, Gene Anderson, Mad Dog Vachon, Johnny Valentine. I love them to death. I’ll love them forever. – Roddy Piper

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The smallest feline is a masterpiece. Leonardo da Vinci, Artist

In most states, it’s more difficult to get a license for your dog than it is to buy a big cat. Right now, there are more tigers in the state of Texas than in all of India. – Tippi Hedren

lab dog wallpaper – pictures of chubby puppies

I care not much for a man’s religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it. – Abraham Lincoln

Love is a four-legged word. Unknown

Writing ‘Dog Stars’ was coming home. My spirit just sang. It’s what I wanted to do my whole life. – Peter Heller

If you stop and think about who was in the ‘Lassie’ movies, it’s difficult to think who was in them, apart from Elizabeth Taylor. You remember the dog, not the people! So if you’re going to be in a movie, and it’s called ‘Gremlins’, it’s going to be about Gremlins, and what people are going to remember are the Gremlins. – Zach Galligan

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  • T Tilly: ‘He found me, I found him.” The perfect way to describe it. My heart melted.
  • Jonno Plays: This is a great story.
  • The D: everyones role in helping to keep this amazing animal alive is truly wonderful c:
  • Jack Moore: I just couldn’t imagine the amount of time that dog spent alone and afraid, yet still be able to trust and love humans is beyond me.
    So happy you saved this dogs life!
  • The Gohan And Cats: When you find a dog on a deserted island, you get to keep it. That’s the rules.
  • Lawson Patterson: I’ve watched this several times over the last couple years and it brings me to tears of gratitude for this beautiful human being. Thank you 🙏
  • Heather: What a heartwarming story. I’m so glad Winston was rescued just in time, he’s such a sweet and loving puppy and thank God he found the best home ❤❤❤
  • Brandi Van Emon: Bless this man for rescuing this dog and all who helped in the recovery.
  • Jacqueline Lopes: Thank you sooo much for responding to that precious baby & rescuing him. He is gorgeous and wonderful!!
  • george orwell: Can you imagine how hungry he was? He was fortunate, time was against him. He is no longer alone, suffering; even dogs have their prayers answered.
  • George E. Williams: Beautiful story and everyone lives happily ever after, thanks for being such a compassionate person
  • Katharoni / Bleggers: It was so cute that the other dogs immediately were just like “NEW FRIEND? HELLO NEW FRIEND”
  • Ian R Mac Dougall: We love a story with a happy ending, go Winston welcome home. It’s good to know there’s decent people out there .
  • Jonathan Bonde: God bless you! That dog was destined for you, what a blessing, for him and for you!
  • Kip Dip: gotta love how this guy sees a random dog on an island and is like ‘my dog now.’ immediately.
  • BecauseICanTBH: The dog was nearly dead when he was found, but still so sweet and loving. Wow.
  • R R1910: Eu sou brasileiro e gostaria de deixar meus parabéns, por mais pessoas assim no mundo.
  • Julie E Roberts: I JUST LOVE IT❣️ What a wonderful series of events, with such a miraculously happy ending❣️Thank you kind Sir, Vet & Foster Mom, blessings abound for all involved in this wonderful effort❣️
  • Ricky Koswin: INCREDIBLE Humans. 💛💛💛🙏

    It was Wonderful how the dogs took to Winston.

  • Ben Pamer: The lady who fostered this guy is amazing. She gets nothing out of any of it other than seeing the dog going to a happy home and she didn’t have to do any of it.
  • David Bennett: Brought a tear to my eye……..thank you for reaching out and doing the right thing.
  • Belle: Beautiful story, thank you for saving him
  • Dark Mice: See how friendly he is despite his huge problems.
  • Kandis55: What an AMAZING young man! A great rags to riches story. Thanks for sharing this delightful story.
  • Mrs B: This is such an beautiful story! I’m so glad you found him when you did. And you can clearly see how happy he was and is as well. You’re an amazing human. 👏 great job!
  • Sevi Regis: Such a beautiful, happy rescue story, and wonderful family that Winston fit perfectly into. All those extraordinary people who helped along the way. Makes me cry. God bless them all.
  • Pamela Grantham: Right place, right time. Bless you for being the kind of person who HAD to take Winston with him.
  • American Patriot: Great guy!! Cute pup! Great ending!! Welcome to America little Winston!! Know you’ve hit the Jackpot!!
  • The Super Grade: He looked literally minutes from death, what an incredible story and incredible people.
  • Jennifer Jewell: What an amazing story.😭It all started with you having a heart and rescuing sweet Winston. Thank you for saving him!💝
  • Karen Worley: Ohh this made my day!!! Awesome rescue, God bless you!! 👏🏼
  • Christina Poisson: Thank you Wesley, you rock and you’ve restored my faith in humanity!!!🙏 ❤ Oh and Winston rocks too!!!
  • Romina Maidana .: Hermosa historia de amor 🐶🧡.
  • Robby Wallace: Oh yeah, that’s your dog for life. That is a bond that can’t be broken
  • Robert Stiven Bucuru Oyola: 🔥sin duda uno de los mejores videos q’ he visto rescate, amor & pasión por nuestros animalitos gran corazón el de este ÁNGEL saludos desde 🇨🇴 🦊🐶🐺🔥
  • I, Poison: This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!!! Bless you and Winston ❤️
  • Catherine Beatific: “I had no idea if it was going to work out but my heart wanted it to.” ❤️❤️❤️
  • Krypton1: 20 years ago when I was in San Pedro there were tons of stray skinny dogs roaming the streets, looks like it hasn’t changed much.
  • W Y: It really took a village to rescue this sweet dog. Everyone involved was so kind and generous.
  • Sara’s Weight loss Journey: What a BEAUTIFUL story. 😭❤️ Thank you so much for sharing stories that inspire and give hope and love to so many
  • Denise Barker: Incredible story! Thank you for helping this wonderful dog.
  • Rhonda Galloway: THANK YOU 4 SAVING HIM,,, your a good guy, much love.
  • Gail Costa: How wonderful for that man to save that dog. Everyone should be so kind to these lost animals. All animals are special and need love.
  • Kill3r Bamb1: This has to be the luckiest dog I’ve ever seen. On a tiny island in the middle of nowhere. It’s unbelievable how fate worked that day.
  • Izzy iz an alien: I love this guy his devotion to animals it fills my heart so much and the genuine care for other beings. Bless your heart !
  • Carried Away: Such a beautiful & heartwarming story! I love Winston!♥️💙
  • Deliz Robles: Lovely that it was rescued, BLESSINGS for it’s new owner…
  • Joe1: Just an Awesome story and amazing people involved. Made my day!
  • John David Alexander: I love that he didn’t mention the cost once, imagine how much this dude invested to save this dog. Vet bills, foster costs (maybe?), flight, travel, hotel. What a hero.
  • luispinheirodosmontes: Mate, you’re an inspiration. We’re in need of more of you in this planet 🙌
  • fruitytea: Great story with a happy, tail-wagging ending! Good work, that man!
  • Frank Walker: What a story God bless this guy I love it!!!!!!!!
  • Lyn Boxer: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You both are so blessed to have each other! And the help of other good people!!!
  • Senna Taylor: Even if you only spent a few hours with him, I doubt he’d ever forget you. You were the first human he’d seen in who knows how long and the human who finally got him off the island and to some food and shelter
  • Edwin Romero: Every dog deserves love! Glad you gave him some! Thank you for doing that!
  • Rona Demmy: I cried, poor baby, hugs to you for saving him ♡
  • Pray for Peace: Great rescue and happy ending. Glad your other dogs love him, too.
  • Ha Hoang: This story melts my heart! So thankful Winston was rescued by his lovely owner!! 🙏😥
  • middleclassic: This must be my 5th time watching this. YouTube keeps recommending it and I keep watching! It’s such a wonderful feel good story. To think if he hadn’t kayaked to that island the dog surely would have died an agonizing death starving.
  • Lulu Chavez: Muchas gracias por rescatarlo 🙏🙏🙏😇💞🌻 le cambiaste la vida !!!
  • Sylvester Bester Tester: That was an amazing story.
    Loved it.
  • Jorge Mozzati: Que maravillosa historia! Grandes Bendiciones y Revelaciones!
  • Madi T: Omg he was so skinny, but still managed to wag his tail and be happy on that tiny island!!!! Dogs are honestly the best creatures alive!!!! Dogs are so grateful, happy, loving, spunky and more!
  • Manuel Santos: Obrigada por ajudar o animal final feliz 👌👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  • Tonya Howard: What an amazing story. How fortunate that everything came together! Winston is one lucky pup!
  • Susannah Mahdavi: What a rad story! Thank you for saving him!
  • JP: Oh my gosh, he drove all the way from Montana to Dallas to pick up the doggy, wow, what a great person!
  • Vladimir Hammerstein: Real heroes don’t wear capes, just a big heart ❤️.
  • Lola: Wow! What a wonderful ending! Such happy dogs! I’d have done the same😍God Bless you and your family😘
  • Dawn Redline: Thank you for all you did! You and your new Belize friends went above and beyond what most people would. That makes me proud as a human and dog lover. One day we hope no strays!
  • Deborah Lewandowski: Biggest smile on my face after watching this…thank you thank you thank you so much for rescuing this beautiful pup! God bless you and your loving heart!
  • JustMeRosie1: Thank You And Everyone Involved For Not Giving Up On Winston. Happy Trails Winston. Btw! I Think Winston Is A Cool Name 💞
  • indu vinod: Not everyone rakes so much efforts to adopt an abandoned dog.

    He went much much beyond…
    God bless you son!

  • Hummer Klein: I’m crying my eyes out
    Love is never ending
  • marilen alcebar: Bless your hearts for rescuing & loving Winston! Wish you all the best.
  • Denice Rodriguez: Omg this literally has me in tears 😭 🙏🏻❤️
  • marcelo da silva: 💞que apareçam mais pessoas assim no mundo!!
  • Slugg0matic: Rescued dogs will give their life for yours in a second if necessary. There is nothing on earth more loyal.
  • Diane C.: Thank you for sharing this story! Your amazing person. Wishing you, Winston and the other pups a lifetime of adventures! All the best! 🐾❤️🐶
  • Pablo10@ Ferreira: 💚 Gratidão a Deus por vocês existirem e ajudar os animais🙏
  • jvmila100: what a sad sad beginning with the most happy end – thank you 🙏 for rescuing Winston 💕
  • Rapture Angel: You’re a GREAT man, Wesley!!!!
  • SL1D3N 5T0RM: You are the crown of humanity. No animal should ever be abandoned like that. Great job man!
  • AMAZING CHANNEL: Thank you so much for saving this precious Dog.God bless you more!
  • Dana Ortega: Thank You For Finding Your Forever Best Friend and Saving Him ❤️
  • Guadalupe Ferrer: I’m so happy this puppy was incredibly rescued out of love and compassion of everyone who helped. What a great guy and story. Bless you both. 💕
  • KB996: Great story and happy ending for all involved.
    We need feel good stories like this to offset all the bad news we see and hear.
  • BlueSkyFalling: Being at the right place time, was no coincidence. It was destiny. God Bless this gentleman and his newest family member.
  • Rachel Loren: So happy you found him and he is happy and healthy with a big family! 😭
  • Sinistral: I watch this whenever my mood needs a lift. Such an inspiring story of commitment and compassion, with the happiest of all possible endings.
  • Brenda bolling: Beautiful story, thank you for rescuing Winston!
  • lori k: You’re a wonderful young man for not only saving that dog, but also giving him a loving forever home! I hope you have a fabulous life!
  • Debra Lequieu: What a beautiful story…My heart is jumping for joy for Winston!!🤗😁 God bless you all !!🕊🙏🇺🇸❤
  • Groove FX Productions Studio 🎙 🎶: Amazing story ❤️ so Happy he has a gud home 🏡
  • Cecelia Davis: That was such a nice story. It made me cry,happy tears. This man did a wonderful thing going above and beyond for the dog. God bless them.
  • Neuza Silva: Owmmm!
    Impossível ,não se emocionar.
    Muitas felicidades para todos.
  • iamthemoss: “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.”
    –Mark Twain
  • Ann Trope: Sweet rescue story…hope you, your pack are doing well…♡☆♡
  • Jay Dawg: This has got to be the sweetest channel on YouTube. My heart melts in all these videos and I’m a grown man. I thank God for this channel. It’s so touching and refreshing to see all these heart warming stories about people and animals!!

Writing ‘Dog Stars’ was coming home. My spirit just sang. It’s what I wanted to do my whole life. – Peter Heller

If you stop and think about who was in the ‘Lassie’ movies, it’s difficult to think who was in them, apart from Elizabeth Taylor. You remember the dog, not the people! So if you’re going to be in a movie, and it’s called ‘Gremlins’, it’s going to be about Gremlins, and what people are going to remember are the Gremlins. – Zach Galligan

The time to save is now. When a dog gets a bone, he doesn’t go out and make a down payment on a bigger bone. He buries the one he’s got. – Will Rogers

I pay my rent and my bills and I buy food and toys for my dog and that’s it. – Bria Vinaite

I hope that dog lovers around the world will support the Cruelty Free International global campaign to end the use of dogs in outdated and cruel experiments. – Eric McCormack

When looking to adopt a new dog, the most important thing to consider is always the energy of the dog and how the dog will fit in with your lifestyle and your family. – Cesar Millan

Pomeranian dog images. pics of black and white kittens. walter dog wallpaper. pictures of chubby puppies. pictures of cysts on dogs. pictures of a german shepherd husky mix. dog parvo poop pictures. pictures of yorkie chihuahua mix

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